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Ramblings about university with a hint of Arsenal

Posted by James Dall on 22, March 2007

Howdy partners. A brief blog today as I need to pack. Tomorrow I travel back down to the sunny south for the Easter Holidays. I look forward to home cooked meals etc. A nice carbonara, with a rocket salad which is drizzled in balsamic vinegar would go down nicely, yum. The 4000 word assignment has been handed in though, however my dissertation is next on the cards, just 5000 word. The final year of university is crap.

Anyway enough of my rambling about uni life. To be hoenst there is very little to cover. In an itnerview with The Sun, Henry talks about how he does not enjoy watching football when he is injured. He also chats about what subjects he was any good at at school.

Fabregas believes that Manchester United deserve to win the race for the title –

Right now Man Utd, they are playing really well and playing good football.

He is probably right. I also think that most Arsenal supporters would agree with me in that they would prefer to see United win it than Chelsea.

Gilberto has had a little chat about the last couple of weeks. He touched on the hurt he has suffered –

At this time we must stick together, especially after the hard weeks we have had. The last few days for us have been hard and painful.

It has been the same for us as fans too Gilberto.

Appallingly short blog today. I apologise. Packing is a rubbish task. One I am sure most man detests. Until tomorrow’s blog…


6 Responses to “Ramblings about university with a hint of Arsenal”

  1. Liam's left said

    Following the theme of a bit of University and a bit of Arsenal:

    1) 5,000 words seems very short for a ‘dissertation’;
    2) I see we’ve just got a new 16 year old striker – I look forward to Wenger signing more than 1 player old enough to have a PhD at least i.e. over 24, and then we might look forward to some really major lessons being taught on the park, both home and away next season. But I ain’t holding my breath…

  2. My disseration is actually a bit of a cop out and is called an ‘extended literature review’. A new 16 yr old? I am sure everyone is delighted at another prospect…

  3. DGS said

    My last year at Uni was faaaaaantastic!
    Loved it! Great fun!
    Enjoy it while you’re still there!

  4. insearchoffootball said

    Uni is the good life 🙂

  5. “I also think that most Arsenal supporters would agree with me in that they would prefer to see United win it than Chelsea.”

    Glad to hear it. As a United fan, I assure you that, if you were going head to head with Chelsea for the title, I’d be backing you.

    There aren’t many good things to have come out of the Abramovich era at Stamford Bridge, but Chelsea’s dominance over the last two seasons has at least given me a new-found appreciation for teams who – despite being our fierce rivals – nonetheless boast fine footballing traditions not dissimilar to our own.

    All the best for the rest of the season. I’m slightly worried by how good you might be next year…

  6. Flint McCullough said

    Perhaps that’s the good thing about the Chavs – we can be more tolerant (& appreciative) to others, Spuds apart of course.

    Good on Fergie for tearing the Sky twat to pieces.

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