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I love Arsenal but who else ended up fighting over the remote?

Posted by James Dall on 15, February 2007

Well two days have passed without a blog due to me being stupidly busy, I now have plenty to cover. I cannot express my joy right now after beating Bolton. I actually detest them.

We beat them without Thierry, Fabregas and Gallas. Huge names in any team and we still beat Bolton, deservedly so. I have to admit watching the game was a battle what with it being valentines day. I spent most of the first half flicking the game on. When I flicked over and saw we were leading I went crazy. The goal was beautiful, outrageous skill by Hleb and Denilson eventually resulted in a deflected goal for Adebayor. We killed them in the first half to be honest. We were playing outrageous football. They almost levelled by hitting the bar but that would have been an injustice.

In the second half Bolton were better. I managed to twist my girlfriend’s arm into letting me watch the second half. I was absorbed in the match. Bolton were not really creating anything and overly relying on set pieces. On 64 minutes a golden opportunity came our way. Baptista was chopped in the box. Penalty! Our chance to make it 2-0 and put the game out of sight. Up stepped Gilberto who blazed it over. My heart sunk. I was always wary that one goal might not be enough. Unfortunately Hleb then had to go off, he had been superb all evening. Apparently it might be a re-occurrence of his hamstring injury. I hope not. Freddie came on for his first game in what felt about 8 years. Then came our second huge opportunity. An opportunity which would surely mean the end for Bolton and the end my jangling nerves. Adebayor ran an incredible distance after robbing Campo, skinned the keeper then hit the post. Unbelievable really. I was worried. Then came an injury time corner for Bolton. They scored. I was almost sick. So undeserved. Big fat Sam loved it of course. He was probably convinced they deserved it. They didn’t. I feared the worse. We appeared to be tiring. Extra time awaited.

Aliadiere and Hoyte were introduced in an attempt to inject more energy into the team. We were tired but Bolton were shattered. The aging legs of Bolton were beginning to show. Aliardiere picked the ball up and literally waltzed passed players, he then slid in a delightful ball into Freddie. Freddie had truly made a trademark run. Diagonal across the centre back. His first touch was awesome and his second touch was a superb finished. Have that Bolton. In the second half of extra time Bolton looked desperate. They were playing such a high line, something was bound to give. It did, we counter attacked and Anelka brought down Adebayor. Penalty number two. Baptista missed of course. Brilliant…

It did not matter as right at the end we counter attacked again and finshed the game off. Baptista laying on Adebayor to make it 3-1. A massive sigh of relief. I am not going to go through player by player. The whole team were magnificent. A few are definitely worth a mention though. Hleb was amazing, I am sweating on his injury. We need him. Denilson looks so so good. Diaby was a monster. I loved the fact we had an 18 and 19 yr old in midfield. Aliardiere and Freddie showed what they have to offer and hopefully they can repeat that again later this season.

Relief all round then. Especially for my girlfriend who was getting hugely frustrated. When I broke the news extra time was due I think she was close to announcing the television was going off. Thank goodness it didn’t.

Arsene was obviously overjoyed –

Bolton produced some good quality tonight, but I felt we produced some exceptional quality and the game was electric,” Wenger stated. There was everything in this game. It was an exceptional game, played at an exceptional pace. There were patches of total football in there, undoubtedly one of our best performances of the season. When they came back to 1-1 I felt it was a good test to see once again how strong we are mentally and once again we gave the right answer. We started well and never caved in during the fight. Bolton have shown tonight they are a great side and we’ve shown we can match them and we created some exceptional football moments.

A few things before I finish. Today is my 100th blog. Hurrah. A century of blogs on wordpress. Many more to come I hope. In a way I am pleased with how things are going. The most important thing for me is that people read my blog. That people relate to it or find it interesting. Or that it stirs up emotions. I guess I am hoping with time we can start to develop a community. Already there are regular posters in the comments section (including Melvyn, Amiripz etc), which I love. I hope that more of you begin to latch on. If you enjoy my blog and have read it a few times, or maybe more. Why not bookmark it? Just to add further incentive I have added a search feature on the left hand side… exciting eh. Right enjoy your Thursday. It is my Valentines Ball tonight at University, at least the girlfriend will not have to worry about Arsenal tonight.


17 Responses to “I love Arsenal but who else ended up fighting over the remote?”

  1. Scooch said

    Congrats on your 100th. You’re obviously far less pussy whipped than I am as I managed to flick the TV over 4 or 5 times during the whole game (to very annoyed looks from my Fiancee)strangely coinciding with both fouls in the box and missed penalties. I did catch the last 5 mins of extra time tho (wooooooooo).

    Denilson is another Cesc in the making. The more I see him the more impressed I am. Another long term contract for us I’m hoping!!!

    Roll on Tuesday and PSV (I wonder if Denilson is included in our CL squad list? anyone know???)

  2. gazzap said

    I am a very lucky man, my wife enjoys watching Arsenal.
    I really hope Hleb is not injured, we need him on Tuesday.

  3. boycey said

    ref afc champions league squad – u can see the squad thats registered on uefa website here and denilson is in! he,s mustard for an 18(19 friday) year old .
    BTW am i the only hater of BBC commentators – all nite i had to put up with the inane motty- they were so looking to BIG-UP any doughty BW comeback as though they were the pride of england against the flair but fickle ” french” arsenal look forward to his retirement –

  4. boycey said

    sorry should not have that last dash its the above

  5. thank for what your have dont to Bolton, your have to keep it up until your did it to rovers FA fiff round and cahlling with blue, not only tha. Wenger should let Eto came to arsenal to joine young star.

  6. km1980 said

    The battle for the remote was solved in our household – but only thanks to a TV in the bedroom. It worked out ok in the end – I cooked her dinner, she got to watch Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives on the cable and I got the match on BBC in the bedroom. But she did switch over for the second half of extra time – good girl!!

  7. ontheborder said

    what’s all this about battles for the remote and managing to switch over for bits of the game. are you men or mice? it’s valentines day. an evening for the true love of your lives. my other half watched the first half and then went to bed. she understands. if yours doesn’t, time for a parting of the ways.

  8. i think baptista had a greater game even though he missed some seater chances the same did the rest of the gunners ade had a great chance and missed it with an empty goal,gilberto shouldnt b allowed to take arsenal penalties again,,baptista should earn a permanent deal,,he’ll too learn

  9. we hav great guy in the names of denilson he had great game and does fear anyone,hez tooo phisical and remember hez still 19,,wel done denilson u earned yoself a brasilian call that means yo great the same applies to the beast

  10. katesplace said


    And ya no who they got next…whoooooooooo

  11. Flint McCullough said

    Well I am shocked.

    If Arsenal are on the box there is to be NO flicking through the channels. You have to make it absolutely clear that some things are non negotiable but you will have to pay in other ways.

    Your girlfriend must accept this then you have to follow Ontheborder’s advice.

  12. sammie wood said

    wow i love arsenal too! i love thierry hes amazing! its cool i think. lol i know im weird.

  13. amiripz said

    I`m glad that the lads finally managed to show to Bolton how football is played.

  14. merouane said

    me too u love so much arsenal for ever
    i love it
    thanks a lot for your posts

  15. katesplace said

    Arsenal did’nt win, and Blackburn did’nt lose,

    Guess thats a brilliant result, although Wenger did’nt think so…lmaooooooooooo

  16. shreerang said

    Congrats on your 100th. Arsenal rocked! Can’t say the same against Blackburn though. Really good chances, but a very bad day in front of goal.

  17. Cool blog I have some one in mind that would be interested.

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