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The F.A. worry me + news round up

Posted by James Dall on 27, February 2007

Good morning, the dust is still settling from Sunday’s incredible game. Most news is linked to it in some way.

Firstly news emerged yesterday that Arsenal are to appeal against the sending off of Adebayor. Clearly the linesman meant to point out Eboue. It baffles me of how he managed to get the two mixed up. Adebayor could of course still face action as he did not leave the field without making sure his frustration was seen. To be fair, if someone gets sent off that knows they are 100% innocent, and you have just come on to help your team with only a few minutes to go in a final, I think most would go mental –

When the referee showed me a red card I couldn’t believe it. I remember straight away [Arsenal physio] Gary Lewin came to me to say ‘come on Manu, let’s go,’ but I said, ‘just leave me to me ask one question — why did he give me a red card?’ A lot of people thought I was going to hit him but I wasn’t.”

Completely understandable. It appears likely that Eboue will be hit with a ban, I know he was involved but what he actually did was simply a slap on Bridge’s head. Oh well, Hoyte can step in for Eboue, just as he has done over the last few games. Adebayor however is a player we need. The club appear to have accepted Toure’s ban, I guess if they appeal it they run the risk of a further extended ban. I am worried about how the F.A. will deal with the whole situation to be honest. Fingers crossed they use their common sense, unlike when they appointed Steve McClaren as England manager. Toure has also apologised for his part in starting the fracas. I love Toure, what an Arsenal legend already.

There has been confirmation that Diaby picked up an injury when he accidentally kicked Terry –

We had planned to have a shoulder operation for Walcott but I will maybe try to delay it because we lost Diaby and it looks like [Walcott] can play with the injury. We want to do the operation so he can start next season without any problem but it is a ligament, not a big injury. It was Diaby who hit the head of John Terry. He did his ankle.

Interesting. I hope to god it is not too serious. There are many rumours flying about. It appears that the injury is to the ankle that he badly injured last season. I am wishing him all the best of luck. I await official news on the injury. Clearly Theo’s will wait now until the end of the season. Strange really, it is not like Theo and Diaby play the same position or are similar players, I could understand if it was say Gallas and Toure. Oh well, I am positive the manager knows what he is doing.

Fabregas thinks that other teams should be quaking in their boots –

If I was in another team, I would be scared if you could see all the young players who are coming from this Arsenal team. You can see that if we keep playing for three more years together, then we could do something really big for the club.

You have to love the boy. He is right, the key is that the group stay together and begin to develop a strong understanding. The future is of course bright, we all know that but my god it certainly is exciting.

I read yesterday that Lupoli has signed a five year deal with Fiorentina. I did say a while back that I was unconvinced he would return. It appears to me that Bendtner might be the only loan player that will return to Arsenal in the summer to feature in the first team. My guess is the others will be sold or loaned out again. I keep banging on about him but Kerrea Gilbert when I saw him looked superb, I would be disappointed to see him leave but then again Arsene knows what he is doing. You can view the current players on loan here.

That is it for this clouded over Tuesday. Just a quick note on the site, I have added a feature in which you can get the blog sent to your email inbox everyday, just click on the link on the right hand side (below the red RSS symbol). Also if you use RSS why not add a live bookmark of the site, if you do not just simply add the site to your favourites. I hope to begin to generate a community over time.

Tomorrow will be more on the Blackburn game. Until then.


8 Responses to “The F.A. worry me + news round up”

  1. potter said

    So exactly what did Adebayor do that Drogba didnt ? What did Bridge do that Fabregas didnt ? I assume that the F.A. panel studied the whole fracass as I did when I got back from Cardiff. The answers : 1 Nothing ,Adebayor tangled with Carvalho but did not hit him. Drogba hit Fabregas on the back of the head. Eboue hit Bridge on the back of the head, Bridge fell down eventually . Fabregas stayed on his feet.Obviously this means that Adebayor and Eboue get punished whilst Drogba doesnt.

  2. melvyn said

    Will the FA also question why the Referee bottled sending off Essien which I think more than anything caused the fracas at the end .I’m sorry but big Phil as hard as he tried is at best a squad player I think Djourou should have started.But what a wonderful display by our future team.I left the Cardiff optimistic and nowhere near as downhearted as 1969 v Swindon – OK I was 38 years younger !

  3. James,

    >Fingers crossed they use their common sense

    FA? Common Sense? Two mutually exclusive terms, surely?

    Adebayor can be clearly seen wading in at the start and landing two direct punches, one caught a wrist but the other hit the intended target. The Club must know he was not sent off for hitting Bridge otherwise they would have appealed against the sending off on the grounds of mistaken identity, something they did not do. He would be best served now by showing some contrition, following Toure’s lead and hoping for clemency.

    The FA will ban him for another two games – Sky showed his reaction to the card, clenched fists and leaning into the Referee – so he will be made an example of. However, given the Referee put his hands on the player, I suspect that the Club explain that Webb inflamed the players mood by forcibly ushering him off the pitch, a course of action that should not be followed.

    Thankfully there is a match tomorrow to distract everyone from Sunday and we can get back to football.

  4. Awil said

    I dont get it. Did anybody see they way DROGBA slapped the back of Fabregas head and than grabbed him by the back of the neck. Thats when manu went mad. But how come drogba is not facing any kind if suspension. FA are a bunch of idiots who can’t even hire a manager for the england job and all the do is drop these suspensions. I dont understand that was nuthin comapred what we see in canada with hockey. These guys wearing suits dont have any kind of passion for the game so they dont understand what the players are going threw. Playing football and at a club like arsenal you allot of emotion. The FA are trying to make players like robots and to just play the game with no emotions

  5. Awil

    I agree – Drogba should be charged but he’s got away with it so far. The media will no doubt pass comment and the FA will react to that. As for them being Robots, UEFA have just elected a man who wanted to ban tackling which sums it all up.

  6. potter said

    Melvyn , so this must be the old codgers site I left the country for two years after the Swindon match but I agree the first half was a pleasure to watch. If we can solve the right back problem and teach Big Phil to anticipate more ( maybe Keown can help there )he might yet make it. If Theo is to play wide right he needs more support from behind to give him the freedom to use his pace , at the moment he is too far from his full back and that leaves him isolated.

  7. bartman said

    hi there
    question about the players on loan- what is the situation with Muamba? Is he on loan? would he be coming back?

  8. counterstr said

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