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Everything I hate about football encompassed in one man

Posted by James Dall on 1, March 2007

Argh – that my friends is a noise of frustration. We lost, the blog is late and I have an assignment to do which is highly boring, not a good 24 hours.

By now most will have scoured the web for match reports and player ratings so my overview of the game will be brief. We started with the line-up I predicted – merit for me. Anyway, I watched most of the first half. I was caught between getting ready to go out to the student union and keeping one eye on the game. We looked comfortable, the team seemed to be playing ok. Baptista missed a couple of really decent opportunities. And then the ref turned down two penalty appeals. The Aliadiere one was not a pen, the Freddie one was. So out of the two games we had two 100% penalties turned down. It was never going to be our night.

Fast forward to the second half. I arrived at the student union about ten minutes in. I had to endure watching the game surrounded by morons. Seriously. As you may recall I recently wrote about my encounter with a Spurs fan during the second leg of the league cup semi final. He was infuriating but we won so hey ho. But guess what, he was watching the game last night. He was off his face drunk, he was loud, obnoxious and highly irritating. Then came the 87th minute. We lost the ball in the middle of the park and Blackburn had a half break on, McCarthy was faced with Senderos, who was bizarrely playing right back – a real head scratcher. He skipped around Senderos, it was too easy really, I will give Philippe the benefit of the doubt in that it appeared he lost this footing. McCarthy smashed it top corner. An excellent goal if I am honest, undeserved but a good goal none the less.

Then came the moment that really got to me. The Spurs prat went mental. Really crazy, right up in my face. Now I like to see Spurs lose but even when someone scores against them I don’t go dancing around the living room. It was as if Spurs had just won the Champions league final. Complete idiot. After he got over his minute of madness I questioned him. ‘Do you not think it is a bit embarassing that you celebrated a goal so much when it was not even your team?’. His response was one of many swear words. Basically saying that Arsenal are sh*t. He could barely string a sentence together.

Now I am no hard man, I don’t do fights. I prefer to talk things over. I persisted. I persisted in trying to explain to him that Arsenal are not rubbish. His arguments were incredible – Walcott is crap he said, Wenger ‘pussied it’ by playing the youngsters in the final, he told me to stop living in the past to which I replied ‘Sure ok, well let’s look at the present we are higher than you in the league’, he responded with more garbage. His final argument was that we were a team of losers, the fact we had reached two finals in the last 12 months was not good enough for him. In his mind to get to a final and lose is no better than actually going out in the first round – really? I am all about winning, winning is vital but you cannot tell me that what we have done is not an achievement.

Anyway he encompasses everything I hate about football – violent loud morons who do not know the first thing about football.

…so moving on. Arsene’s reaction can be read here. Eboue has been banned for three games, no surprise there. And we have a silly amount of players out for the Reading game but Fabregas and Djourou return. I will discuss the ins and outs of that tomorrow.

Until then fellow Gunners. Oh did I mention that guy really did piss me off.


32 Responses to “Everything I hate about football encompassed in one man”

  1. goonpel said

    you should have knocked him on his arse

  2. notagooner said

    Yet again, you gooners blame everyone but yourselves for losing. I can’t beleive you could possibly be as blind as your manager, who I think was the main reason you lost last night but more of that later.
    Freddy’s shout wasn’t a penalty, he got fouled outside the box, the fact that he landed inside the box does not make it a penalty! And before the rest of you Wengerspeced supporters get on my case, watch the replay! He was fouled from behind clearly outside the box and started to stumble, the fact that there was more contact as he was on his way down doesn’t change the fact that it was outside the 18 yard area.
    And how can you say their win was undeserved? Passing the ball round the pitch does not win matches, goals do. Goals which you couldn’t score. So you had decisions not go your way that should have, welcome to the real world! You are not the only team that gets decisions wrongly called against you, every team does. If you take off the Wenger specs and watch football properly you’ll see that every team has bad decisions.
    How many decisions went your way during your unbeaten season? How many dives did Freddy amongst others did you get penalties for? How many times did you waste time when you were scraping a single goal lead?
    The truth is that ARSEnal are guilty for everything they cry about, as are all teams including mine the great MAN UTD, but as allways you guys are bad losers.
    That twat who by the way today said ‘I don’t know where I’ll be in 2 years from now’, who you guys love so much Fabregas, he let you down. He’s the reason you guys lost last night!! Had he not been the disrespectful little sh*te that he is and said what he did to Mark Hughes, your ‘not so clever’ manager would not have felt the need to protect him last night and played him. Instead he tried to protect him from the backlash and in turn lost you the battle in the midfield. Then to add to your inevitable injury troubles, you have other pr*ts who go and get themselves red cards, why, because they are bad losers as well!! They lost their cool because things weren’t going their way. And again, the main insigator Faberprat is the one who sparked it all off and got away with it as far as the ref was concerned. It was a stupid foul that was nothing but handbags between the two players themselves, but titch decides to start pushing Lampard back (who was actually trying to break up the two players following the foul) and obviously everyone jumps in and all hell broke out.

    Stand back, take the Weneger specs off and think, look closer to home before blaming everyone else.

    The Happy Manc

  3. GMR said

    The happy manc, I will come back on sunday morning & see if you’re still a happy manc, once Liverpool have beat you. Hopefully Poll will have recovered from his injury to take the field & give Stevie Gerrard another penalty like the one he got against sheff utd!!

  4. Hanafi said

    What i hate most in my life about English premiership is the referees and the FA. The referees are getting too bad and the FA are climbing at their back always defending them. That is too bad.
    Imagin the game that are being watched world wide and everybody saw a clear penelity and the FA has the right to still defend the referees. This is fast putting the English league in downside. You can see what is happen to the England team at the moment. Because they have a bad referees, so when they get a match with referees from other part of the world are always faulty. Anyway I love Arsenal and i’ll continue to love them.

  5. Marce07 said

    If Spurs fans want to be happy on our defeat… let them enjoy. They have nothing to enjoy or be happy about in their own life. What a sad team…

    Now the F.A. is another story… they are totally destroying what was the best league around the World. I think I star loosing respect for their referees on that Man U /Arsenal game that cut or amazing undefeated run.
    But Webb on Sunday and Poll last night make a lot more damage to our team than rivals. Webb let Chelsea bullies kick our young gunners for free, cutting most of our counter attacks without getting the yellow card deserved. But hey… Denilson first foul was a clear yellow card for Webb.
    In my vision Webb free pass on violent football by Chelsea was vital on our irritation by the end of the game.
    I won’t get in Poll because you put that as clear as I saw it.

    We lost PSV game, and I’m ok with that. Bad luck, few mistakes, thing to do better next time, but Chelsea and both Rovers games are a shame on F.A.

  6. eie said

    we lost last night and sunday because we failed to score the goals our play deserved. But at least we beat the manure pricks twice this season.

    It never fails to amaze me how many jealous cunts get joy when we lose, you should have stuck one on the yid prick

  7. OM said

    I am an Arsenal supporter. Been one for 15 or so years, and live in the States. Watching Arsenal, in its current form is football. Watching what has happened to them, is like WWE (wrestling).

    For 70 minutes, the other team does everything but put a bullet in a player, and if an Arsenal player so much as touches the opposition the FA steps in.

    Between the countless ridiculous penalty decisions against and those not given, the absolute mugging of players, and the FA’s constant inferiority complex that a French manager forgot more about this game than all English managers know I think basketball maybe where I need to focuse my energies.

    If I want to observe this kind of a farce, we have the WWE which is shown in local time.

  8. melvyn said

    Isn’t it sad that the Scums greatest moments in football are Nayim from the halfway line , Rix & Brady’s penalty misses & infact anyone beating us except the scum coz they cant beat us even from 2-0 up. I dont hate Tottenham no reason to do so I simply love Arsenal but sadly I do hate scum supporters they are seriously sad twats.

    We will be a gr8 side next year we are nearly there the first half against Chelski was sublime and despite all the injuries we outplayed Blackburn for 85 mins – the futures bright.

  9. LB said

    I must say I’m really disillusioned with English football, it has lost its way and its belief in fairness. That it is now acceptable to kick opposing teams, have 60 minutes of football in a game that’s supposed to be 90 minutes, that a brawl involving 20 or so players results in only players from one team punished, etc. is not what I admired. It is better to watch Spanish football. There, even the lowly teams attempt to play football even against Madrid and Barcelona. I would be ashamed to support a team that has two shots on goal in 180 minutes of football, regardless of the result.

  10. Matthew Wade said

    You shouldn’t get worked up about the spurs fan. Yes its irritating, but if their only excitement is us losing, its a bit pityable. Its like when we won the league at their place…they celebrated the draw like it was the cup final, and we still picked up the trophy that day. As a top overseas player said…they’re just a small club in Arsenal….

  11. bubble9 said

    Lol, I love reading arse fans venting their frustrations. Response to LB: The reason players from one team were punished is that the other team didnt do anything!! Watch it again without the Wenger specs. Toure starts it, Fabregas grabs Lampard by the throat, Eboue punches Bridge, not sure about Adebayor as tv didnt show his incident but the way he was hauled off was a disgrace. Not a single chelsea player did anything wrong and I challenge you to prove otherwise. Even the foul that kicked it all off wasnt that bad but cos things werent going your way it all went out of control. Concerning Blackburn and 180 mins and only 2 shots at goal. Well one of those two shots ended up being a goal, which is more then your 10 or 20 shots. Even 100 shots, if you dont score you dont win, simple really. And these lowly spanish teams might well give it a go against Barca and Madrid, end up losing and end up relegated. Blackburn and Bolton etc are wiser then that and if using spoiling tactics work against you then so be it. Maybe it shows up Wenger’s inability to change tactics, and you end up blaming the ref or the linesmen or the pitch or the crowd or the FA or 100 different reasons that Wenger has come up with to hide the fact that his team simply couldnt score. No matter how fabulous you played. Remember this, 2 years ago Greece became European champions using such tactics. They beat the hosts (Portugal, twice) the reigning champions (France) and the favourites (Czech Rep). The records show Greece are the champs, not how wonderful Czechs played or how fabulous Portugal were. By the way, the only reason you got to the cup final was because of awful defending, an accidental goal, a definite offside, and dodgy goalkeeping by Liverpool and against Spurs you were under the cosh for 20 mins. Your so called wonderful football deserted you and it was only that Berbatov got himself injured and tactics had to be changed that allowed you back into the game. It should have been all over by then.

  12. vince said

    There is nothing but a conspiracy against Arsenal team in England, especially because English had a history against the French. The FA will only be too happy to penalise Arsenal and the referees unfair – re: Poll/Dunn/Ljungberg – as much as possible.

  13. Denis S said

    it wasnt a surprise, i knew ARsenal was going to lose sooner or later anyways…

  14. I hate that man too. I used to teach him basketball but he kept kicking the ball! FOOL!

  15. Denis S said


  16. notagooner said

    How funny are all the ARSE fans! You all think that your team is so good that its impossible to lose unless the other team cheats or the ref is against you. If you talk about the goings on in a game and facts, none of you have any answeres!
    It’s very simple guys, barring a couple you have a team of very mediocre players, that a decent but blind manager manages to get the best out of. The oposite of Spurs, they have a better bunch of players that their manager doesn’t get the best out of.
    ARSEnal are not as good as you lot think, and if your standards are set to beating MAN UTD twice in a season, then you have had a succesful one! You aint winning anything else!!
    You have lived in our shadow ever since the Prem started, Liverpool and Chelsea have overtaken you and you just can’t take it!! So what do you do, you go back to the ‘we’re so much better than Spurs’ number….how funny.
    And to the pratt who can’t wait to see us lose to Liverpool, we may well lose the game, who knows….then the ARSE will only be 17 points behind us, because Reading are going to whoop your ARSEs.
    Next season will be even better, because you guys actually think you’ll do better!! What a joke.
    Next week you’ll get knocked out the CL, and you’ll spend the rest of the season hoping you get into Europe next year……

    Watching the ARSE squirm…’s great, almost pornographic……!!!

    The very happy Manc

  17. Norwichfootyburger said

    To Arsenal News – you should learn to ignore Neanderthals like your S**** chum. Let him have his moment of joy, it’ll be over for him soon enough and St Totteringham’s Day will be sooner than he thinks.

    To Notagooner – I trust you got all that off your chest! We drew Blackburn, lost against PSV, Chelscum and now Blackburn cos we didn’t score enough goals. Fair enough in my book. But this doesn’t detract from very fair and reasonable arguments laid up that decisions and/ or tactics worked against us. I was less bothered at the time that Freddie’s “pen” wasn’t given than that Poll didn’t even recognise there was a clear and undisputable foul. If Poll had doubts about whether it was a pen or not, he should have done what refs normally do in such situations and take the easy option and five a free kick outside the area. Simple fact is he bottled it. And don’t talk about dives in games when you have Ronaldo – you have no moral high ground from which to talk with him in your team. I do agree with you that we are bad losers, that’s one chip on our shoulders that probably won’t go away whilst AW is at the helm (long may he stay and reign though, in my book – small price to pay for the football we are likely to be serving up over the next few years). As for Fab being the main culprit – do me a favour you Sky muppet! Anyone with a half amount of brain power (and read the Independent chronology of events about this) can see for themselves that Lumpard was not the “innocent” trying to break up the fight – FACT – Toure was an idiot for reacting to the Obi Wan Mikel fouls – FACT – the ref got between Obi Wan and Kolo to break them up – FACT – Fab grabbed Kolo to help pull him away too – FACT – Lumpard steamed in between the ref and Obi Wan and grabbed Kolo, not to help calm the situation but to have a pop at him – FACT – Fab let go of Kolo and had a go at Lumpard. So don;t go giving it the large that Cesc is the one to blame when in fact that is another media myth to disguise what really happened and protect the interests of FFLumpard.

    To Bubble9: Another Sky muppet. Get take your eyes away from the rag tops and Rupert Murdoch’s minnions and learn to read proper papers and stop spouting such sh*te. Even the most blinkered moron couldn’t come up with “The reason players from one team were punished is that the other team didnt do anything!!” You really are an arse and not worth any more of my time.

  18. Tony Rogers said

    Superb Article, I’m north London ( The Arsenal ) born and bred, but must have done something wrong in a previous life, as I now live in South Manchester … Yeah, imagine how hard that is, I have to put up with 1,000’s of Twerps like that every weekend. There not worth it, or ring me, and I’ll sort the T**T out … Cheers …

  19. notagooner said

    To Norwichfootyburger,
    At last a Gonner who can talk facts and not out of Wengerspecs!! We’ll agree to dissagree on Fabregas, for all his talent, and he is talented, he does have a downfall when it comes to fracas. He’s hotheaded and gets involved all too often, I still think he flared up a nothing situation but that’s my opinion, and off course you are entitled to yours.
    As far as Ronaldo goes, if you read all my points you’ll see that I included my team in being guilty of every offense possible, there’s no team in any league that at one point or another has not committed every sin in the book.
    It does make me laugh though when you get all these other morrons crying about how all the world hates Arsenal, the refs, the FA, the media etc etc. Yet they say nothing when Freddy gets a penalty for diving, or when Jens Ladyman goes down like a sack of spuds when he gets brushed with a feather.
    In truth this season ARSEnal have simply not been good enough, it isn’t decisions or penalty shouts that gets you where you are in the league, it’s scoring more goals than you concede. When you lose
    1-0 to a team, you can’t blame two or three bad decisions from the ref when your team has had 15 chances at goal and not scored!

    The happy manc

  20. Sam said

    In my opinion, whilst Arsenal are not having their best season, there is still a massive amount of promise. I can swallow not winning trophies for a couple of years while Wenger rebuilds.

    What continues to amaze me, is that although Chelsea and Manchester United fans are quick to point out that Arsenal are ‘past it’, they still feel the need to shout their dislike of Arsenal from the roof tops (apparently even intruding on Arsenal Blogs to do so). The truth is, Chelsea and Manchester United fans are jealous; jealous of a publically owned club which can still trade blows with the biggest teams in world football on a shoestring budget.

  21. notagooner said

    sam you muppet, when have you heard me say that I am jelous of the ARSES? Not in a million years.

    Typical Gonner, nothing but excuses, now its because you are on a shoestring budget.

    “you only sing when you’re winning” comes to mind. You have an issue with me on your blogg because like most Gonners you hide away when things aren’t going your way and come out from under the rocks when you win a game. You prefer little secret huddles where you can all moan about the world being against you because you can’t face facts. You carry on in your own little world, making yourself feel better. The Arab stadium, what a joke!!

    You’re a private, not ‘public’ by the way, club with no pride, who sell your ground’s name to the Arabs. AT least we have kept our history and not got rid of our ground’s name OLD TRAFFORD!

    And do you really beleive you are trading blows with us this season? you are as close to us in points as you are to Wigan who are 17th in the league. That’s really good!!!!

    Do you want to try again??

    Regards, the ‘laughing’ happy manc

  22. Rex said

    Arsenal News – you have my full sympathy. I hate people like that even if they are Spurs fans like myself.

  23. Ihatemanu said

    Did’nt we beat ManUre home and away this season?? Oh, the look on that t8sser fergusons face in the last couple of minutes of the game at the Emirates. I will treasure it forever…..

  24. notagooner said

    Thats funny because I thought peodo’s face this week looked even more glum!!!!!!!!!!!! And what was peodo’s face like when Blacburn knocked you out the outher night? fantastic, love it…

    You beat us twice this season and still manage to be 20 points behind. You should compare yourselves to Spurs, you are closer to them than us.

    And if you want to publish history u sad Gonner, go for it, you don’t have a chance!!!!!

  25. Arsene knows said

    I thought you were trying to have a sensible debate notagooner… then you start calling our manager a ‘ peodo ‘, the worst thing you can possibly call someone… you fucking classless CUNT !!

  26. eie said

    I will love to see that manc cunts face when chelski beat them to the title this year. How a shit team like that are top of the league is beggars belief.

  27. eie said

    Also why can;t these plums fuck off back to their own shit sites. That manc cunts most probably lives in devon or america like the rest of their support.

  28. Alan said

    Well we now know why the England team is shite!
    Just allow teams full of thugs to foul those with skill and you get left with thugs to play for the national team…all brawns and no skill…no hopers despite playing in the best league in the world. Shame on the FA!

  29. arsenal evergreen said

    arsenal is the best team there….everyone here in africa knows’s so easy for africa to support the gunners since we are blessed to sense injustice if it occurs.1 million years from today we will still b loving the gooners.we love Wenger,we love Arsenal and we love how the other teams have to be more in number than us to beat us…ie.the referee and the fa.To all gooners..our glory days are not yet over….bless all gooners.

  30. shooy said

    Get a life, Notagooner, you cunt. It seems you spend half your life reading about the Arsenal, a team you don’t support, and the other half writing moronic, long winded insults about the Arsenal and its fans. That’s about as sad as it can get.

  31. […] Everything I hate about <b>football</b> encompassed in one man […]

  32. […] Everything I hate about <b>football</b> encompassed in one man […]

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