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Any news on Baptista’s really, really, really, really bad back?

Posted by James Dall on 16, March 2007

Morning, a plethora of stories to work through this morning so I better get on with it (I have however written 2000 words of my 4000 word assignment so morale is higher than yesterday).

Fabregas once again shows his maturity in an interview, he mainly talks about how they have their sights set on second. It would be a big ask but why not aim high? A point that stood out for me –

We will benefit from the disappointment of the last two weeks. Whenever you have disappointment, you get stronger and stronger and stronger.

I could not agree more, our team should be solid as a rock now then – a Champions League final defeat, Carling Cup final defeat and early exits from the FA Cup/Champions League. I do believe the team have the bit between their teeth now, after a gritty win on Wednesday, a victory on Sunday away to Everton really would silence the press. A further comment he made which I read yesterday and now cannot bloody find was about motivation. Basically he mentioned how he is always motivated, even if they are not in contention to win a trophy. If you recall Gallas made comments where he said it would be hard to be motivated for the rest of the season – I rest my case.

Rosicky has a little chat here about how glad he is to be back. He is a top player, fingers crossed he stays match fit for the rest of the season.

Wenger was charged yesterday by the F.A. with improper conduct and bringing the game into disrepute, hardly a surprise, the F.A. are useless. He has until 30th March to respond.

Arsene spoke about the return of Robin –

Robin van Persie was not allowed to start impact work for 10 weeks from the injury so I would say the earliest [for a return] is the end of April. I hope we will see him again this season but it could be very short.

Might he feature in the last two games of the season against Chelsea and Portsmouth? I hope so. Many have said it but I thought I would reiterate it, he has been sorely missed. There is no doubt in my mind we might still be in the Champions League if he were available and he would be nearing the 20 goals in a season mark. Hopefully we can get him back for the end of the season and then next season out team stays injury free. This season has been a bit of a nightmare with injuries.

Walcott might have the surgery on his shoulder soon as it is getting worse, which would put him out for the season.

Last but not least, team news – Toure will return from suspension but Clichy and Eboue are injured. Hleb is back in contention as is Rosicky. No news on baptista’s really, really bad back. Arsene recently has been keen to emphasise things – really,really bad back + super,super signing. I think he needs some new adjectives.

Tomorrow I shall construct my idea of who will start on the Sunday. Back to the assignment for me. Just a quick reminder if you have not done so already and have the time – you can add a live bookmark here and/or you can get the blog sent to your email inbox every lunchtime here.

Thank goodness it is Friday eh.


8 Responses to “Any news on Baptista’s really, really, really, really bad back?”

  1. potter said

    re: Cesc , Paul Merson once said aim for the sky you might hit the ceiling.

  2. gooner said

    That was after he frittered away 100 grand on coke sluts and bets

  3. Anonymous said

    the downfall of a man is not the end of his life. i like ur spirit cesc, it is not over until it is all over. we still have 10 matches to play.

  4. Mickeyboy said

    Bring back the team of 98′

  5. […] Any news on Baptista’s really, really, really, really bad back? Morning, a plethora of stories to work through this morning so I better get on with it (I have however written 2000 […] […]

  6. i agree,bring back the team of 98, this is ridiculos

  7. Danish Gooner said

    If Wenger spends the entire transfer fund on that pillock Baptista he should be fired.A more useless striker is hard to find even if you include Diawara and Wreh.

  8. Valentin said

    On the French TV, they were saying that Arsene Wenger knew that Baptista had a back problem but that he was trying to hide it.
    The back problem could be inferred from the inordinate amount of time Baptista was spending with his hand on his hips.
    With all the injury on strikers, AW did not want to lose another striker. Especially if he was aggravated an injury because he thought he was playing for his future.

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