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Long winded blog, worth the read though… I think

Posted by James Dall on 17, March 2007

Good morning to you.

Quite a few new stories emerged yesterday from Arsene’s press conference. First on the list is Wenger’s opinion on the ridiculous suggestion by a prat in the Football League that games that end in a draw should be decided on pens. An absolutely absurd suggestion. I am fed up with people like this, Blatter etc coming up with new ideas to make football more exciting. Make the goals bigger… Make it non contact… How these people got to the position they are in baffles me.

Next is Arsene’s comments on the Lehman contract situation –

He has an offer from us

You cannot ask for more information than that really. I imagine that it is a one year deal. Apparently Lehman is keen on a deal of two or three years, which could be the deciding factor if he moves on. Personally I am still convinced he will leave. IF he does not, surely Arsene will sign the top class goalkeeper we are all after?

With our game tomorrrow against the Toffees, Arsene has spoken about his admiration for Andrew Johnson. Apparently if his price tag had not have been so high he might have gone in for him. He is a good player but I hope he has an awful game tomorrow against us.

After my little piece on how we should recall Bendtner, Arsene conveniently spoke about him. Unfortunately he did not mention that he might be recalled at this stage –

He will come back and challenge for a first team place next season. I’ve spoken to him about that. He is 18, strong and has a big future. He knows we want him back and he’s happy about that.

Well I certainly look forward to seeing him at Arsenal next season, however I still can’t help but think we need him now. We are very short on striking options. Speaking about our other loanees –

We have Bendtner. Fabrice Muamba might stay one more year at Birmingham. Seb Larsson and Anthony Stokes have signed permanently while Lupoli has gone to Fiorentina because he was free. But Kerrea Gilbert might come back and Alex Song will.

Finally a mention on Gilbert. I hope he does come back, he is English, he is fast and seemed to have promise. Lupoli we all know about, I am pretty sure Muamba won’t be featuring for us. Our central midfield options are pretty vast so I cannot see any room for him. Song coming back eh, well he has been playing well for Charlton to be fair to him. It will be interesting how the rest of the season pans out for him. His two assists the other week were superb.

Arsene was quick to dismiss the rumours of Gilberto moving to Italy. I think we all knew that was nonsense.

Arsene spoke here about Baptista (there is a bit about Reyes too). The most interesting part for me was –

He is right in that frame of mind and he will work hard for the team even if it damages his efficiency.

Is the manager making excuses there for his below par performances or is he speaking the truth. Might Baptista’s goals/effectiveness have dried up because he is moving into positions where he is less effective but he is doing this as to work for the team. I am not sure, he has had chances and missed most of them. I presume that he is fit now after threat strange back problem scenario. After the chances Baptista and Aliadere have missed, surely something has to go in for them soon – tomorrow perhaps? Ok so the starting line-up in my opinion…

Just to refresh everyones memory, players out – Eboue, Clichy, Henry and van Persie (I think that is everyone).

Therefore I would go with….

Aliadiere, Baptista

Rosicky, Gilberto, Fabregas, Ljungberg

Gallas, Toure, Djourou, Hoyte


I do have a feeling one of Bap or Ali will score tomorrow. Maybe it is more hope than a feeling. Rosicky back in because he is class. Gilberto back along side Fabregas, I agree with what I have been reading in that Gilberto is wasted at the back really. Freddie instead of Hleb at the start, I think Freddie has looked sharp recently plus Hleb has been going through a poor run of form. Bench for him. Traore was an option for left back but I think as it is away Gallas would be better suited. Djourou along side Toure is steady and Hoyte in at right back. I have a feeling Arsene might choose a completely different back four though. I do not see why he should, in the one above only one player is half out of position – Gallas. Midweek we had 3 out 4 players not in their natural position.

A fairly long winded blog today but I have enjoyed it. Have a brilliant Saturday.


5 Responses to “Long winded blog, worth the read though… I think”

  1. GMR said

    I think Gallas should stay at centre-back alongside Toure. It’s about time they got their partnership going properly so we are ready for next season. Left back is not such a vital position, & Flamini (despite not wanting to) can play there for one match, or he could play Traore who was superb in the youth cup game.

  2. I agree with you GMR, that Toure and Gallas need some time to forge a partnership. However I still think that maybe for tomorrows game, as it is away against a tough Everton team, going with Gallas will givre us a bit more solidarity. Traore gets forward superbly and certainly has a lot of potential but right now I think he is best played when we are at home – constantly on the attack. Flamini is an option though you are right GMR, excellent point. Tomomorrow’s line-up should make interesting reading.

  3. GeorgeSydAust said

    Definetly Toure and Gallas in the middle of the park. It’s all about next year. They’ve got 10 games and a few trial matches to forge that potential force the rest of the league should be dreading. I know we are an attack minded team and I hope for the love of the game we remain that way, but we took too many ‘sucker punch goals’ from middle of the table (not to mention, soon to be relogated WH), that realistically killed our title challenge off by mid December.

  4. Valentin said

    Everton will play with 10 men behind the ball, the full back must join the attack and provide some menace on the flanks.
    When Djourou play right back and Hoyte left back, we have absolutely no forward thrust.
    It may not be optimal to break the partnership Gallas Toure, but I believe that with Gallas as Left back and Hoyte as right back, the balance between attack and defense is better.
    I also would like to see a Denilson Diaby combination at one point, because I believe that Diaby can provide the type of central midfield forceful running that has been missing lately in Arsenal. With a purposeful run down the middle, defenders are forced to come out to block or tackle, in doing so they leave space behind for strikers.

  5. […] Long winded blog, worth the read though… I think Good morning to you. Quite a few new stories emerged yesterday from Arsene’s press conference. First on the list […] […]

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