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Arsenal vs Chelsea Player Ratings

Posted by James Dall on 26, February 2007

Almunia – 6 – no chance with the second goal, a bit iffy on the first but still pretty solid.

Hoyte – 6 – a sound showing overall.

Toure – 7 – excellent throughout, debatable dismissal.

Senderos – 5 -glimpes of quality but Drogba exposed his frailties.

Traore – 7 -Brilliant in the first half, got forward well. Robben caused problems though.

Walcott – 7 – Superb first half, expertly taken goal.

Denilson – 6 – Amazing to think that was his seventh ever start. Tired in the second half.

Fabregas – 8 – Just brilliant, he is our star.

Diaby – 7 – A monster in midfield, so much potential its untrue.

Aliadiere – 6 – Worked his nuts off, spurned a key opportunity in the first half.

Baptista – 6 -Uninvolved in the second half, looked like he might score in the first.

Subs – Hleb – 6 tried his best to get into the game, Eboue – 6 amazingly accused Robben of diving, hypocrite, Adebayor – 6 no chance to get involved really, unfairly sent off.


5 Responses to “Arsenal vs Chelsea Player Ratings”

  1. Good ratings with valuable reasons.But they lacked the spirit in the absence of henry.But this is a good sign for a young arsenal team.

    Congrats to the courageous wenger who trusted his young team against the full strength chelsea.

  2. Phillip Three said

    Perhaps the first time I have not been sickened by a loss. In fact, from a philosophical sense, I was nearly happy with a loss. Why? Because if the Arsenal Youth side had beaten Chelsea 3-1, which should have easily been the result, then it may have led the players to neglect their training and development thinking they had conquered all.

    A comment on some of the ratings:

    GK: I admire both Lehman and Almunia but a sure sign of a successful side is a great (Cech) goal-keeper.

    Traore: All great players are going to get beaten by Drogba as well as finding Robben a handful.

    Denilson and Fab are back to front. Ever since Denilson emerged Fab has fallen in performance. Denilson was muscled by the German early on and suffered a yellow card but from then on he won so many 50/50 balls and distributed with ease and class. Should he have been on Ballack when he played his beautiful ball to Drogba for their opening goal? Perhaps it was Fab who was playing a more central position. Fab as always excellent but he was involved in Chelsea’s second goal giving the ball away and playing himself out the play with a missed lunging tackle.

    Diaby: Apparently AW thinks he is like PV4. I had never seen even a sense of this until yesterday. So do I want an ageing PV4 back or an emerging Diaby? Diaby.

    To think this Youth team is another Arsenal fantasy side is just awesome. Mix it in with an E’to, Cech, Robinho and then a Nesta or Zambrotta to give that cynical, defend till you die aspect as the boys learn the art of war.

  3. shreerang said

    I’m surprised as to why Toure blew up : he should’ve taken it in stride seeing he was the most experienced. Eboue was like a spoilt child and contributed to Adebayor’s red card as well. The guys played superbly though, Arsenal’s display shows a bright future in store for the Gunners. Fabregas had the occasional lapse but for the most part was a superb midfield link.

    All in all , a great show!

  4. amiripz said

    I agree with the ratings.

    Holly cow, Diaby was huge man.

  5. yana626 said

    Diaby was horrible. he was exactly a monster. he made the chelsea defender left unconcious and lying onthe field. I close my mouth when i see fell and didnt move. and of course i cried. but, i’m glad the arsenal’s medical staff did a quick move to give a first aid.
    Thanks God he’s alive…

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