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I speak, as well as Fabregas, Rosicky and Lehman

Posted by James Dall on 21, March 2007

Alright there Arsenal chums. I am going to get on with it straight away today.

There is a nice little interview with Cesc here. He talks about how next season we really can be title challengers next season. A point he makes which I think is key is that we have improved from last season. Last season we were appalling away but there has been some progression in that sense. I think another relevant point he makes is about the margins in which we are losing or drawing games. It is not like we are getting thumped. We are either losing 1-0 or drawing 1-1. We just need that little bit extra, that bit of quality in front of goal or that little bit extra maturity in defence. If we can improve those aspects of our game then we can become a force in the race for the title again.

Arsene talks about how much of a blow it was to lose Gallas for such a long time –

He was out for three months at a very important period of the season. For me he is very big player for us. Firstly because he is a winner and he is ready to die on the football pitch to win. Secondly because he is good reader of the game, good tactically and can bring a lot to this team.

I agree. Losing Gallas was a blow for us. He is a world class defender. Chelsea have missed him. I just hope he stays fit for the rest of the season and Arsene goes back to playing Toure a long side him. Hopefully if we have a fully fit Hoyte/Eboue in the next game we will see Toure and Gallas together again. I distinctly remember both of them having a good joke together after we beat Liverpool 3-0 at home. A highlight of our season I feel.

Rosicky has had a bit to say for himself today. First he addresses the issue of our poor finishing, second he talks about how he does not watch Chelsea as they are boring. Fair enough Thomas. Chelsea maybe boring but they sure are effective. Then again they have spent millions on experience players, whereas Arsene has spent very little over the past few seasons and I do feel we are on the brink of something special. We just need that little bit extra. Where is that going to come from? It should come from having a fully fit squad, i.e. Henry and Robin back. And with a couple of additions, a natural winger and a world class GK should Jens leave.

Speaking of which, Jens has spoken again –

I am in a situation at the moment where I have to make a decision at some point, but there is no fixed date for that to be made.

At the end of the season I imagine. Right that is it for today. Surprisingly there were a few stories to cover, I doubt there will be as many tomorrow, who knows though – exciting times. Adios.


24 Responses to “I speak, as well as Fabregas, Rosicky and Lehman”

  1. alan said

    Exciting times? Don’t think so! It’s gonna be Man U v Chelsea in everything for the rest of this season. Like watching Germany v Argentina in the World Cup. You want them both to lose.

  2. karach said

    If Wenger doesnt buy 3 world class players this coming summer, he will still have no trophy, and the next thing, fans will demand his head brought in a previously won trophy basically the one won in Premier un beaten in 2004.

    Arsene has no choice, Henry will never be the same, and what if RvP gets a serious injury early in the season?? Adebayor, Baptista? I doubt them.

    Either BABEL RYAN, or RIBERY must come in; BUFFON is the only keeper that can bring silverware to the grove.

    If he is serious with English talent, JONATHAN WGET is a perfect person for Arsene.

    I do predict 2 more seasons without trophies, if Wenger doesnt add to his squard, or else if not expelled.

  3. Flint McCullough said


    Our problem this season has been the injuries. With that in mind, much as I rate him, I don’t think the ultra injury prone Jonathon Woodgate would be the answer to any problem we might have.

    By the tone of your comment I presume that you would have had the Red Faced One’s head on a platter for Man U’s failure to win the EPL since 2003. It looks very much like they might win it this season though DOESN’T IT.

    Why oh why can’t you peaple understand it takes time to build a team & that no club has any divine right to trophies? Please get real.

  4. gazzap said

    make no mistake, the form of Ronaldo has effectively won the premiership. without him Man U would be about where we are right now. he has tipped so many games in their favour over the course of the season.

  5. arsen must buy or go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the (STINGY)owners of OUR club must sell OUR club to someone who WANT to invest for sucsses!!!!!!!!

  6. tor said

    Sure Ronaldo is the main reason why Utd is winning this season. And the fact that they’ve gone clear of injuries until now, where some defenders are out..

    But Wenger needs to spend during the summer. I hope Freddie leaves, and that leaves Rosicky the only left “wide” player, even though RvP can play there too. He needs to strengthen that area. And the opposite flank too.. Hleb won’t score goals, it seems like he’s too afraid to miss in front of goal. It’s quite pathetic to see him play a pass at 5 yards.. And I suuure hope Wenger has the sense NOT to spend £10m-£13m on Baptista(That’s at least half the transer budget, I suppose). Then it would be better to buy another 19 year old who can learn his trade..It would be more likely he’d score more than Julio has done this season anyway.. The defence is covered and unless Jens leaves, I’d beg him to buy midfielders.. Who actually is capable of scoring..

  7. Danish Gooner said

    If one more of the players comes out and proclaims that we can become championsnext season i a personally going to travel from Denmark to London to have a very serious word with him.

  8. […] I speak, as well as Fabregas, Rosicky and Lehman Alright there Arsenal chums. I am going to get on with it straight away today. There is a nice little interview with […] […]

  9. Flint McCullough said

    Ronaldo has been 3 years in the making, which is just my point.

    I just despair of some of you. Chelsea & Man U have the big bucks – Arsenal don’t. Arsene has overachieved for 10 years & you just can’t see it.

    This team has the ingrediants to mount a serious challenge within 2 years. That’s fine by me as I grew up waiting 18 years or so for the occasional championship. A great club like Liverpool has not won the league since 1990 & they have spent plenty.

    Again you build a team & we are half way there.

  10. jang_goat said

    buy world class player such BUFFON, RIBERY, ETO’O..the player should leave is Ljungberg, Aliedere, Flamini,

  11. amiripz said

    2 points: I agree with Cesc about Gallas. The latter is simply a huge player and despite losing A.Cole which was to some extent damaging for the team, Gallas is not inferior to him and if he and Toure are healthy next season, they will be unbeatable.

    Secondly, I agree with Karach, Arsene MUST purchase at least 2 super players if he wants to compete with other big 3 teams.

  12. francis nyero said

    wenger,please wenger don’t keep on herering roumach your have to get same players to fill the gape injuers all the time,and they should be super not all the time kids so that we see what is going to happent next seaseon,but your make sour that your should get same one Toure,Robin and Daby at least 4 players new one ok.

  13. Flint McCullough said

    You will not get super players to stay in the reserves.

    I agree if there is someone suitable to buy at the right price who is better than what we have.

    You don’t seem to know that we have super super players already here- they just need experience.

    This season is transitional & probably next but we really do have a superb future.

    Fortunately the majority of Arsenal fans realise this but there are too many, with the “want it now” mentality, who would destroy the plan with their impatience.

    Look at Newcastle & Spurs they have spent & spent but are they any further forward?

  14. Matt said

    There is little on the planet more beautiful than watching the Arse play football. But with that beauty there seems to be a delicacy that is our achilles heel… Personally I don’t think we need a bunch of new players, we need our players to be able to play with flexibility, to be able to deal with those games where the ball won’t stay on the ground, and where dealing with the opposition requires putting the boot in a bit more and not getting riled.

    Chelsea & Man U can’t compare on the beautiful football stakes but their players and managers know when to roll up their sleeves and give the other team a good kicking if that what it takes to win.

  15. Tim said

    Don’t be stupid. Take pride in the fact that Arsenal isn’t owned by some private billionaire, but is still able to be successful because of the wonderful leadership of people like Dein and Wenger.

    We’ll clearly make a (singular) signing this summer. Some kind of winger/wide player/striker — but I doubt we’ll do more than that.

    The players we have are more than capable of winning the premiership, or even a treble. I’ll wait until next year when you’re all being grateful we had faith in our players.

  16. Tim said

    And please, spare me… Ribery is not super-class.

    THATS EXACALLY THE REASON (AND THE ATTITUDE) wy our club has a losing spirit!!!!!!!
    we the fans,and the people who run our beloved club need to wish for greatness-every single day!!!!
    If the arsenal owners can’t compet with the best(let alone spers,midelsboro ext’)please sell OUR club to a BILLIONAIR that will respect the spirit of (some) of the arsenal fans,and the padegree of OUR club!!!!!!!!!!!
    The idia that arsenal don’t have money-is a fixion lad by the arsenal directors in order not to spend to much money in the transfer market(busters!!.
    from the beggining of these season we earn more money than any club in europe(ticket wise)!!!enough ravenews to pay the yearlly payment for the loan,and spend big in the transfer market.If the directors doesn’t want to spend please just sell the club to somebody that will respect the wishes of the arsenal fans(the most loyal in the world)for a winning team!!!!!!!!!THE SOONER THE BATTER!!!
    (sorry for the bad spelling!!).

  18. James said

    “Arsene must go” “sell our club to a billionaire”.. Isnt anyone amazed at how fickle some so-called fans really are? AFC has gone through an amazing transformation in the last ten years: we have one the world’s best coaches, a beautiful new stadium, a team that everyone wants to buy players from, a scouting system that is the envy of the World and all of this was acheived without a billionaire and entirely down to the Arsenal Board & Arsene Wenger.

    Will the same people be shouting the same when Abramovich gets bored with Chelsea and then make it the biggest financial disaster in football history? Do we want £30m has beens playing for our team? Or do we want clueless yanks sucking the life out of the beautiful game ?

    To all those short sighted commentators I say: go support Chelsea or Liverpool. Arsene is simply the best thing that has happened to Arsenal and it does not matter if we win nothing this season because he has given us such hope for the future that true Arsenal fans are truly grateful for.

  19. longtimegunner said

    Agree and disagree with some of your comments too many to respond to. Just wanna say that this club does NOT need a billionaire to succeed. To be perfectly honest i would hate it if we got one cos all us gunners fans would get is “you couldn’t win anything without ur billionaire” Come on people you know you had this argument with the chavvy coonts. I dont want to be like that, Arsene has a vision let him see it through, dont many of you remember when we didnt have a manager 12 years ago and got bruce rioch in who helped us to a 13th place!!!

    Come on fellow gooners (those all understand what im saying) lets get behind this vision. Watching arsenal is a previlage especially when there on song and im proud to be a gooner no matter what happens. I believe what fabreas says and to be honest cut out the “lets buy buffon, ribery, woodgate and eto’o” do you think we sh*t money! them players would cost this club 80 million and thats not including their wages! so get real and look to the future…It’s bright!

  20. Flint McCullough said


    I am afraid you are anti everything Arsenal stands for.

    For your own sake defect to the Chavs, who I am sure will welcome you.

  21. waqi said

    i think its too early to bring out the knives for the great man…he has done a lot for the club..its coz of him we can rub our shoulders against the sides like REAL MADRID and scare the shit out of BARCELONA for 65 mins.if you look back at our season there are a lot of positives and to tell you the truth positives are what we should be looking at..every one out there wants us to feel bad, talk bad about our team which we have supported and loved for years and will be loving for the years to come and we are playing in thier hands. this is the time to stand behind our team show them that they are not alone and when they go out there to play for us they are not 11 we are all there urging them to do that extra bit.
    our season has been like a rollercoaster ride with more lows than highs and yet we are sitting at 3rd place with all our young players.our young players are wanted by big teams all around the europe thats something to be proud many players would you like to buy from liverpool,chelsea or manu..not more than 2 and yet we see clubs like MILAN chasing players who are out on loan.manu didnt win anything for 2 years..chelsea didnt win anything for 50 years..liverpool havent won the league since years…we on the other hand seem to have better future atleast thats the way it looks..
    forget about financial hurdles and all that..this is the way chelsea has changed the game for them its all about money and thats it…
    this debate can go on and on and short lets stick together enjoy the games which are left and lets see what future holds for us…every single team needs changes every now and than just like life nothing stays at one point..we have seen glory days and we will soon enough see some more….
    this is waqi signin off from LAHORE PAKISTAN…

  22. I can’t understand you guys’don’t you want our team to take trofies???A lot of you think about waht the other fans would say about the money,,,be real’Im don’t give a fuck about the other teams fans,I only care about MY ARSENAL.
    I want to be sure that the people who run my team does every thing posiblly that arsen will be aquipt with the best tools in the market!!
    my main problem is with the board!!
    I am absolutlly sure that wenger doesn’t get what he want!!!He is just a gentelment!!!You can see that he is bloody frustrated(fight with other manegers,the fa’ect’).
    Henry has the same problem,last season about ambition of the club(same as viera),and he stayed only because of wenger’s word!!!
    We can see these season that Henry frustration(because the arsenal directors didn’t show any in the summer and january!!)affecting his football (same with viera).
    My main frustration is that i fill cheated by the arsenal board,that speeks about trophies,and the champion leage title,without giving Mr’ Wenger the right resources!!!
    I think that the future will tell,if i am right or not(usually i am right).
    To then who advise me to support other team,,,,,fuck off!!!!!!!!

  23. Flint McCullough said


    You are cheated by our magnificent new stadium, which will secure our future for generations.

    Cheated by the unparalled success of the last 10 years.

    Cheated by the fact that AW is assembling the most talented squad I have ever seen in 50 years first hand experience. This backed by the the board,who run the best managed club, certainly in the UK, and probably the world.

    AW & the board have overachieved big time in comparison with even those with greater resources.

    You are an ignorant cretin. You & your ilk don’t deserve any association with THE ARSENAL.

  24. VastImprovement said


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