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Everyone cross their fingers no one gets injured

Posted by James Dall on 20, March 2007

Outrageously late blog today. It is not down to laziness, more down to being a busy student. The end is in sight though for this ridiculous 4000 word assignment. I have a few key stories to cover. I will say one thing before I start – usually the night before I write my blog I gather thoughts on what I might like to write about. Usually these thoughts are developments of opinion after reading certain articles etc during the day. My main point on today’s blog was to be about some of the ridiculous calls of Arsene to step down. Unfortunately it appears Arseblogger has beaten me to it. Therefore I will not repeat what you will have undoubtedly already read this morning. He must have read my mind! Anyway…

Arsene has a little waffle about how basically although trophies are on his agenda, the development of the team is also key. He rightly points out how trophies are the result of hard work and quality. He also kindly reminds us we won bugger all in 25 years. I must admit if we do not win a single trophy next year then eye brows might be raised.

I am as frustrated as the fans are

I hope so. We are all bloody frustrated.

Gilberto makes an amazingly obvious statement about how the Liverpool game could be decisive in the race for third place.

Reyes has chatted about his future. He has dampened rumours of a return to Sevilla. I have read quite a few times that some fans would like to see him back. I can only presume that is because he would give us width and is actually a left footed left midfielder. Reyes was a bit of a moaner but he did work hard – I would not say he was a bad player for the club. The English lifestyle was not for him, no paella and no sun. He will not return to England.

Finally onto two stories about goalkeepers. After rumours flying around linking Jens with pretty much every German club, he has quashed rumours that he could be off to Hertha Berlin –

I have not spoken to anybody in Berlin, I can promise you that

That is not to say that he might speak to them. The whole goalkeeper issue is a real head scratcher. I presume Arsenal have offered Jens a one year deal. I presume Jens wants more. If he does sign, is he even guaranteed the number one spot? Well he will be if we do not bring anyone in. Almunia should not be promoted. He is not good enough. Interestingly, a keeper we have been linked with before and Arsene has praised in the past has spoken. Mr Craig Gordon said –

It is one of the top teams in Britain, in Europe, if not the world so it is something that would definitely interest any player

Are we the top team? Maybe we are. I will be honest – I have only heard good things about Gordon, not seen them. I read a lot people suggesting different goalkeepers for us to sign. In my opinion most seem to get their knowledge from Football Manager.

I imagine that news stories will begun to dry up due to the International break. I am hoping that no one gets injured. Fingers crossed everyone.


4 Responses to “Everyone cross their fingers no one gets injured”

  1. Michael J Sullivan said

    Being an Arsenal supporter from the age of 7, and an ex-pat who has returned to watch games and now follow intently through televised games, I must say having gone through the likes of Billy Wright and George Graham. I find that Arsene Wenger is the epitomy of a far visioned academic and brilliant manager that I can recall. The only manager that comes close to the charamastic vision was Brian Clough.
    Ferguson is a gruff crude man who, like Mourhino, has the back up of deep pockets. Ferguson, at least, has nowhere near the success of Wenger in buying and developing players (For Wenger the only real disappointment was Jeffers, although some others have only marginal success like Reyes) and Mourhino has a strong team most of which came from Ranieri.
    My disappointment with the team, currently, is this aweful waste of talent in the inability to finish the attack with the ball in the net. At least United do seem to be able to do that.
    Off year with the promise that we know that next year will be better.

  2. insearchoffootball said

    Just a question … if Arsenal do not win anything for a couple more years, and Chelsea don’t win anything this year and lose all their money, and Liverpool, well, they are pathetic in the EPL (have been for some time) and Europe has been the same, apart form the past couple years, will that mean there will only be one big name left in the EPL, for some years to come, that being Manchester united??? And by the way i am not a Man U fan, my top teams are Roma and Ac Milan

  3. insearchoffootball said

    Ohhh and if Man U get rid of C. Ronaldo, then they are nothing, as he has been the best player in the world this season, along side Totti, and looks like becoming a true great in the sport … just a thought.

  4. amiripz said

    Yeah, one more injury would have been a disaster (if disaster is not at present).

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