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Forget the PSV loss, start thinking about Sunday

Posted by James Dall on 22, February 2007

I made the statement that the blog would be late yesterday, turns out it I got home from London obscenely late. Plus whenever we lose I tend to be less inclined to do the blog. Better late than never though eh…

Well we lost. As the blog is late most of what can be said has been said. I do not tend to repeat what many of you will have already read. A quick summary though – first half we were OK, comfortable but nothing spectacular. We carved a couple of opportunities and really should have taken them. Second half, rather than going up a gear we went down a couple. We were slow, tired and just generally poor. They scored with probably their first shot. We were un-inspirational.

A lot have people have jumped on the band wagon and slaughtered the team. Sure it was a disappointing and frustrating but it could be a lot worse. I believe we have what it takes to turn the game around in the second leg. That is a way off and we have the matter of the Carling Cup on Sunday and then Reading to concentrate on.

Moving onto the news stories then.

Our goalkeepers take it in turn to speak here. Basically Jens is frustrated as we have so many cup games, which means he does not play, and Almunia is frustrated because he does not play in the league games. A situation which could certainly change next season if we bring in a top quality GK and Jens moves. We shall see though.

Our managing director Keith Edelman had the following to say with regards to our financial situation –

Arsene is not one to go and spend huge amounts of money on players. But if he wanted to do something of that magnitude there’s no reason we couldn’t get that to happen. We can do it. It’s just a matter of what Arsene’s strategy is. There is money available for Arsene in the summer, I think we’ve got to wait until the summer and see what he wants to do.

I presume we will make a couple of signings in the summer and it is excellent to hear even though we made a loss recently that the money is available. Arsene will be shrewd of course but that is to be expected. Transfers and the like are a discussion point for another time though, a time when it is the summer and I am struggling to find news.

There is the news that our Youth team will play Man United in the FA Youth Cup final. I hope we stuff them.

The ever improving Clichy had spoke yesterday, making a fantastic comment about the fact Traore deserves to play.

Yes he had done well when he has come in. And I think he deserves to play against Chelsea. But if the boss wants me to play I will be more than happy.  The Carling Cup Final is the Carling Cup Final and, when you are at Arsenal, you want to play every game. Perhaps it means more to me than others because I was away [injured] for a year. It would be amazing for me and if I have to play one more game this week then I will do my best.

I presume Traore will play but who knows? Only Arsene.

Henry chats about the Carling Cup, basically saying how he clearly was not snubbed to play this weekend. It seems obvious to me that anyone with half a brain can work out he was never going to play. I believe in the youngsters. I really do. John Terry looks to be out too. Good.

Until tomorrow where I imagine there will be some solid team news. Enjoy the rest of your day.


3 Responses to “Forget the PSV loss, start thinking about Sunday”

  1. well i was fearing a bad result in one of these fixtures. The work load is i think too much. Anyway, no matter , we should be able to bounce back at home. PSV will hopefully not be a problem at the Emirates ( something i wish i could say with a bit more conviction considering we are taking our time getting used to the new home ).

    As for sunday….we will cruise past blackburn i am sure. PSV loss combined with the blackburn display last time around should help us in the motivation.

    All HAil Gunners.. All HAil King Henry, and Prince Cesc

  2. sorry .. my mistake… i confused fixtures.. this sunday is ofcourse the Carling Cup clash with Chelsea. WEll we will against them as well. And hopefully Essien or any other chelsea player won’t be taking out a freak shot from 30 odd yards out.

    And i agree with Wenger playing the youngsters. They have worked to get there. ITs their cup, and they deserve to be there. Even if it means going in with youngsters against a strong Chelsea line up. Have faith in them… they got us so far.

    All Hail Gunners!

  3. ELSA said


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