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The famous 4-4-2 vs. 4-5-1 debate

Posted by James Dall on 20, February 2007

Afternoon, a big day in our season then. This is the fourth out of our five big games that I mentioned. So far things have gone pretty well. With three points against Wigan, a victory over Bolton and of course the draw against Blackburn. Tonight an away goal would be huge and certainly would set us up well for the second leg. Then on the weekend we have our fifth match, which is just the small matter of the Carling Cup Final.

Anyway on with the news. The reserves did us all proud last night with a 3-2 victory over Cardiff. Notably Jay Simpson scored the frist ever hat-trick at Ashburton Grove. Good on you lad. It is likely they will face Manchester United in the final. I wish them all the best.

Henry talks about how we have unfinished business in the Champions League. We were ever so close last season. I guess for Henry as a player the Champions League is his main goal. If he did not believe he could win it here, he would have moved on. Speaking of Thierry Arseblog has written an excellent article on him here.

Another piece of news, before I move onto my starting line-up for tonight, are the comments from Arsene with regards to Robin’s injury –

At the start we counted large. We thought 12 to 14 weeks and were hoping for a good surprise. Maybe eight to 10 weeks. It was three weeks on Friday so we are counting nine weeks more. But we hope it will be five, six or seven.

 Excellent news. He has been fantastic all season and it will be brilliant to see him back possible sooner than expected.

Right tonight’s match, much of the debate is who to play at right back. Further to this what system will we play? Will we revert back to the 4-5-1? We have not played that system in quite sometime, it was of course at its most effective in Europe last season. Personally I think 4-4-2 would be more wise. Here we go then –

Henry, Adebayor

Rosicky, Fabregas, Gilberto, Hleb

Clichy, Senderos, Toure, Djourou


I essence it all depends how ready Gallas is. If Gallas is ready in the manager’s eyes to start a Champions League game I think we would all expect him to slot in at right back, if that were to happen would Senderos keep his place? Gallas could move into centre back instead of Djourou. Personally I have many things about how quick this PSV team is. For me then, if Gallas is ready, Djourou should play a long side oure and Gallas at full back. Senderos is not the quickest. Whatever the manager goes with i am sure it will be the right one. I hope Hleb is fit, him and Rosicky out wide excite me a lot. If it were 4-5-1 would it end up like this…?


Rosicky, Ljungberg, Fabregas, Hleb


Clichy, Senderos, Toure, Djourou


The midfield would interchange a lot. Hmm it is a tough one. I trust Arsene though. That is it for today. The blog tomorrow ill be a late one as I am in London all day, hopefully on the train journey back home I will be looking forward to writing about an Arsenal victory. Until then fellow Gunners.


6 Responses to “The famous 4-4-2 vs. 4-5-1 debate”

  1. think will be


    Toure Gallas Djourou Clinchy

    Helb Fabregas Gilberto Rosisky

    Adebayor Henry

  2. If all Are back in Arsenal From Loan next season


    Eboue Gallas Toure Clinchy

    Helb Fabregas Silva Rosicky

    Henry Van Persie

    Sub: Lupoli, bedtdner, alidrarre, baptista, hoyte, senderos, djourou, denilson, diaby, mumba, merida, gilbert, ljunberg, Reyes, adebayor, randall, simpson(Scroing Hat-Trick)for arsenal youth team recently, van de borg all coming up.

  3. Victor tan said

    I think we should get Reyes back and sign Baptista and a goalkeeper next season, to make a complete squad. As Left side are use to be our strong point(Cole,Reyes,Pires, Henry)….

    But now right side is our strong point (Eboue, helb, van persie)

  4. meek1 said

    I’m a die-hard Liverpool supporter – my late dad was too… But if Liverpool can’t make it to the Champions League finals, then I really hope Arsenal could go all the way… after a somewhat luckless final last year.

    Honestly, give me the silky skills of your Arsenal team, anytime! It’s those, flips, one touch, body faints that not only entertains but wow people… My best friend is a die-hard Arsenal supporter and we do watch the Gunners’ matches together.

    Cheers to Liverpool & Arsenal in the CL – maybe can meet in the finals?


  5. Adam said

    i think we should go with tonight:


    Djourou Toure Gallas Glichy
    Hleb Fabregas Denilson Rosicky

  6. I am not sure what will be strategy wenger will be implementing this match.But if arsenal needs to win then henry has to come good.he is the man who can score goals from any range.We need a superb effort from him to get a victory overseas

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