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Sweet F.A. to discuss

Posted by James Dall on 11, March 2007

Morning, apologies for the lack of blog yesterday but my Internet decided to give up on me, highly annoying.

As the title suggests there really is little to talk about. The fact we have no game and most people have grumbled as much as they can after our Champions league exit, leaves me with a limited amount of topics to discuss.

With relevance to my amazingly witty title (sarcasm), Adebayor has received an added one match ban. Hardly a surprise, the F.A. are a joke. Did any of us really believe they would rid Adebayor of his suspension? Nope.

The major news that you will all have read is that Henry is out for the rest of the season.  Arsene said the following –

Thierry Henry will be out for a minimum of three months.Unfortunately this means he will now miss the rest of this season both domestically and internationally, but we are confident that he will be ready for the start of next season.

I wish him all the best. This season has been a nightmare for our main man but I think the general consensus is that he will be back with a bang in September. I think there is an underlying emphasis from Wenger that he will definitely NOT be figuring in any internationals. In three times it will be mid June, which will give Thierry plenty of time to rest and recuperate. Without him and van Persie we are lacking our clinical strikers, it is time for one of Baptista /Aliadiere to step up. Henry spoke of his devastation that his season is over but also his determination to come back better than ever.

In relation to my previous blog, our Managing Director, Keith Edelman, has attempted to calm fears that our exit from Europe will effect our transfer budget in the summer –

It will not affect the manager’s budget at all. It certainly will not mean it will be cut in any way. If we had gone all the way to the final it might have been increased, but the budget is set based on a exit from the first knock-out round. Arsene will have money he always knew he would have, regardless of the result against PSV Eindhoven. Of course it was a massive disappointment to everyone at Arsenal but it won’t affect the financial side of things.

The main thing is that we qualify for the Champions League next season, if we don’t then we really might be skint. That is all for today. I am off to watch the rest o the Chelsea Spurs game, Spurs winning 3-1… bizzare. Have a wonderful Sunday afternoon.


5 Responses to “Sweet F.A. to discuss”

  1. Jimmy Boyd said

    Just read AW has been given mmoney to buy players. I just hope if he were to buy a striker,buy an out and out striker and not a midfilder/winger converted strikers. Wiltord to name one and a few other s will suffice.
    Pls buy them for their original positions and not convert them eg Lauren was a midfield player bf converting to full back.
    AW has his reasons.Maybe by playing in the new position the player will be able to read the flow of the game.
    However where strikers are concerned,pls get an out and out striker and not try to convert one.Could this be the gunners failure to score goals. I know Henry’s case.But one swallow doesn’t make a summer.

  2. Neal said

    I hope Wenger will sign Buffon or Gordon, failing that Boruc. Also Ribery and Torres or Huntelaar. Going to cost a bit, but it’ll pay for itself WHEN we start winning trophies!

  3. Mark said

    Jimmy – Why don’t you want AW to convert players to new positions? We’d never have had Toure at center back (he was a midfielder), and Henry would never have been a striker (was a winger). Anyway, we’ve had our two top goalscorers (Henry, RVP) injured the past two weeks. We’re fine when they’re healthy, and Bendtner’s coming back, plus Adebayor, Walcott, Aliadiere etc. We don’t need strikers. We need a centerback and a goalkeeper first and foremost. Senderos won’t cut it.

    Nomaly i wouldent say what i think not to AW ,dont mention all the strikers we have, as strikers shoot the ball at the post each and every time there is half a chance,OURS dont so no one scores so we put prussure on
    ourselves ,so lets get somebody who can put that ball in the NET

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