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Could this be Baptista and Aliadiere’s last chance?

Posted by James Dall on 3, March 2007

Morning, today could be a good day. It could be a superb day. I am off to university early on to finally get this wretched assignment done and then it is back home to watch, and hopefully enjoy, the Liverpool Manchester United game. For us I guess a Liverpool loss will be best. The chances of us winning the title this year are slim. Therefore a Liverpool loss and a victory from us in our 3 O’clock kick of would be superb. In theory if Liverpool lose and we win our three games in hand we move five points above them. That would be a wonderful cushion to have.

The past ten days have not been too enjoyable for Arsenal fans. I hope today puts a delightful twist at the end of our disappointing run. For this to happen we need to be on top of our game. Reading are a good side, with a very good manager. We are thin on the ground in terms of players available but that said the team is still strong. Moving onto the stories then…

Arsene spoke about Thierry’s chances for the PSV game –

Thierry is injured – back and foot – and is 50-50 for the PSV game. He has a problem with his foot. We injected him at Eindhoven and it made it worse. They said there was no danger. It was just like a bad kick and it was to stop the pain so he could get through the game. But I feel he’s had injury problems the whole season. The fact he played a lot last year – the Champions League Final and the World Cup Final – has contributed maybe.

I did stick up for Thierry when many were writing him off but if I am honest he has not been playing anywhere near as well as we know he is capable of. He has not looked as quick or as sharp. His first touch has been disappointing. Was this down to match practice, or was it down to the fact he apparently has been struggling with an injury. I know the PSV game is a massive one but I am sure Wenger is not willing to take any risks over Thierry. Adebayor will be available for that game and if Aliadiere or Baptista show they have something to offer today, one of them partnering Adebayor up front might not be too bad.

Wenger’s pre-match conference yesterday pretty much involved him getting very angry about the F.A. The interview was long but all of it can be read here. His main points are that he is very disappointed and annoyed at how the whole ‘brawl’ fiasco has been treated. He, as am I, is very agitated at how in English football a bit of pushing and handbags is seen as wrong but kicking a team off the park (Blackburn midweek fouling us 30 times in the game) is considered fine. He says he will prove Adebayor’s innocence. I will be amazed if the F.A. back down. They are stubborn and childish and rarely get things right. They rarely do something good for the game.

Not really much else today, Ashley Cole has talked about how the fact he has already won a medal at Chelsea justifies his move. Hmm, it is barely worth me commenting on. The guy is a prat. He talks about his love for Chelsea and the fans – it makes me sick.

Also Steve Coppell makes some respectful comments towards Arsenal here.

My opinion on the starting line-up can be seen on yesterday’s blog. The idea of going with Theo up front was a bit of a gamble. Wenger more than likely won’t go for it. I will say one thing though, Baptista and Aliadere have asked for regular games, this is their third game in a row they will have started up top together, if neither scores or plays well I think that could well determine their future here. Anyway I think I shall be watching the match on live stream, if you fancy doing the same the site most use is here. Come on the Reds!!!


One Response to “Could this be Baptista and Aliadiere’s last chance?”

  1. Danish Gooner said

    I seriously mean this.Dont play Henry before he is 100 percent fit if it takes the rest of the season then so be it.

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