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We need players to fill the following positions…

Posted by James Dall on 9, March 2007

I am still gutted… the fact the draw for the quarter finals for the Champions League is being drawn as I type is just an awful reminder of what could have been. There is very little official news to cover, mainly I keep reading different blogs/articles about how we need to rebuild, change our style of play, sell Henry etc. Some make some excellent points however others just talk utter garbage.

As I mentioned yesterday there is still so much to play for this season. Top four is essential, top three would be a sign of progression. A common theme that I have read, which I completely agree with is our lack of goals from midfield. We are severely struggling on that matter. Coupled with the fact our strikers are not on form (please heal quickly Robin) this combination has cost us dearly. This brings me to the fact Arsene needs to purchase players with real quality in the summer. We all know the potential we have, that has been proven this season so it is important that we do not bring in players that would stunt the youngsters progression. I am going to go through this position by position…

Goalkeeper – ‘building form the back’ is a philosophy I agree with. Jens has been excellent for us for a number of seasons now but for me this should be his last. In the summer I expect him to leave. I will be honest – if Wenger decides to plump with moving Almunia into the first team spot I shall be very disappointed indeed. He has been ok this season, just ok. He is not world class and neither is Jens. We need a world class stopper. Wenger needs to splash the cash on a fantastic goalkeeper. Many names have been mentioned – Gordon, Hildebrand, Buffon, Boruc… I do not mind who we get as long as he is proven. Look at Chelsea and Manchester United this season, the importance of Cech is there for all to see. Without him they struggled, since he has returned he has been pivotal to them winning. Van der Sar has been a superb acquisition also. Arsene do not try and be clever and purchase someone who is unknown and young, be brave and spend the money on a world class goalkeeper.

Full backs – Eboue, hmmm, he needs to get back to fitness and begin to work on regaining the fans faith. He is a cheat and we do not need that in his game. He is a quality player with promise but if he does not work his nasty attitude out of his game I want him out. Hoyte has improved leaps and bounds this season, at right back we are looking ok. Will Gilbert return? I keep banging on about him but he looked excellent when I saw him. On the left side clearly Clichy has grown into that role and has grown from game to game. Traore is his only real competition, he has promise but is only 17 and is hardly pushing Clichy. Bale has been linked with us and Arsene clearly likes him. I am not sure, I could live without a new full back.

Centre backs –Gallas, Toure, Djourou and Senderos. For me we are ok here. Also or me it goes in that order of priority to play. Toure and Gallas could be an outstanding partnership. Djourou has shown excellent signs of promise. Senderos has been a bit rocky this season but a lot of his season has been interrupted with injury, plus last season he was brilliant in Europe so I am not going to get on his back. No need to buy in this department.

Wingers – we definitely need a wide player, preferably one with a left foot. At the moment we have Rosicky, Hleb and Ljunngberg. Walcott has played there this season but clearly the manager intends to move him up front eventually so he is not a long term solution. We need a player who actually wants to play wide, Hleb drifts in all the time and Rosicky, as well as he has done, does like to wonder in too. We need some natural widtth. We need a wide player who can scores goals too. Rosicky has been a superb signing and maybe has lacked a bit of luck. Hleb was awesome at the start of the season but has faded recently, he has gone back to his old habits of giving the ball away. Why does he not shoot either? Strange. Freddie for me is now a back up player. He is not fast anymore, he has excellent movement and passing but is he the player he once was? Probably not. Arsene surely knows this is a position we are short on. Ribery has been mentioned about a million times, might he be the solution? I do not know, what I do know is that I do NOT want an under 21, I want a player in his prime.

Central midfielders – Fabregas, Denilson, Flamini, Gilberto and Diaby. We are not short in this area. I am more than confident that Diaby is going to be a truly amazing player for us. Give it time. All we need is for these players to contribute more goals wise, Fabregas will begin to score – I just have a feeling.

Up front – Henry needs time to get back to being 100%, when he is I am positive he will be unreal again. Adebayor and van Persie are excellent players who will improve every season. Baptista – will he stay? I am not sure. He has a few games to prove himself before the end of the season now. I trust whichever decision Wenger goes with. Aliadeire will leave, I am sure of that. I think he is a good player but I do not think he has enough quality. Might Bendtner return, he could well do. Is he the finisher we have been missing, once again I reall do not know. He is a talent, there is now doubting that but I cannot help but think that we need to buy in this area. We need a Michael Owen, we need a natural poacher, we do actually need this ‘fox in the box’.

So… a goalkeeper, a wide player and a striker. All who are proven. The time has come for Arsene to spend some big money on some big players.


37 Responses to “We need players to fill the following positions…”

  1. edinburgh17 said

    look at gilberto again.
    he needs to go because he’s screwing up.
    i agree with new gk, new winger, and new striker.
    but the most important of all is a replacement defensive midfielder to take over from this brittle old man.

  2. Bill said

    1. Lehmann is world class. End of. I do think he’ll leave at the end of the season though, which’ll be a shame but if he goes then we need to bring in a world class replacement.

    2. “We need a Michael Owen, we need a natural poacher, we do actually need this ‘fox in the box’.”

    No. We. Don’t.

    The amount of times I’ve read that we need a ‘finisher’…. I’m going to scream. It’s like I’ve woken up in 2001.

    Look, Henry is a 30 goals a season man, RVP can hit 20 (if he ever has an injury-free season) and Ade can hit 15. Then there’s one of Baptista and Bendtner.

    Now have a look at our midfield. Who is our 10+ goals a season man from midfield? Rosi? No. Fabregas? Perhaps but maybe not for a few years. HLEB??!?!?!?!!!!

    We don’t need another Ian Wright or heaven forbid, another Franny Jeffers. We need another Bobby Pires.

  3. i agree with u. in addition, we need proven defenders like Eric Abidal and that cap Bale/Jonathan Woodgate.This is the right time to act.

  4. Dan said

    I think the best way Arsenal can become a competetive team again is to release a new home and away strip.

    I am a genius

  5. Harry said

    I completely agree with the above poster, we do not need a “RVN/Michael Owen/Miroslav Klose type player…

    Whilst I personally wouldn’t be majorly disappointed if a ‘fox in the box’ was brought in as i reckon they could have a role to play, i couldn’t see one establishing themselves in the starting line up.

    Goals from midfield is what we desperately need in order to end our reliance on Henry’s form and Robin’s fitness to get us goals.

    I still have hope that in seasons to come Rosicky and a Cesc will add more goals that they have done this season, as they’ve both got themselves into some decent positions but I agree we need someone to come in and give us other options.

    The question is who though?… The persistent rumors and ramblings about Robinho, Ribery and Quaresma but none of these have particularly good goalscoring records at the moment. Looks like Arsene might have to ‘do a Wenger’ again this summer by signing somebody nobody expects…

  6. Mike said

    I agree with Dan, the old red and white strip is getting a bit old and isn’t winning any games for the team. In short, I think a fetching blue and white or yellow and green (like the mighty Norwich) would turn some heads and get some balls in the back of the net.

  7. wayne said

    Yes we need a new goalie, jens or murdoch from the A-Team as i call him is too much of a genious for his own sake, bring on buffon or hildebrand.
    We need one more solid central defender, a big bloke without pace a sort of campbell fella who can hold down the fort against big strong opposition as teams now see our chink in the armour.
    As for the wings, i wouldnt mind seeing a player like pedersen, i think he would best succeed the great loss that was Bobby Pires. Wenger however has opted for wingers that arent traditional in the sense of blistering down the touch lines and swinging crosses in, this is because he wants the wingers to cut in and link with the forwards as a more direct route, this has been succesful bar a few games, so i would like to see a ribery or robinho in our wide roles. Just wish we had strikers who could head.
    Ahh yes, the striking department. TH14, best player in the world? yes! my captain, mascot and inspiration? yes! does he need a rest for the rest of the season? YES! that will get his hunger and fitness back, why not, what else have we to play for? champions league spot? i dont think so, it wont be as tight as last season.
    Biggest problem of the season where we seemed to fall apart, was the injury to RVP, next season is his, i wouldnt play him all season either for same reasons as TH14, give theo, bayor, and baptista a role, who knows…. runners up maybe?

  8. Jon said

    I think this season will really pay dividends over the course of the next two. Look at what we have, not what we haven’t. Defence: Gallas, Toure, Djourou, Clichy, Eboue – all either top class or getting there. Yes, we could be stronger, but future looks good. Midfield: Fabregas, Gilberto, Denilson, Rosicky, Hleb, Freddie – again either top class or on their way. Up front: Henry, RVP, Adebayor, Baptista – same again. Don’t underestimate the challenges of this season – Henry and RVP injured, Baptista adapting to English game, etc. A lot of promise for the future.

    Yes we need to build and strengthen, but the experience we’ve gained this year will come to roost – we’re getting there.

  9. dave said

    Why do people always suggest Michael Owen whe talking about prolific strikers? He’s never scored 20 league goals in a season.

    Lehmann is average and old. A top, top keeper and a proven striker are priorities.

    The reality is Wenger will not spend big. And even when he has, he has often got it wrong – Jeffers, Wright – or the players haven’t quite delivered against the transfer fee – Reyes, Wiltord.

  10. Bill said

    I think Quaresma’s scored 9 goals in 25 League and CL games for Porto this season.

  11. Ahmed said

    I agree with Mike

    We need to change stadiums as this new clearly isn’t working well for us.

    We also need to slow our game down because the officials blatenly can’t keep pace and as a result book our players for very minor fouls.

  12. Ben said

    No offence Bill but you’re deranged if you think we don’t need better finishing. This does not necessarily mean buying new strikers since finishing can be worked on in training. Up until now Arsene has not done that this season which is completely beyond me. He also never trains on set pieces, including throw ins, which hopefully might change now he has more time on his hands. I LOVE his style of football but there’s no reason not to spend a bit of time on the very basics of football. Arsene doesn’t like to though because he finds them boring…something he admitted in interview about 6 years ago.

    Currently Arsenal only have 3 players in the entire squad with a decent finish. They are Henry, Van Persie and Tomas Rosicky. All 3 are currently injured and one of them has certainly not been scoring enough goals. I think Rosicky hasn’t had the oppurtunity because of the way he’s been played which is not his fault. He’d score a lot more playing in the hole behind an old fashioned centre-forward. Fabregas should become a top finisher, especially from long range, but again this requires training. As seen from his performances all season long this has not happened.

    I really like Adebayor but currently he is not good enough to play without one of Van Persie or Henry. This is because without a top forward to partner him Adebayor neither has the control nor the finish to score lots of goals. When he plays with a partner like Van P or Henry who have the control then Ade can get himself into more dangerous positions making it easier for him to score. Without one of those 2 (like now) he would most definitely not score 15 goals a season. If he improved his finishing and his control (both possible) I think he’d be fantastic but is it worth risking? Both Theo and Bendtner are not proven and they should be given a chance next season. 3/5 strikers being unrpoven is a risky business for a big club on it’s 3rd strike. 3 seasons without silverware just cannot happen.

    I feel this problem can be overcome by buying a winger, something that Arsenal doesn’t really have. Someone with pace who can beat his man, make runs down the wing and whip balls in or cut inside and attack down the middle. Someone with a top finish and lots of control. In doing so Arsene would have a backup striker. I am 90% certain one will be bought this summer too.

    Will Arsene keep Baptista? Only out of arrogance. He knows Julio isn’t good enough but if he gives him back to Real they won’t buy Reyes. Arsene knows the problems both in keeping Reyes or selling him (he’d make a large loss). Arsene’s biggest hate is making losses on players so he might keep Baptista for the sake of it.

    Aliadiere is off. Arsene playing Theo instead of him indicates this for certain. Not sure whether Freddie is off too but he’s not good enough to play on the wing anymore. Slightly inside in a 4-5-1 like last season might still suit him but is that worth his wages?

    Lehmann is gone and I’m pretty confident Arsene will be buying a big name as a replacement for Jens rather than using Almunia. That will in turn lead to Almunia’s departure and the arrival of a new 2nd keeper (most likely someone unheard of).

    For me the biggest question is Hleb though which nobody else seems to pick up on it. Arsene and the squad are not happy with him one bit. The reasons for it I’m not certain about but there is definitely discontent. He’s currently the closest thing Arsenal have to a winger (and it’s not very close!) which means I doubt he’s leaving but will next season be his last?

    My predictions are Out: Aliadiere, Lehmann, Almunia, Ljungberg & Baptista/Reyes. I think we’ll have a bad run in with Beast at the helm and Arsense will realise keeping him isn’t worth it. Of course if we have a good run in he’ll be here for sure.

    In: A big name winger, a big name keeper, an unheard of keeper.

    Bendtner & Song will be back too probably.

  13. Fishy said

    Agree with you that we need a new goal keeper, I don’t think Wenger would be that fool-hardy to promote Almunia to the top slot, sell him while we can!
    Definitely need a left footed winger, Ribery, Babel??

    Time for a clear out if you ask me, Wenger needs to get ballsy and admit Hleb & Adebayor were bad buys, ‘you get what you pay for!!’

    We also need to call time on Sen’dross’, as he is a total liability and get a world class defender.

    All this of course would be a dream come true as long as the board give Arsene more than 50p to spend on players!!

    Unfortunately if we don’t buy some quality, we will won’t win anything again next season.

    Who said “you can’t win anything with kids”?? – i did!!!!!!

  14. Liberty said

    Stop there for a moment and think.! Man utd and Chelsea could slip up points in the premier league because they are still involved in the FA cup and CL, we could be the premier league champions at the end of MAY, it is a realistic dream esp with the injuries man Utd have at the moment and chelsea lacking john Terry. THAT SHOULD BE OUR NEW AMBITION THIS SEASON!!!!

  15. mubiru said

    Since we have enough defensive players, let Toure go back to striking role or let him be in the defensive midfield department and we will see goals flow like water. indeed we need a wide winger (left). Hleb,Ade and Bapt should go away! let Eboue be converted into a “Pires”. we thus need a gk, right defender,and left winger! that is all

  16. Fishy said

    Libery, its nice to see someone with faith in the squad, but in reality, we have at best a chance to finish 3rd, with the slimest possiblity of 2nd.

  17. Steve07891 said

    Playerz that Arsenal need are:

    1)GK – Either G Buffon or S Carson would be ideal?!

    2)Out n Out Winger – Has to be Frank Ribery(World Class)

    3)Henry Replacement – Dont get rid of Henry but becoz hes injured alot now?! – Ryan Babbel!

    4)”Fox in da Box” Striker – Has to be Klaus jan Huntlaar!

    Please buy Huntlaar Wenger, unbelievable talent n scores for fun in the dutch league?!

  18. Ash said

    I think Lehmann is a worldclass keeper. He is much better than Van Der Saar. He made afew mistakes this season and I think its time for a new keeper. Maybe Eboue is too skillfull to be a defender. He could play in midfield, he is powerfull, can shoot and he offers width. Alves of Seville I think is someone Wenger is looking at. Similar player to Eboue only smaller. Ribery will cost in excess of £15m. I would go for Quaresma & we should also try to sign Anderson from Porto, he is a future star of world football.

    Out: Lehmann, Senderos, Flamini, Ljungberg

    In: Buffon, Alves, Quaresma, Anderson, Bendtner, Vela

  19. Ben said

    LOL! Listen to yourselves do be serious. Arsene won’t buy anymore than 2 established players this summer. I imagine one will be a keeper and the other will be a winger or a striker. Most likely a winger who can play the striker role because he can actually finish.

    He’s not likely to get rid of Ade, Hleb or Senderos either since Arsene hates to admit that he gets his buys wrong ever (saying that I don’t necessarily think they are bad buys my mind has yet to be made up). This trait unfortunately puts him in a very tricky situation with Baptista/Reyes. Baptista is too crap to keep, Reyes too much of a pain to keep and Arsene can’t sell him either or he’ll make a loss which he hates!

    Even if Arsene did sell Aliadiere, Song, Almunia, Ljungberg and Reyes he’d never make more than 20 million which means he won’t be spending anymore than 35 for definite. 15 for a winger, 10 for a number 1 keeper and he’ll find a no-one for the no.2 spot.
    Arsene knows if he wants to buy a HUGE name he needs to sell Henry or Fabregas first to pay for it which he won’t do…at least not this summer. Especially because then a HUGE name will less likely to want to come.

  20. Anonymous said

    (RB) 7M – Eboue
    (RM) 2M – Ljungberg
    (CM) 6M – Gilberto
    (CF) 3M – Aliadiere
    (RM) 6M – Hleb
    (LM) 7M – Reyes
    (DM) 4M – Song
    (CB) 5M – Senderos
    (GK) 2M – Almunia

    (GK) Lehman (free)
    (CF) Baptista (do not take option to buy)

    (For) Henry, Adebeyor, van Persie, Bendtner
    (Mid) Fabregas, Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky, Walcott, Flamini,
    (Def) Toure, Gallas, Djourou, Hoyte, Clichy, Traore, Gilbert
    (GK) Poom

    (GK) Akinfeev, CSKA Moscow and/or Carson (unlikely), both are
    young and experienced, and excellent shot stoppers as
    well as brave, good in the air and not wasteful with
    possession. Will win you games.

    (CB) Alex, PSV (should Chelsea not take up the option which
    expires at the end of this season). Commanding and very
    dominant, leads by example. Will win you games.

    One of, but not both:

    (LM) Ryan Babel, just signed an extension but great winger
    in the making, goalscorer too. Very fast and athletic.

    (RM) Frank Ribery, very fast and direct, good goal ratio,
    very determined and works for the team. Will win you


    (CM) Yaya Toure or Stephen Appiah, both are strong, aggressive
    Defensive CM’s with superb running power (a trait Arsene
    loves) and good passing ability. Will win you games.

    (CF) Klaas Jan Huntelaar (to pair with RvP) or Fernando Torres

    Depending who was bought

    Its been shown in the past that pairs and triangles work
    well. So for example, the Toure brothers, Gallas with
    Gael Clichy overlapping Henry and Ribery are a strong
    French contingent, Fab4 and Torres are the future of
    the Spanish National side.

    Play 4-3-3
    – – – – – Akinfeev

    Hoyte – Toure – Gallas – Clichy

    Fabregas – Toure – Rosicky

    – Torres – Henry – Ribery


    Another powerful lineup that would require 2
    (albeit) big purchases (other than the GK)
    would include Alex and Huntelaar

    – – – – – – Akinfeev

    Toure – Gallas – Alex – Clichy

    – – Fabregas – Diaby – Denilson

    van Persie – Huntelaar – Henry

    Both line ups give you a wealth of speed,
    skill and goalscoring power. The back lines
    are significantly shored up and you are not
    losing creativity in the middle. Both would
    give Wenger his end-to-end counter-attacking
    football to his hearts desire.

  21. […] We need players to fill the following positions… I am still gutted… the fact the draw for the quarter finals for the Champions League is being drawn as I type is […] […]

  22. Ben said

    Whoever wrote column 20 does make me laugh! We’d have to sell the Emirates to create that team and we can’t because it’s not ours to sell! I admit some stuff you wrote mr. anonymous is quite interesting. To have Alex at the back alongside Gallas would be beautiful. Toure is still a kid for a defender and he’ll be true class soon but Alex is something special. Then Toure could take Gilberto’s role which he’d fulfil magnificently.
    However, that’s NEVER going to happen because Chelsea will have him without a doubt. Anyways Gilberto does his role just fine and I’m pretty certain Arsene has the plan of Diaby + Fabregas/Denilson for the centre in a year.

    Also although I’m not certain about Hleb’s desire I still don’t think we should sell him. Should never have too much movement in 1 summer and I can see some movement in this one.

    I imagine Lehmann will be released and a class GK being bought. Goalies are never too expensive so I reckon AW will splash the cash. That in turn will mean Almunia will leave and AW will get an unheard of to fill his boots.
    Freddie will be off and I’m quite certain Arsene will buy a real winger as a replacement. I do hope it’s Ribery.
    Aliadiere is going (probably to Sunderland) and I think Bendtner will take his spot.
    Lastly although I doubt it’ll happen I’d love to see Senderos sold and Woodgate bought. Toure, Gallas, Woodgate and Djourou would be brilliant. Clichy and Traore are coming along great. If Eboue settles down we’ll have a fantastic back 4. On the 5 times I’ve seen him play Gilbert shows potential too. Hoyte a nice backup but he’s not world class.

    Last thing I’ll mention is Baptista. I’ve wanted him out for a while now but I heard something really interesting today. A friend who’s a fanatical Chelsea fan also loves to watch Arsenal because they’re more interesting :o)
    He reckons that Baptista looks just like Drogba in his first season. A yard off the pace, lacking control. Remember AW wanted to buy Julio before he moved to Real but he couldn’t. Maybe the beast deserves a bit longer to prove himself. If he turns out to be half the player Drogba has become then we’re quids in! Anyways I think we’re gonna get the chance to see.

    I reckon AW could pull off what I’ve suggested for less than 25mil. It’s A LOT for us especially in a season where we haven’t made that much but I think the board could be tempted. With the players we have and the buys I’ve suggested (+ reckon will happen) I have a good feeling about next year.

  23. mojitomovies said

    We need another Bobby Pires.

  24. mojitomovies said

    We need another Bobby Pires…..Seconded

  25. Erythro said

    I could sum up your entire post in one line : Has potential. Just needs to prove himself. Playing all these youngsters is fine and dandy when you’re in good form. But are they going to win ugly ? What if the so raved about Denilson has to mark Ronaldinho or Deco ? To me the whole Arsenal team is a huge risk at the moment. They are too young and could either tip into obscurity or go on to greatness. You can play one or two players like that. But the whole team ? Huge risk!

  26. rexes said

    you want a wide player and at the same time expect wenger to make a loss with reyes? If you add 2 and 2 the you should be expecting reyes back.All that is required is that the fans pride is gets a massage.Maybe he will say he left his mama at home in spain,and how his exp. at REAL has made him cherish Arsenal.

  27. brinso-the-gooner said


    1. Goodbye Lehman
    2. goodbye almunia
    3. Goodbye senderos (Cygan in disguise??)
    4. goodbye freddy
    5. goodbye ali
    6. goodbye reyes (definately, cant stand the moron!!)
    7. goodbye la beast

    1. hello Shay
    2. hello Gordon
    3. hello Woodgate
    4. Hello Lennon
    5. welcome back Mr Bentner
    6. hello pederson
    7. hello Berbatov

    All of the second lot are affordable, so dont blast me. PS even two of that lot are spuds, i think they will suite our team, and yes spuds reading this (As they normally do!) wont be happy. Who cares anyway??

    Comeon MR Wenger, Get in there! Grab that summer transfer period by the throat!!!!

  28. si said

    Bill’s right. we need a high scoring winger and a keeper. We have enough goals in our strikers and although we don’t lack youth, surely one of bendtner or vela will be interesting next season.

    mainly we need a winger who can score.

  29. Ben said

    How does the squad below sound?


    ??? (~25 yrs)






    Van Persie

    All this could be achieved for about 20 mil after selling a few unwanteds.

    I don’t know who the no 2 keeper would be but I doubt Almunia will wanna stay if we bring Buffon in.

    If Ade and Beast come good this could be a truely fantastic squad.
    I can see Theo putting on a bit of weight like Cesc did last summer and then he’ll stop losing the ball in tackles. Once that happens there’ll be no stopping him!

  30. Valentin said

    Shay Given is not suited to our style of play. Arsene Wenger likes his goalkeeper to attack the cross and corner. Given never does. He looks like a world saver as a shot stopper, but the reason why he has to save so many shots, it is because he does not catch any of the crosses and corners in the first place. Lehman does try to catch every corners, and when he does not we tend to concede. he is likely to go for Pele of Le Mans, Gordon of Hearts, or one of the German understudy goalkeepers.

    Ribery is likely to come, but I have very serious doubt about the fact that he could survive and thrive in such a physical league. He is already struggling physically in the French league. Averaging 2 serious injuries or the equivalent of 3 months out per season. Also, I am not convinced that we need an extra right footed winger. We need a left footed winger. Selling Quincy may have been good to balance the book, but it was a stupid move. With his pace and trickery he would have been ideal in locked game.

    Bale is more likely to come and be converted into a left sided midfield. He would offer something that except Rosicky no other
    midfield players do: the threat of goal by shooting.

    Arsenal has already requested a special dispensation for exceptional talent for Carlos Vela for next season. If he gets the dispensation, he will be awesome for us, powerful quick and very skillful player he is a scorer. If he is not allowed in UK, he will play an extra year in Spain and gets a spanish passport. In that case, I expect that Bendtner will be given his chance.

    Justin Hoyte may not be world class, but he is steadier hand than Eboue. Kerrea Gilbert is also likely to come back as a full back backup as he can play both side.

    Rather than change in personnel, I would like change in the attitude and in the way we prepare for game:

    + attacking the game from the first minute, rather than wait and go when desperate. In years gone by, Arsenal were the team with the greater amount of goals in the first 15 minutes. Now we are the first with the number of goals scored in the last 15 minutes. It show great mental strenght, but also show a lack of urgency in the beginning of the game. If you score first, you then do not have to chase the game. The opposition has to, they get tired and you can then score even more.

    + practising set pieces. We are useless at defending or attacking set pieces. We never looks like scoring from a corner, and always look like conceding from corne and free quick.

    + practising shooting. Hleb is the worst culprit. He always shirks from any potential shooting situation. In previous year, Pires used to chip in 15 goals per season, as did Freddie, we need midfield players who would do the same. Maybe not 15, but at least 10, not including penalties. Gilberto tally looks impressive especially compared to previous year, but he was our designated penalty taker this year, in previous year it was Lauren.

    + not be afraid to boot the ball away when in difficulty. Both Hleb and Fabregas have cost us game, by conceding free quick, corners, when caught in possession in our own half with very few minutes left. It may not be pretty, but it is effective.

  31. Valentin said

    I believe that this year, Arsene will try to stay away from African players, because of the ANC.
    if he buy a player and succefully groom him into his first team, the national coach may take an interest in him and grab him for that tournament.
    That is potentially four weeks, where the players disappear when we need them most.
    That could be the clincher in deciding to keep Kerrea Gilbert as right back cover for Hoyte when Eboue is away.
    We are going to lose Adebayor, Toure, Eboue from our first team.
    The only saving grace is that Chelsea is also likely to lose Essien, Drogba, Mikel, Geremy and possibly Kalou he decides to go back to Cote d’Ivoire after his attempts to play for Holland failed.
    Liverpool will lose just Sissoko.
    ManUtd will not be affected, as they currently do not have a single African in their first team.

  32. Damen Holmes said

    This will be the squad of 22 for next season, i know.

    GK: Buffon, Poom
    LB: Clichy, Traore
    CB: Gallas, Senderos
    CB: Woodgate, Djourou
    RB: Toure, Eboue

    LM: Rosicky, Vela
    DM: Gilberto, Diaby
    CM: Fabregas, Denilson
    RM: Ribery, Hleb

    CF: Henry, Walcott
    CF: VanPersie, Adebayor, Bendtner

    Bye bye
    Lehmann, Almunia, Hoyte, Gilbert, Ljungberg, Reyes, Song, Flamini, Baptista, Aliadiere, Lupoli

  33. GoonerC said

    Look at Quaresma- surely he would be a brilliant signing- winger who is currently the second top scorer in portugal- reminds me a bit of that prick ronaldo tho- altho lets face it we would take him!

  34. Ben said

    Damen if you think both Hoyte and Gilbert are going you’re nuts. Hoyte might be possibly but I don’t think so. I think it’s far more likely Traore goes on loan seeing as he’s only 17 and needs full-time 1st team experience. Since Gilbert can play on both the left and right it would seem he’d get his chance as an understudy next season.

    If Woodgate is coming it’s more likely that Senderos goes because it’s quite obvious that AW favours Djourou now and to pip Swiss Tony in the pecking order would be too rough on him to do. That way Toure will still play at CB although quite possibly playing CM too (personally I feel his best possible position). Apprarently Woody doesn’t want to come though.

    Walcott will probably have to spend most of his season on the wing again because AW wants to turn him into the next TH14 rather than the next Micky Owen. AW’s also far more likely to play Bendtner on the wing rather than Vela. I also think Valentin is right, a left-footed winger is more likely to come because Rosicky is even less of a winger than Hleb. Bale maybe? He does have two feet which AW loves.

    I’ve heard that AW has a £23mil maximum budget for this season which includes transfer fees and increase in total player salary for next season. I.e. if Ade’s weekly salary goes up by £19000 a week then thats £1mil out of the transfer fund. That’s why I’m sure he’ll be releasing or selling players too.

    This isn’t necessarily what I’d do but from what I’ve heard/been reading my predictions are

    Out: Lehmann, Almunia, Reyes, Ljungberg, Aliadiere, Muamba, Song (loan), Traore (loan), Hoyte maybe?, Senderos maybe?

    In: Akinfeev, Baptista, Bale/Ribery, Bendtner, Gilbert, Vela (if permitted), an unknown 2nd/3rd keeper, Woodgate maybe?

    I think AW wants to see if Julio can be the next Drogba and he’ll be in direct competition for a place with Bendtner and possibly Vela next season. The only problem with that is if the switch is made permanent and he flops an out of sorts Baptista will be worth a lot less than an unhappy Reyes. AW HATES losing money on players more than being knocked out of cups!

  35. […] Original post by Arsenal News […]

  36. i will not 4giv wenger if he dosent get d services of buffon or jaaskelainen[gk],woodgate[rb],etoo[cf],we need drastic changes in arsenal and i know these players can do d job and are not byond the financial grip of wenger.baptista,lehmann,almunia,aladiare,senderous[aka bad luck] alll hav 2 go-louis frm nigeria

  37. Anonymous said

    i think we need Quaresma,Ribery and probably Reo Coker. Lehman,Song shd be let go.paul from ndejje unin. uganda

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