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Usual blog + a little bit of detail on Jurgen Macho

Posted by James Dall on 30, March 2007

Morning, morning and morning. Five little bits of news make up todays’ blog – how exciting…

Jens reckons he can play in the 2010 World Cup, he would be just over 40. I strongly doubt he will still be an Arsenal player at that stage of his career but I wish him the best of luck.

Speaking of goalkeepers, apparently our scouts have been keeping on ex Sunderland/Chelsea back up keeper, Jurgen Macho –

My scouts have been impressed by Macho, so I wanted to see him play.

He is 6ft 4 and is 30 years old in the summer. After a bit of scouring I found that Kaiserslautern are currently lie fourth in Germany’s second division. Not being funny but that is hardly anywhere near the standard we are at, might the pressure of playing for a club that expects be too much to ask for? According to what I can find, his contract expires in the summer too. Like many others I am hardly excited but I am not going to dismiss him completely, especially as right now it is only speculation. My only question is would the fans be happy? Is he the world class keeper we have all been hankering for?

This story is worth a read too, it is about a performance by Jurgen.

Much to everyone’s relief Arsenal ticket prices have been frozen + Edelman has once again dismissed talk of a takeover. I really do not know who to believe. I keep reading a mixed bag of rumours and opinions. For now I am going to plump with the opinion that there will not be a takeover, maybe a few shares sold but no take over.

Some news on Robin van Persie’s injury –

The end of April now looks optimistic. It is likely he will be out for the season. We have spoken to the doctors and they told us that the longer you keep this kind of fracture without playing the less chance you have of a recurrence. So if he can play only one or two games then we will not take a gamble.

I guess it is not worth the risk. I would prefer not to see him for the rest of the season if it guaranteed he would be back injury free for the start of next season. This now means a lot of weight is on the shoulders of Adebayor, Aliadiere and Baptista. I imagine that Adebayor will near enough start every game now. Then it is up to the other two to fight for their futures. Cannot get more incentive than that surely?

Arsene talks about the players which return for the trip to Anfield, he touches on the importance of Adebayor’s return too.

Tomorrow I shall give my starting line-up for the game, it feels about a month since I last did that. Enjoy your Friday and to follow the theme of how I greeted you – goodbye, goodbye and goodbye.


3 Responses to “Usual blog + a little bit of detail on Jurgen Macho”

  1. gaya said


  2. Steve07891 said

    Starting Line-Up:

    Eboue Toure Gallas Clichy

    Hleb Gilberto Fabregas Rosicky

    Baptista Adebayor

    I’d prefer Ali, even tough he cant score to save is life, but atleast he can play a bit of footie un-like Baptista aka the pussy-cat?! Ribery & Huntlaar this summer along with Gordon or Akinfeev! ! !

    Come on Arsenal, beat the Scouse Scum lol?!

  3. tyduffy said

    Arsene did say he was only going to make top-class purchases, I don’t know if that applies to keepers. Gordon is obviously going to be the top keeper available. I don’t think there is any question on that, but is he worth the amount of money it would cost to bring him in? I believe Hearts have him rated at 10m GBP. I don’t know what the budget is going to be, but it may preclude them from getting a player like Ribery (though he has already apparently made a verbal agreement with Arsenal).

    I think Scott Carson might be a viable alternative if they don’t want to spend through the roof.

    Also, keep on eye in years to come on that connection with the Colorado franchise in MLS. One thing America has produced is goalkeepers (Friedel, Hanhemann, and Howard in the Prem).

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