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Apparently we were after Angel + my worries on today’s game

Posted by James Dall on 18, March 2007

Afternoon, slightly delayed blog as I stayed at my girlfriend’s last night.

To be honest there is hardly any new news to discuss. Houllier has backed Arsene in his row with Domenech –

I show solidarity with Arsene but Raymond does what he wants.

Domenech is a pillock. Not much else to say on the matter really.

I have just read something which has really amazed me. Juan Pablo Angel –

Last year, in fact, I had to chance to go to Arsenal, but it wasn’t possible because Aston Villa asked for too much money.

Really?! Well if that is true his arrival in January would have come as a real shock to most Arsenal supporters. The fact Arsene might have been looking to sign a 31 year old would have been really out of character. He was pretty inconsistent at Villa. A really strange one if there is any truth in it.

I gave my team for today’s game yesterday. I always eagerly anticpate the starting line-up, it excites me.

I will be honest – I just have the feeling today is one of those games we will struggle in. Like Sheffield United away. When we last played Everton at home they put plenty of men behind the ball and broke up the play with fouls. Now they are at home I do not think the fans will settle for them being as defensive, which could benefit us. I just worry because our strikers cannot score at the moment. I really hope Arsene moves Gilberto back into midfield, he shields our defense. With Denilson and Fabregas in the middle, neither really defend positionally. They are very similar players who are fantastic on the ball but not so much at reading the game and playing the DM role. I want the team to fight for the game today. I want to see passion. If we can gain a clean sheet today that really would be superb – the last time that happened was early December.

I hope I am proved wrong and we take three points from this game. Would I take a point? Maybe. But with Liverpool next, a victory today could really be a major result in our bid for third place.

Most of my worries today are just ramblings, I think this 4000 word assignment I am doing is frying my brain.

I really hope tomorrow when I am writing the blog it is on a victory. I will be highly depressed if we lose. Expect a late blog if we do lose, an early won if we play superbly. COME ON ARSENAL!!!


Well I have just stumbled across this story on Sky Sports. Arsene said the following –

I said to him [Henry], ‘Believe in me. We don’t have superstars here except you but believe me they are on the way’ Like me he saw what was happening at this club. We don’t need to add another superstar, we make them.Trophies are important, particularly to fans, but we are adding more than just trophies, we are producing a club that everyone is going to admire. I don’t expect to sign any big names this summer, unless they want to play here at the right wage. My first priority is to ensure the next payment for our stadium is paid and after that achieving our dreams. My message to the fans is don’t panic. We will get better.

Hmm, now a lot of people are jumping to the conclusion that Arsene will not buy anyone this summer. I am still confident we will see at least one fresh face, maybe two. A mentioned before, I think we need three – Goalkeeper, Winger and Striker (If Aliadiere leaves).

From the comments Arsene has made I think he just just being his typical self. He rarely promises players. Cast your mind back to January last year when we were not expecting anyone and then we signed quite a few. Do not fret over Arsene’s statement. The main point to take from this is Arsene will not panic buy, he will see if the player(s) he wants come available for the right price.

Once again – COME ON ARSENAL!!!!


2 Responses to “Apparently we were after Angel + my worries on today’s game”

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  2. amiripz said

    Arsene Wenger buying Angel !??
    I would never believe it. He was so inconsistent at Aston Villa and he is too old to play at Arsenal.

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