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Time to recall Nicklas Bendtner?

Posted by James Dall on 15, March 2007

Good morning Arsenal chums.

I did not manage to watch the game last night, I had to rely on Sky Sports News. Three massive points though. For those that did not manage to catch the game either, highlights can be watched here. From what I gathered we were pretty good in the first half, our goal was extremely fortunate but who cares about that. Aliadiere spurned a few decent chances and apparently Freddie had a good game. All I care about is the fact we won, it moves us above Liverpool with a game in hand and a better goal difference.

Arsene’s lengthy reaction can be read here. Basically he just hails the mental spirit again. It is hard for me to talk much about the game without seeing the full 90 minutes. The main talking point appears to be about Baptista. He was subbed off but looked bewildered. Wenger said the following –

I felt he had a bad back. We have checked that and he’s really badly injured.

Strange… I guess Arsene must have noticed something in the way he was moving, however surely if someone has a bad back injury they can feel it. Baptista looked really surprised when being taken off. Anyway the fact he is ‘really badly injured’ is a concern. This could leave us with Aliadiere – who cannot buy a goal right now, then Adebayor when he is back and then Theo – who is not really ready for playing up front consistently yet I do not think. The solution for me, if it is possible, is to recall Bendtner. He seems to be in Arsene’s plans for next season and everyone seems keen on having him here next season too. If Bap is out for a lengthy amout of time then we would begin to play Aliadiere and Adebayor up front, which means on the bench we will have no striker to bring on. It is too risky. If there is an option to recall Bendtner we should do it.

That is it for the blog today, I need to continue with my 4000 word assignment…sigh. Speak to you tomorrow.


Incredibly a couple of stories manage to slip my mind so I thought I better touch on them. After all the debate and discussion on this blog about who might be brought in in the summer Arsene stoked the fire a bit by saying –

It will be maybe one or two — maximum and then only super, super-class because we have what is needed. If someone is available I would always try to improve my team but the basis is inside the club.

Super, super class eh, blimey. I would imagine if we did bring in two we are looking at a super super class goalkeeper and then a super super class winger. Here is hoping…

Second to that something which definitely deserves a mention is the superb attendance at the youth cup game last night – 38,1287. Arseblog points out that was nearly 5000 more than Spurs last night, ha! The team beat United 1-0 in the first leg of their semi final. Good on them. I really am done now, cheerio.


16 Responses to “Time to recall Nicklas Bendtner?”

  1. Rob Doublegooner said

    I was at the game last night. ‘Laurel & Hardy’ started up front & both very substandard. Aliadiere, worked hard but his finishing was woeful. As for ‘the beast’ (where the fuck did he get that name ? )he was terrible, woeful. I only know 3 people who rate him.

    I seriously cannot believe Wenger will waste money on this lump. He could always be a Bouncer at the Herbert Chapman.

    Bendtner must be worth a try over these two.

  2. Victor tan said

    Bendtner is the man for next season I believe. He is tall,fast and a Denmark International at such an young age. That alone will be great.

    Let hope we have Van persie, Henry and Bendtner back next season. and it will be good, when we invite vela back as well… then we will have enough cover for every department.

    This season cannot blame, coz we have too many core player out for long term (Henry,Adebayor,Van persie, Eboue,Clinchy,Diaby,Gallas,Djourou) just to name a few here.

  3. Hi James,

    I was just wondering how long it took you to get on to NewsNow?


  4. mark said

    why dont we get both lupoli and bendner back for the remainder of the season . from what i can tell they have been class this season and neither birmingham or derby would be were they are now without them .

  5. Felix Amu said

    I watched last night game and it was awful. Rosicky was nt at hi best and Aladier wasted numerous chances. Wenger needs to buy an outright stricker

  6. arsene said

    aliadiere’s movement and pace last night were awesome
    he looked even more mobile than when he pillaged liverpool
    i think he’s working his way up to the right level
    i think he will begin banging them in soon if he keeps playing

    come on kid!

    i don’t like bendtner, he’s got quality but he’s got a lazy style and that’s weak.
    hopefully aliadiere will bang in 10 goals before the end of the season and we keep him.
    henry, van persie, adebayor and aliadiere. nice.

  7. Con said

    Seen Bendtner a couple of times recently.
    No great shakes.

  8. TH14 said

    Agree with Arsene. Ali worked his socks off as always and he is exactly what we need in terms of movement in and around the box.
    Ok he should have scored a couple but the keeper made a good save for the 1st one and the 2nd he just connected with the header too well. Once he sticks a couple in I’m sure he will carry on doing so.
    Only problem is I cant see him getting games when the others are back from injury.

  9. Harry Barracuda said

    What’s the point in getting Lupoli back? He’s already committed to moving to Italy so he’s not going to give it all on the pitch for us and risk getting injured, is he?

  10. richie said

    aliadiere,is more an instinctional striker,if he takes an extra touch before hittin it he doesnt score,where as if he just hits it first time,then it usually goes in.

  11. amiripz said

    Niclas Bendter MUST be recalled for the next season.

    I have seen a match of his the season playing for Birmingham and I must say I nothing less than impressed with his skilks and vision for the match.

    He is much better than Alideire, who I think should never play for Arsenal as he doent suit the type of footbal Wenger applie.

    So, a big YES to Bendter 🙂

  12. Devvil said

    I agree with Arsene (the poster). Ali was man of the match if he could only have finished what he started. But keep in mind he’s only started a few Carling Cup games, I think a few more games starting up front and he will be banging them in. His pace and touch look good. In fact, when Bendtner comes back, I think Ali might be the answer to our need for pace and width on the wing. Even if he can’t beat out TH14/RVP/ADE for a striker starting spot, he might be able to compete with Hleb on the wing.

  13. You are right Aliadiere does possess pace and superb movement, if he can begin to produce the end product then maybe he shall stay in the summer. Devvil – converting him to a winger is a very interesting suggestion. He is certainly much quicker than our current wide men (Freddie, Rosicky and Hleb), might Aliadere as a winger be something Wenger is considering, only time will tell.

  14. Time to recall Nicklas Bendtner?

    Good morning Arsenal chums. I did not manage to watch the game last night, I had to rely on Sky Sports News. Three massive points though. For those that did not manage to catch the game either, highlights can be watched here. From what I gathered we we…

  15. […] Time to recall Nicklas Bendtner? Good morning Arsenal chums. I did not manage to watch the game last night, I had to rely on Sky Sports News. Three […] […]

  16. Valentin said

    I think that ultimately Aliadiere will be converted into a winger, the problem is I am not sure that it will be at Arsenal.
    We already have Hleb, Rosicky, Walcott who can play right midfield. And when we need a more defensive shape, we have Diaby, Denilson, Flamini who can all play there.
    Upfron the competition for place is even more fierce. Henry, Adebayor, Van Persie, Bentdner, Vela, Bapstista are ahead of him in the picking order.

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