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Do we believe we can beat Chelsea today?

Posted by James Dall on 25, February 2007

Today is a massive day in our season, not for the fact that we might win the trophy but for the fact that we have reached the final with the youngsters. It proves to everyone how much potential we really do have. We play Chelsea who will play their strongest team, a team of experience and power. We are not favourites, there is in-fact no pressure on our players.

Many have talked about the fact that if we do not win at least we go there. Partly I agree, of course it is an incredible feat to reach the final, and in the manner we did it. Everton and Liverpool away and then the Spurs two legged affair. That really highlights how much quality we have. To win today would be an unbelievable achievement. It would be a day I would remember for the rest of my life. I am excited about the game but if I am honest I really have no clue, not even an inkling of how this game might go. For us to get hammered by Chelsea would be disappointing, for me if we gave them a tough game that would make me happy. Do I believe we can win this game? Well yes, anything can happen in football and this team have shown in the face of adversity they can pull out decent results. On to the starting line-up…

For me there are a number of combinations the manager might go with, most of which I discussed in my previous blog entry. I am still none the wiser if Clichy or Hoyte are available, my feeling tells me that Clichy is not and Hoyte is. If that is the case I presume we will see Traore and Hoyte in the full back position, centrally Toure will play, then it is either Djourou or Senderos to play along side him. I think the majority, including myself, would prefer to see Djourou partner Toure. Midfield is a strange area, I think a certain starter is Walcott who has started every game in the League Cup, as has Denilson so I would presume both would be included. Now this is where it gets interesting. Will Gilberto be partnered a long side Denilson, his experienced head might be important this this game. Most seem to agree that Fabregas should not play, he has looked pretty tired recently and I think most of us want to see more of Denilson. Diaby is of course an option a long side Denilson, these lads did so well against Bolton I guess that is a possibility. Left side of midfield Rosicky could step in for that little bit of extra experience and spark, or Denilson might play out there. Up front it seems almost definite that Baptsista and Aliadiere will play, so for me this is might be the starting line-up…

Baptista, Aliadiere

Rosicky, Denilson, Diaby, Walcott

Traore, Djourou, Toure, Hoyte


Toure should be captain if Gilberto does not play. I think he would be an unreal captain, a man that deserves to get his hands on a torophy. Right, that is it from me today, if you feel my starting lin-up is nonsense or needs tinkering please leave yours in the comments. I am eagerly anticipating the game, I really cannot wait. Come on you Reds!!!!!


8 Responses to “Do we believe we can beat Chelsea today?”

  1. jane said

    what an exciting day ahead, and my thoughts are similar – obviously i hoping so much for a win for the reds, but also i pray that the young guys dont get blown away and a heavy defeat – i dont think the latter will happen because Chelsea wil be cautious, the ‘boys’ didnt buy a ticket for Cardiff, they earned it with some wonderful football and good results against strong teams – especially in the semi final.

    the JT situation is amusing, will he play, was he ever really a doubt, we will only know later and if he plays, and not fit then that could have massive reprocussions for Chelsea.

    will we see the big boys all warming the bench??

    the one thing that is clear from this cup run, and i will be praying it ends in our glory, is that the future for our football club is very very bright, and we should all be thankful for having such a wonderful manager at the helm.

    amusing finish – how many gooners out there are suddenly watching man u – and smiling when they win, especially knowing we have beated them twice – i certainly would prfer to see ‘old red nose’ with another premiership rather JM

    next season……… well that i feel wil be a different matter all together

    enjoy today – any see the boys become men

  2. paul said

    I think it will come down to how well Ballack, Essien and Makelele play today, the midfied will be vital and Chelsea will probably try to stop Arsenal playing their flowing football, so these three will be very important if they are to do that.

    If they can stop Arsenal in the middle then they’ll probably win, as the Gooners tend to struggle against sides playing that way. Hopefully, that won’t work though, as a neutral I’ll be behind Arsenal today!!

    By the way, if anyone reading this is unable to watch the game on TV, click my name and watch a stream on your PC.

  3. The Saint said

    The most important question is does the team believe it can win? Conceivably we could play the way we did against them at Stamford Bridge and snatch a goal but definitely defend a lot better against long range shots ala Essien and the bloke from PSV among a few others recently. Also, Ballack is great with headers and so our setpiece defending has to be spot on as well. The young ones will have to keep their concentration levels on the full 90 minutes.

  4. I honestly believe this team can give chelsea a run for their money and even snatch the win. Chelsea, no doubt with the stronger line up and more expereienced one is the favourite. BUt i highly doubt that we will get hammered out there today. Ballack i seriously doubt if he plays will conjour up anything, as he hasn’t been up to his standard throughout the season. Whats more,the Chelsea camp isn’t exactly the happiest lot. So you never know if that might flow into their performance. I have high hopes of the young guns, and well just giving it everything and a tough battle would also do if we do end up losing today.

    But one thing’s for sure from the young side that got us till here. Arsenal’s future, maybe not in the immedieatly next season, but soon, looks great. And one that will be hard to reckon with for other teams, this i guarantee.


  5. rajon said

    I think Wenger will go with a 4-5-1 formation which can also change into a 4-4-2 when needed. I think that AW will go with senderos such is his faith in his players and the chance to break the Drogba domination. I also beleive that Aw will go with Gilberto, Denilson and Diaby in a three man central nidfield because this game will more or less be won in midfield. Walcott and Aliadiere will play on the wide areas with Baptista up front. I have no worries about how Arsenal will play because the players will play for thier lives today as Aw has promised the players who perform today the chancce of playing in the first team. I can nto predict the score but I feel that Arsenal have a good chance.

  6. lc said

    The team to give a real game and beat Chelsea:


    Hoyte- Toure- Senderos (for his areal power)- Clichy.

    Aliadiere/(Walcott last 30′)-Gilberto- Denilson-Diaby-Rosicky.

    Baptista/ (Adebayor later).

    Come on Gunners!

    Arsenal: 2 Chelsea: 1

  7. vivb said

    0-4 to Chelski i’am afrraid

  8. Our youth team outplayed, out thought, and unltimately out fought the rich kids from West London. Defeat is never easy to swallow after making the Final but credit to Wenger for letting the juniors play in the final and if it wasn’t for the hottest striker around taking his chances so well – the baby gunners could have done it.

    The future is so bright…trust me…and Chelsea can only maintain by spend spend spend. Odds are we draw them in the FA Cup Final…hope some of these kids are in that squad.

    Arsene knows…trust him

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