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Little news but a little treat in a video of Bendtner

Posted by James Dall on 24, March 2007

Good morning, it is wonderful to be back down south. The sun is out and I do not have the huge worry of having to cook my own dinner tonight.

News is beginning to dry up to be honest. Today I shall be watching England. I rarely enjoy watching Internationals, mainly because England disappoint time and time again but maybe today will be different.

I think I mentioned it a few months ago but just to confirm apparently we have signed another wonderkid. As previously stated his name is Gilles Sunu. I know very little about him and to be honest I am hardly off my seat at his apparent capture. I think we are all used to the news of us signing some teenager who will probably be a world beater in five years. I am not knocking the system, I think we are competing in the only way we can – investing in the future. However in the summer I will be one happy bunny if I get to discuss one or two world class signings.

Arsene is still very annoyed with Domonech. He basically just gives him a further bollocking.

Steve Bruce has discussed Bendtner –

I have said all along that we would struggle to hold on to Nicklas. Arsenal have been monitoring him all season and he talks to them all the time. And ultimately it’s down to Mr Wenger. We will address the situation in the summer, but I do expect him to go back to Arsenal.

There is no doubt that he will be with us next season. As it is a fairly quiet Saturday I thought I would post a video of our man Nicklas. Now don’t get me wrong, it is very very easy to make a player look good from a single compilation but hey it is worth a look I feel…

Bruce also mentions Muamba in the interview.

The ever talkative Gallas has discussed about how Diaby deserves his France call up. If Diaby plays and gets injured I will probably cry. The guy does deserve his international call up though, the experience will do him good. I just hope he does not pick up any knocks and comes back to Arsenal ready to play a part in most of our remaining games.

There is a piece on the Arsenal website which concludes which of our players might be involved in games this weekend. Senderos and Djourou both featured in Switzerland’s two nil win last night against Jamaica.

That is it from me today. I really hope the England game is not a borefest and Steve does not expeiremnet with a new formation. Have a brilliant Saturday.


9 Responses to “Little news but a little treat in a video of Bendtner”

  1. richie said

    nice vid…cheers

  2. Steve07891 said

    He looks good, hopefully he can score goals unlike Ali n Baptista?! Need 3 players in da summer! Goalkeeper – Akinfeev, Winger – Ribery and a Striker – Huntlaar?! N i personally hope England get battered 2day lol?! Thank You n good day to all Gunnerz ! ! !

  3. Khoh said

    Bendtner is gud. I wish he was already with us. I dont think Ribery is coming to Arsenal ,gud chances of Robinho though.

  4. Icey said

    Old stuff if you’ve got Arsenal TV online. I am dying to see some clips from his time at Brum. Can’t those geezers post some vid on youtube ffs?

    Thanks just the same.


  5. bogdan said


  6. […] Little news but a little treat in a video of Bendtner Good morning, it is wonderful to be back down south. The sun is out and I do not have the huge worry of having to cook […] […]

  7. Gunner90 said

    I just hope that we are going to win the match with Liverpool .It’s very important .

  8. amiripz said

    Niklas Bendter MUST play in for Arsenal next season.

  9. dodgeman said

    Looks like a faster, taller bergkamp. Some great passes in that vid. Could be a wonderful player.

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