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I’ll be honest – I am nervous

Posted by James Dall on 7, March 2007

I will be honest, as much as I am looking forward to tonight’s game – I am worried.

The theme of our season has mainly been teams sitting back, us not being able to break them down or when we do not taking our chances and then them scoring in a single attack. This cannot happen tonight. If they score we need to score three, which will be a near impossible task. The team has been criticised, by myself particularly, for not increasing their tempo until they are one nil down. Well we begin the game one nil down so I expect the team to start at one hundred miles per hour. I really do. Everyone needs to perform. If we create a chance we need to take it, otherwise it is curtains for chances of winning anything this year.

The news on Thierry –

He can play. He trained this morning and he can start if I decide to start him. There is no risk for his health or medical problems. Just a risk that it gets a bit worse after the game and you have to start from scratch again. He did not practice for two weeks but he did a few gym sessions without running so I don’t think he missed too much.

I trust Arsene will make the right decision. If he plays and we do not qualify and then Thierry aggravates the injury then that will be considered a terrible error. I am dying to see the starting line-up but I shall have to wait about nine hours for that. I am nervous if I am truly honest.

Here you can read about how Arsene talks about how imperative it is we take our chances. Also there is a little interview with Rosicky in the same piece. He mentions how nervous he will be and also how he thinks he should be available for the Villa game. We could have done with him tonight. There is also a bit from Freddie – mainly saying how he believes we can do it.

The other bit of news is that Fran Merida has signed a contract with the club until 2011. I am excited about seeing him play but that discussion is for another day.

That is it for today, do I believe we can do it? Yes I do but for us to overturn the deficit our plays are going to have to give everything. We are behind you Arsenal.


18 Responses to “I’ll be honest – I am nervous”

  1. ball bag said

    no shit you’re nervous…

    the likelihood is we’re going to lose the tie.

  2. Arjun said

    Dude you got it right on the money….I’m really worked up about the match tonight. Don’t even wanna think about the result…just hope we manage to get through…anyhow!!!!!! If TH14 can get us through this, I will nominate his number to be retired…actually anyone who steps up to the plate will be a legend for Arsenal. Hope we get it right!!! Come on you Arsenal!!!!!!

  3. Arjun said

    don’t say that dude…!!

  4. Merse-10 said

    Nervous too but we’re got 90 mins to get one goal to take it to extra-time and pens or 90 mis to get 2 goals.

    We CAN do it. It’s going to be a nervy night.

    Of course if PSV venture over half-way and manage a goal then we’ve got a mountain to climb but it can be done

  5. Hugh said

    Djourou Bill Kolo Gael
    Hleb Giberto Cesc Ljungberg
    Ade Titi.
    Walcott, Beast and Diaby to come on.

  6. gooner4life said

    Biggest game of the season!! As long as we play our football we can beat these lot, Come on Arsenal!!!!!!

  7. lc said




    Henry-Ade.(I Henry starts)

    (If not),

    My team to beat PSV.




    Aliadiere- Baptista-Adebayor.

    Arsenal 3-PSV 1.

    Come on Gunners!

  8. Iceman (Bergkamp still rules) said

    I love Koeman as much as I love Bergkamp so I am in big trouble tonight. But the fact that Wenger gets more and more untrustworthy and unpleasant to me makes it easier to me to keep my fingers crossed for Koeman and not for Bergkamps old team, that I cheared on for 10 years now. The management has not been friendly to foreign fans (I am from Germany) too, so that makes it more easy, to be against Arsenal for the first time in my life.
    What has happend to this great likeable English club?
    Now it is a wealthy club with much faces, that I cannot identify with.

    Still love Arsenal very much and watch every match I can. But it is not the same anymore.

    Hopefully Koeman teaches Wenger a lesson!

    Bergy we miss you!!!

  9. Victor tan said

    bergkamp is the number 1 striker, even before henry.

  10. Darren Loh said

    Gilberto did so well as a defender. He has brought great confidence to our shaky and nervous young Arsenal backline. His presence as defender will allow other defenders especially gallas to go forward to attack.

    I hope Adebayor will start the game. He is very hardworking, strong in the air and has extremely good stamina. Walcott will be my choice for first 11 too due his ability to break offside traps with his extremely good pace.

    My first 11 will be



    Freddy-Fabregas-Hleb-Henry ** surprise 😛


  11. Oldtimegunner said

    Nervous? Why?

    You Johnnycomelatelys should try to remember/ask about the 1980 remake of the italian job, where we did an impossdible smash and grab job.

    We will do it, you know it makes sense.

  12. cudweeds said

    Nervous? Ye of little faith… 🙂

  13. […] I’ll be honest – I am nervous I will be honest, as much as I am looking forward to tonight’s game – I am worried. The theme of our season has […] […]

  14. beletsky 1 said

    […] I’ll be honest – I am nervous […]

  15. Now see what ur Nervousness has done! But they missed so many chances 😦

  16. wikimusicguideallstar said

    keep yah cool. everything’s gonna be alright.

  17. dhony said

    Sorry to see you guys go out. I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for Arsenal, (in spite of what Michael Thomas did on May 26th 1989!!!). I still think you play the most attractive football, but you suffer from the same problem as Liverpool. Neither of us can convert enough goals given the amount of chances we create. If LFC or the Gunners had a decent striker then we’d be secure in the top two instead of slugging it out for 3rd.
    If it’s any consolation, you wouldn’t have got to the final anyway. I had a dream where we beat Utd in the final, so obviously that’s what’s going to happen. Now that WILL be sweet.

  18. amiripz said

    Terrible terrible to see Arsenal out so early and against the weakest team out of all 16 (except for Lille maybe).

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