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Solid defensive display by myself + a sprinkling of Arsenal news

Posted by James Dall on 26, March 2007

Good morning, no blog yesterday as I was busy, mainly playing football.

I played centre-back in a game which was about 9 versus 9, god I love kick abouts. Are they not one of the best activities? No care in the world, just get stuck in and play. I marshaled the defence, we kept a clean sheet for an hour and ten minutes but then everyone started getting silly. You know the situation, when people tire so the odd person has a shot from about 40 yards or certain people cannot be bothered to track back. Either way I was delighted with my performance. Moving on…

There is so little fresh news to cover. Most blogs have taken the angle of either sticking up for or hammering Gallas. I referred to Gallas on Thursday’s blog as ‘ever talkative’, he does love a chat – mainly talking about the negatives. I will leave my opinion at that as I do not wish to waste your time repeating what you might have already read.

Watching the England game on Saturday really was a waste of my precious time. Very boring, argh it was painful. So much for my rallying call. Will I be watching Wednesday’s game? To be honest, probably not. I am fed up of watching a limp England play small teams. I will probably head off to the cinema to watch Hot Fuzz – Orange Wednesday Day and that too.

There is the whole fiasco with Adebayor and the Togo national team.  Adebayor is pissed off about not receiving a bonus or something. He has been kicked out of the squad now. This means he gets a few extra days in training with us before we play Liverpool – superb. I very much look forward to his return.

There is a round up here of all players’ involvement in the Euro 2008 qualifiers.

Clichy has spoken about how good Christiano is, how United will probably win the title and how we need to claim third place.

Just a quick mention to our Ladies team who thrashed Leeds 8-1 – pretty awesome.

I had pondered popping another video on the blog for those of you who might be bored at work etc. I really could not think of what to go for. If any of you have any suggestions put them in the comments. If I see a good one I will update the blog and whack a video on.

I think that will do for today. I am off to the library to do a spot of work on my dissertation and then meet my girlfriend for lunch. The sun is out down here in the south – excellent. Have an excellent Monday.


3 Responses to “Solid defensive display by myself + a sprinkling of Arsenal news”

  1. I’m looking forward to your next post. Kip it up

  2. Denis S said

    Hey, whats up with this blog? I was expeting atleast a small article on Englands performance agianst Israel.

    Its truely odd seeing England play so bad. As a Croatian Im not supposed to care, but Im starting feel sorry for the national team. I think you guys should stop paying attention to Arsenal for a while. and start paying attention to the English national team.

    I know Im probably pissing you off right now. But these are the things the English team needs to change.

    1. “England Needs David Beckham!”
    I dont know why you crisisize that man, he is a great player. Nice passes, great crosses…Just dont let him shoot penaltys and you’ll be fine. Im not the biggest fan of Beckham, but he is good at what he does, and McClaren should use him.

    2. ” Get Rid of McClaren! ”
    Although the coach is not playing on the field, he still plays a big role in a football match. He just puts so much darn pressure on everyone. He needs to take his head out of his A$$ and start giving the team confidence. All he does is complain how no is doing their part on the national team. He didnt even addmit that croatia played better against england! What a selfish man. I say kick him off out and get a bew coach that knows how to motivate his players. Everyone knows england is good, but this man makes them look weak and talentless.

    3. “Fan support”
    I know you guys love england deep down inside, but where is the pride, and The Passion!!? A good example is this site. I see arsenal news but no england news, and no one leaving comments like GO ENGLAND!! I know this site is intended for Arsenla News only! But for gods sake! Support your team!

    Anyways, great site! Love the articles….keep it up.

  3. A simply head scratching array of points by Denis there…

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