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Wenger’s thoughts montaged, my starting line-up

Posted by James Dall on 17, February 2007

Several discussion points were made by Wenger yesterday. He had plenty to say for himself. I am to structure the blog with a montage of quotes if you will. A snippet of what was said followed by my feelings, I shall get cracking…

Adebayor has made one of the biggest improvements in his finishing of any player I have seen.

His main thought is that he was never a bad finisher, more that he lacked confidence. When he arrived Adebayor had many doubters. Brilliantly though he has grown on almost everyone. Mainly due to his work rate. His finishing certainly has improved, I love him. Not only has he been scoring for us but he has picked up quite a few assists. What is wonderful to see is the variation of his game. Against Middlesbrough we saw him flick a header onto Thierry. Then against Wigan we saw two beautifully weighted passes. Keep it up Ade.

I never felt attracted to them because I don’t find [them] as important as people do. I turned France down already. I just find in national teams there is more national pride involved than love of football.

Wenger there reiterating the fact that managing a national team is not for him. Good. I hope he stays with us forever and ever and ever.

With regards to penalties, Arsene echoed something I have been told a million times during my coaching degree –

You cannot recreate exactly the same psychological conditions in the game, nor the impact the goalkeeper has on the day.

He is right, apparently they did not practice any penalties the day before we beat Man United in the FA Cup. It all goes down to bottle and composure. Something the English appear to lack. It will be interesting however to see who will take our next one.

Speaking about the Carling Cup Final –

I will play the players who have made the whole campaign. They must have contributed at least one game. This competition is a bit special for me so I will keep it special to the end.

I think that is fair. 100% fair. The players that have played regularly to get us there, deserve to play. As much as I want us to win this trophy, the youngsters have earned the right to play, which means Thierry, Jens (suspended anyway), Freddie and Gallas won’t play.

Finally I am to discuss the team for today. Some huge news in that Gallas is fit again. It remains to be seen if he will start, however I have a feeling he might. So from Wednesday’s game we have the following players likely to be involved – Thierry Henry, Cesc Fabregas and Denilson. And the following players out (either for a rest of minor injury) – Gilberto, Jens Lehmann, Abou Diaby, Julio Baptista, Johan Djourou and Hleb.

Therefore I think the team will be…

Henry, Aliadiere

Ljungberg, Fabregas, Flamini, Walcott

Clichy, Senderos, Gallas, Eboue


Now there are a few doubts in my mind to be honest. Whether Denilson might play instead of Flamini? I doubt it as Denilson played the full 120 minutes mid week. For me Rosicky needs resting, hence using Freddie wide left and Theo on the right. I have gone with Gallas starting, I just feel he will. Senderos back after his suspension and no Toure because he has played a silly amount of games. Aliadere up top with Thierry I reckon, Ade to come on later for Thierry to rest him if possible.

There we go then my fellow Arsenal chums. 12.30 kick, I better get a shower and prepare myself mentally. Come on the Arsene Wenger’s red and white army!


14 Responses to “Wenger’s thoughts montaged, my starting line-up”

  1. Tom Clancy said

    I have to comment on the international debate. Would Chelsea, Liverpool, Man Utd and The Mighty Arsenal lose to England with thier players playing for them? (i.e. gerrard for liverpool)

    Maby Liverpool?

    Spain beat them through passing the ball. Man U and us are a lot better than Spain at passing. Chelsea would rub them up as they would have no Terry.

    England will always come after clubs.

  2. Ali said

    we didn’t heard about eboue if he will back or he will miss this game , so i think justin hoyte will start ..

  3. Ali you are right, again right back was a position I struggled to predict. With so many changes it is hard to gather what Wenger will go for. I just heard that Eboue was fit again but now I am starting to think you are right and Hoyte will play…

  4. DRgunner said

    we can’t possibly play that midfield. Not a single player over 5 feet. I’m not sure who else would play, though.

  5. It is a physically weak midfield but I can’t help but thinking we will probably play it. Not over 5 feet is a bit strong they are not THAT small!

  6. DRgunner said

    the first time I saw freddie live I thought he was a garden gnome come to life. Always liked him, but thought he was finished. lets hope his great goal on wednesday is not a one-off.

  7. Dr Football said

    I think Lehmann will play for this game. And i heard that eboue has shaken off his injury but still doubtful so i still think hoyte will play right-back role.

    My lineup..

    Hoyte Gallas Senderos Clichy
    Walcott Denilson Fabregas Jeremie

  8. Dr Football said

    In My Place —My—– there is no forum for local football. You know why because there only stay focus with epl.And the only local matters they will focus entertainment gossip it is why my country never qualify in the big game. But now we are trying to change something by targeting 2018 as the year to qualify. I think any country want to qualify as soon as possible but not for this country so stupid. if they think we need to be realistic you must change your view if you think 2010 world cup is impossible it will be the same for the next years. I very surprised after I knew that S.Maloney was born in my country and can play for us but unfortunately he has played for Scotland.Do you know what is my country??????

  9. Ali said

    Lehman rested ..

    so in my opinion

    Henry, Aliadiere

    Ljungberg, Fabregas, Flamini (doubtful if he will play), Walcott

    Clichy, Senderos, Gallas (doubtful also cuz Toure my came on), Hoyte


  10. Ali said

    here i can confrimed ..


    Hoyte Senderos Toure Gallas

    Walcott Fabregas Flamini Ljungberg

    Henry Ali

  11. arsenal said

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  12. arsenal said


  13. melvyn said

    Once I saw the team sheet i knew it was going to be a real struggle we had six players out there who are not good enough – TH14 (Vieria last season deja vu),Flamini (3 or 4 touches every time) Theo (just not ready yet) Hoyte (Ditto Theo)Senderos (Hopeless distribution) Freddie (not back to his best)& add Gallas who was clearly not match fit thats seven !!Aganst Bolton I loved the team we played and we matched Bolton physically and outplayed a la Arsenal style but today was a disaster.TH14 would have to hand back 75% of his wages this season if he were on performance related pay !!

  14. merouane said

    thanks thanks a lot for your work !!

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