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A reminder of what Henry is capable of

Posted by James Dall on 12, March 2007

Morning… well for the first time that I have been doing this blog I have checked my usual sources – Sky Sports, the Official Arsenal site, BBC etc and there is nothing new!

I presume either later on today or tomorrow team news for Wednesday should begin to filter through. I bluming hope so. I think that today is a glimpse into what I am going to have to cope with in the summer when I write the blog – I still look forward to it, I love writing this blog! Which reminds me, remember that you can subscribe to the blog through email here, or add a live bookmark here.

Right as it is a ridiculously slow Monday I thought I would provide a video for those of you stuck at work or who are simply bored. This video encompasses and symbolises everything about a man that will return to silence his critics next season. I love him…

Enjoy the video and enjoy your Monday.


15 Responses to “A reminder of what Henry is capable of”

  1. bashmvp said

    yup..a good reminder for all clubs and sceptical arsenal fan

  2. jack said

    ah what a sight this video is. after a bad couple of weeks this really has put a smile on my face and shows what we’ve all got to look forward to next season. the guy’s an absolute genius and this should shut up the doubters. even this season where he’s been plagued by innjury he’s scored over ten goals and has pretty much the same minutes per goal ratio as drogba and ronaldo. 5 months hard work now on his fitess and we’ll reap the rewards next year

  3. Dirty Turkey said

    The sad thing is how all of the “amazing” clips are from ages ago and not from the 05/06 and 06/07 seasons where he has gotten lazy and started to believe his own hype.

    Oh, to have the old TH14 back – the one that skinned defenders for fun, played with a smile on his face and scored wonder goals….I wonder if we will ever see those days again…..

  4. I appreciate what you are saying Turkey however last seaon he scored 33 goals in 42 starts – an incredible ratio. This season he has been riddled with injury. I am confident we will see him back to his best when the new season starts…

  5. alan said

    Dirty Turkey, oh to have a young Denis back, and a young Robert, Freddie, Nicolas, Patrick, Tony, Emmanuel, etc etc. Unfortunately time takes its toll! But we’ve got young Cesc, Theo, Fran, Ade, Abou, etc etc to enjoy and look forward to!

  6. richie said

    he is the nuts!!!! when he is fit no one can touch him,he will come back as strong as ever

  7. brinso-the-gooner said

    now that is magic!!!!

  8. Ozi Gooner said

    Dirty Turkey, how about the solo goal against madrid, as good as any me thinks. The two praha goals were from last year. The blackburn one this year has to be up there with his best so stop sooking. In the seventh season the messiah was reseructed, the prophechy has been spoken, the scripture will be rewritten!

  9. lc said

    Arsenal News, not all Arsenal supporters suffer from henrymenia like you do actually.
    This is three years on row Henry has been our leading striker with full control on everything on field (free kick, penalty and so on). But what have we won with all that? absolutely nothing, apart from fight for fourth place. I am an Arsenal supporter and not Henry’s. If AW wenger can set up a team that will win trophees instead of super star (Henry), too lazy to attack crosses and any balls like Drogba at Chelsea, I will be happy to see that man chipped out of my loved Arsenal. He has scored goals, but the way he loses balls taking his own defense out of position has played part in many goals we conceded this season. Just last Wednesday, we were looking fine until Henry joined the party and everthing started badly. Our midfield has started losing the midfield battle before we conceded the goal.
    Football, it’s not about one man seating up front moanning about any service that wasn’t good for him; it’s a team work where all ten men on the pitch defend when the ball is lost, as when attacking, the full-back and midfield players move out of position to support the strikers.
    That man should be sold this summer, simple as that. We’ve done far better this season without him.

  10. Lc…. hmmm an interesting and yet pretty pointless point. The blog today is merely to refresh the memories of those that been so quick to write Henry off. I love him but I love Arsenal more. Do you honestly think I and many others are ignorant enough to think that one man makes a team. Do not be ridiculous. The goal we conceded against PSV was not his fault – Hleb made a silly foul and Jens was indecisive.

    Sold? I really do not think so. I am conident next season he will be our leading score once again and those that said he had lost it are once again singing his praises.

  11. Jeffrey said

    Ahem, “Arsenal News” the point made by LC is not only not pointless, but strikes me as absolutely vital. No one is questioning what Henry HAS done for us, but merely pointing out that the player, despite his goalscoring, has done lots of damage to Arsenal.

    While we can argue this point all day, it appears that the difference lies in the loyalty. While I like Henry, I love Arsenal. And I will always support the team and not any individual.

    And in the case of Henry, I have not forgiven him for his sulky way of handling the contract negotiation. We wasted an entire season waiting for “god” to make up his mind. I say go if you want to, but you are more than welcome to stay. Just don’t pretend you are doing us a favour.

    And everyone who believes that without Henry, Arsenal is at best a top seven PL team, should remember that all of our best perfomances and results in the past two season, have come when Henry has not played.

    I say goodbye and good riddance. If not for anything else, I am sick of having a “captain” whose moodiness dictates his game, and who takes as much pleasure destroying the confidence of the players around him (Reyes, RVP) as he does supporting them (Cesc, Adebayor).

    Go on, crucify me for my views. But try to argue your points, and do not just make obvious claims.

    In the meantime…enjoy a sunny monday!

  12. dansdvds said

    I’m a United fan and I’d love to see Henry leave Arsenal- I think that should sum up that you guys should want him to stay regardless of indifferent form. The guy is top class.

  13. […] A reminder of what Henry is capable of Morning… well for the first time that I have been doing this blog I have checked my usual sources – Sky Sports, […] […]

  14. Jon Aizlewood said

    That video just gave me goosebumps. THAT goal against Tottenham, my oh my. He’s had an off-year, he’s only human, and he’ll be back. The innate talent is there, the passion is there, the will to win is there. What’s not is his body as it gets older. Give him the rest he needs and he’ll back to the good ole TH14 days of yore.

  15. syahid ali said

    prove out that thierry is a mere human this year.
    any team will welcome henry to their team which i think is not possible.

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