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Arsene gets it all wrong

Posted by James Dall on 31, March 2007

As I am writing this we are 3-0 down with 65 minutes gone.

I have a pain in my stomach, a sickly feeling I only get when I am losing. In this case I am losing as Arsenal are. Arsenal are part of me. I do not mind when we lose when we play out of our skins but today we have been awful. Truly terrible. Arsene has got it wrong, he has picked the wrong team. Baptists has been appauling, as has Hleb. I am baffled. To be honest I have no idea why Diaby played left midfield and Rosicky was on the bench. I do not know why we look second best in games. We do not look like we are an attacking threat. I appreciate that we have Robin and Henry out but we have been crap over the last few weeks. When was the last time we actually played well? Maybe the Carling Cup final. Ah I don’t know. I am simply writing out of anguish and pain. I am going to watch the rest of the match in silence now. My Saturday is ruined.

…Fuck, we just scored


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  1. Alex said

    totally agree, weve looked a shadow of our former selves, there no flowing attacks form the wings that were so used to.

    diaby should be in the centre, with rosicky out on the left.

  2. Raymond De Silva said

    The final score of 4 to 1 shd be a wake up call to Arsenal. The attack was non existent. Yes Abe struck bar twice but overall something is seriously wrong for a team that can beat MU and descend to such depths.
    Yes the team has been struck with injuries. I am inclined to believe are in decline not transition .

  3. James said

    The defending aspect was worse than the attacking. Adebayor was unlucky, hitting the post twice and we scored – but what about the other end? Hleb was dire as was Baptista, but the worst player on the pitch was Clichy, he was diabolical, he couldn’t do anything, couldn’t even pass a ball, cross a ball, defend a ball.

    I am trying hard to have faith in Wenger’s vision, this team can obviously only get better the more it plays together. But Arsenal haven’t a cat in hell’s chance of winning anything next year – the team is much too immature.

    You need to make decision, shut up moaning and be patient, or start thinking about putting pressure on Arsenal to sack Wenger because you believe his vision is fundementally flawed?? So, what’s it to be? I’ll choose the former.

  4. RazorRayner said

    Hleb has been a waste of time this season – Wenger seems to be blind to some players form.

    Baptista should go back to Madrid, at his age we will never see the best of him.

    Wenger has to shape up, or start losing the stone wall support everybody has for him.

  5. I hope today’s result is a wake up call for the manager and the players.

  6. gazzap said

    have to agree, team seletion and substitutions were poor and wenger takes the responsibility for that. I Give credit for crouch but our problem today was total lack of cutting edge which in the end gives Liverpool too much of a chance to counter. poor.

  7. jon said

    you are in decline and have been since you lost at old trafford in the game that ended your invincibles tag. yes there has been a couple of big finals along the way but these have simply papered over the cracks.

    now finally you are starting to realise what the rest of the premiership have known all along…

    Arsenal are in terminal decline.

  8. Dave said

    Lehmann conceded four from the first five shots on target faced. None were easy, but his lack of agility means he just never makes a save.

    Contrast that with Reina who made a phenomenal save from Adebayor’s header.

    Today was embarrassing too from a fighting spirit aspect. It was like too many games from last season where too many players were just prepared to let themselves be hassled out of the game.

    Four more goals conceded from crosses too.

  9. James said

    The team is completely exposed by both full backs who are incapable of cutting out a cross.

  10. Malaysian rambo said

    I can bet u a fiver that Mr Wenger’s comments would be : “We played really well tonite..we were unlucky that adebayor hit the post twice..other wise…we match them evenly in terms of possession…This team has a great future…just look at Danielson…Hleb…Baptista…Amazing workload….I have faith in our players…they are the future…i wont buy anymore players….where would i put them? Once henry and van persie is back, we should be on our way to the top….we have depth in the squad now…”

  11. gooners4life said

    I didnt watched the game(s) as i do not hv sports channel in my hse..however i felt grieve for wot happened when i saw the scoreline. I’m both sad…disguised as well as happy…finally Arsenal lost on a great margin! How could this be??? they trashed liverpool more than 12 goals including last yr at highbury and this is definately the last time i am gonna say, as much as i respect arsenal…i felt ashamed. This is not a team tht got into the champions league finals…There is sumthing wrong either wif arsene or the team. Arsenal is considered to be the most inconsistent big 4 team this season. Ridiculous!

  12. pezzer said

    to the idiot who calls himself JON…

    terminal decline….

    what a pric…..We again had no henry,van persie, silva and couldnt start Rosicky….

    ….you will see next season when the luck turns ,,,players are FIT and we can play the same side a few games in a row!

  13. Halli said

    Totally agree. I think Hleb is never going to be a great premiership player, he occasionally plays well in Europe and against the top 3 teams in the prem. But most of the time he just overelaborates and wastes time in attack.

    Denilson, Fabregas and Diaby shouldn´t all be in the starting lineup… they were totally outmuscled. Denilson has a lot of growing up to do and Fabregas looks more tired every game now. Ljungberg should have started I think. He´s a fighter who always gives his best.

  14. The fact we seem so exposed on crosses really is ridiculous. Surely in training we work on this? I am confused as to why time and time again we do not press the player on the ball to limit the time they have to pick their player out.

  15. paul said

    Did anyone else think the ref and his lineslman were biased towards Liverpool. Not that i want to sound like a bad loser. Diaby booked for gerrard stepping on his foot, it was a freekick not a card. Fabregas booked even though he won the ball. Freekick against Clichy which led to the goal for a nothing challenge. A ball blasted aginst clichy hand from a yard and they got a freekick. A nothing freekick against toure on crouch which led to crouches headed goal. I probably am just whining, but all the little decisions seemed to go there way. That and adebayors 2 posts and i just felt things could of been different.

    Arsenal were not good enough anyway. Hleb and Baptista poor and very poor respectivly. 3rd and 4th place still to play for. Win our game in hand and we go above them.

  16. gooners4life said

    Just to add on:

    1) Really2 need a damn good and new keeper. I guessed this season has proved many..besides lehmann is stubborn and too old for arsenal.

    2) Really2 need to buy really useful and productive players. They shld buy ryan babel..instead of torres and so on…Arsenal shld at least hv the money to buy some1 like babel if they cant afford torres…coz i cant remember arsenal paid more than 20million pounds on 1 that explains it.

    3) Really need to stop buying too much youth players coz the youth team is getting crowded with good players. u hv too many strikers for instance..and in the end u dun even play them n give them away..players like lupoli and bentley very highly rated…

  17. HorSinn said

    I am NEVER convinced by Clichy ability, although many feel he could replace Cashley.

    I always say Gallas has yet to perform like what he did in his former club. Don’t need to remind me he is world class.

    Helb is terrible today, his worst performance by far.

    Maybe we should remove Fabregas as well, letting him know he is not an automatic choice. I feel he lack hunger.

    In my opinion, Arsene underestimated Liverpool, this is premier league and not FA cup or League cup. Liverpool would be playing their “better” eleven, he shouldn’t be playing 4-4-1-1, 4-5-1 is a better option.

  18. kjg said

    Do we have something to look forward to next season??
    Henry an Van Persie is fit (hopefully) but what about our midfield and fullbacks? Hleb, Eboue and Baptista is hopefully gone. They are not good enough. Hleb is not an Arsenal type winger. Not fast enough and to weak! Eboue and Bap ditto. Arsene must buy experience! We need a couple of experienced players! I miss Pires, Lauren and Wiltord!

  19. Leeos said

    Another one of those days for the Arsenal. Unfortunitly there have been far to many in reason seasons. A total lack of bottle and leadership and if Lens doesn’t stop behaving like a spoilt child …… What kind of leader is he?????

  20. overratedcsec said

    Congrats to HorSinn for being pne of a select few to point out the obvious – Fabregas has been poor for some time now and yet fans across the net continue to point the finger at other players…true, some may have been poor but lets be consistent in our analysis of poor players. CF4 is not the player to build a great team around. Until Wenger has the guts to start with Diaby and another more assertive player in the middle, Arsenal will find the future bleak. For all the connect-the-dots passing, fabregas’ game is not one that will drive this team to great heights….yes, he has wonderful SHORT passing under composure…but Arsenal need drive, dynamism, someone to bring the ball out and into opposition territory….fabregas has none of these qualities and he ain’t a great tackler, strong presence in the middle, good header of the ball, dribbling, SHOOTING ability….damn, i could go on and on but it sickens me how the majority of so-called fans can continue to castigate everyone in the team bar this overrated player…

  21. ][Euis 4][ said

    Wasn’t that just a horrible match?The defence was lousy and we really need Henry and van Persie back.Fabregas is completely weary;he definitely needs a break.
    This season is completely in the bin.Rubbish,everything’s rubbish.

  22. el gooner (spain) said

    i walked out of my bar as we went down 3-0. i have never walked out on the gooners.i will always support them and have belief in our future.
    what i am worried about is the present….

    this game was the most woeful performance i can remember for at least 10yrs.we were battered,we had no response.there are particular players who were terrible but as a whole, the team were collectively rubbish,including,and i say this for the first time,wenger and his tactics
    hleb was fucking useless and its time he was shown the door.he has had plenty of time to improve
    i am so tired of watching him run into players.he cannot read the game,overplays,doesnt know when to pass.baptista just isnt creative or crafty enough.i dont believe he wants to stay as he picks and chooses when he wants to play.clichy was useless,diaby out of position.even fabregas didnt know what to do with himself. i dont have the answers but i can see that there are some massive flaws in our team at present.arsene needs to let go of the under performers and perhaps spend a little on short term options.
    otherwise there wont be any champions league next year.of course there are many fans who are loving every moment of this…but as i have said before,better one or two bad seasons and a bright future, a fine pedigree and a glorious history, than one or two good seasons and no class,history or pedigree at all…

    up the arse!!!

  23. Danish Gooner said

    Rosicky is more interested in screwing prostitutes.Hleb is an excuse for a footballer and Baptista ,dont even get me started.Now is someone states the famous phrase”Arsene knows” im gonna take him out…..he clearly doesnt.

  24. Danish Gooner said

    Either Arsene quits or he buys seriously in the summer.

  25. Mr fed up said

    We seem to just play “crab” football…..a lot of movement from side to side but no foward momentum.

    Its just so damn frustrating to watch… please sort it out wenger!

    Eto’o please join us!! (although after our recent performances….fat chance).

  26. Goat 06 said

    ipswich town r better then arsnal

  27. KP said

    As pissed off as I was today, let’s just chill out a little bit and not call for wenger’s head! This man has transformed the club from day one and you don’t go from being an amazing coach to a bad one in two seasons so he deserves a bit more respect in my opinion.
    A few things that went wrong today were obvious: Clichy was poor in possession and failed to get to the crosser quickly enough; Baptista has shown this level is perhaps beyond him; Hleb had a bad game. But lets just address those three statements with some perspective. It was only a little while ago that Clichy had a blinding game against, arguably the best winger in the world right now, Ronaldo, forcing him to switch flanks. It was only a fortnight ago that I was reading Hleb was up there with the best ball carriers in the league. The only one I can’t really defend is Baptista. Unfortunately, it appears Seville got the best out of him by playing him through over the top or from crosses and with a touch as bad as his he simply can’t fit into this arsenal side and the way they play.
    This was only the third game in which our back four have played together and perhaps they need some games to develop more of an understanding.
    Denilson was quiet today and I feel that Diaby’s driving force was required in the middle but that would’ve forced cesc deeper so there are pros and cons with every permetation. The most frustrating thing I found was that we weren’t getting the ball forward quickly enough. Liverpool were pressing high up the pitch and by making unecessary passes in the build up there was a greater chance of losing the ball in the face of this pressure. When Adebayor was involved in the game, he showed again how good he can be at holding up the ball and providing a dump back to the onrushing midfield. This is where Freddie helped by providing more movement forward of Adebayor than Baptista. We looked better in periods in the second half, after going 3-0 down, when we played with more urgency, getting the ball to the top two more often. Without getting the ball forward of the oppositions midfield, between their lines, it’s impossible to create chances.
    Switching the play occured far too slowly for me, too. The whole concept behind switching the play quickly is to stretch the defence, through which a combination can occur, so quite why arsenal did this so slowly baffled me.
    The above is my opinion only and Wenger obviously knows more than most of us put together!
    Lets just be positive and hope that with some work in the pre season, we can stop conceding as many goals from crosses (4 today I believe!), corners and the like.
    Thanks for reading, KP.

  28. Muar gunner said

    I hope the pool match serves as a wake up call to Arsenal. Despite the promise of theyoung players I’m not convinced next season will see the gunners challenge for the title.I sincerely hope I’m wrong and AW is right. You never know.
    Admittedly some of the players have not kicked a ball these few weeks but that is not a good excuse.\ Do not assume the cl place is automatically for the gunners. A few bad displays and you could find Everton or BR creeping in.

  29. zeguyz said

    I totally agreed with you folks… I don’t know why Arsene left out Freddie and Rosicky were on the bench.. they young gunner are tired , no agression whatsoever.. My weekend is ruinned.. 😦 ..I don’t mind losing to top club by 1 or 2-1 but this is just so dreadful to bear. Hleb had a bad game? Exscuse me! no he is just a senseless and useless player that doesn’t know when to release the ball and I don’t know what the hell Arsene see in this type of player. Can someone remind these fucked up 😦 players that the season is not over!!.. and they should wake up from their day dreams.

  30. woody said

    i said at teh seasons start that i didnt think a top 6 place was a given. and that CL was likely in doubt. a sunny spell involving the CCup had people saying i was mad. well i still think CL place will be lost.
    AW will point to injuries. I will point to a lack of depth. he says we dont need strikers. i say aliadiare-9years at club-1 prem goal. i say baptista, surely a youth player would have more affect, or play 5 in middle.
    i am aheretic, i said last season AW should leave, and say it all this season. Those taht point to his achivements? well yes he has done well, but everyone and everything ahs a shelf life, and he is 2 years past his. he does not know how to take the team forward, and some decision making this year has exposed his mental torment at this realisation. toure at full back, gilbetrto c/b, diaby wing, playing half fit TH, persisting with hleb, it goes on and on.
    drastic surgery is needed, players, attitude, cultural accpetance of AW deity.
    i ahve supported arsenal 49 years, i saw bertie mee and GG implode after success, AW is doing it again, and unless we change a decade of underperforming will hit us once again

  31. michèle said

    why is everybody so negative? You either support Arsenal or you don’t!

    Today was Crouch’s day! Give Arsene a break. Their average is great; they are 4th! Hleb has given everything this year and is a brilliant player. Clichy, back from injury, wasn’t in the game today but he has been brilliant all season. How many of you critics can play football out there?

    Liverpool; you’ill never walk alone. Some fans you lote are. Mxx

  32. Anonymous said

    ‘Arsene Knows’, ‘Transition Season’, Opposition teams come to defend’, ‘Injuries’…these are the retorts these idiotic ‘Arsene Agents’ram down our throats day and night . WHEN will they finally take their osteritch heads out of the sand and realise ..’the emperor has no clothes’? …Arsenes current policies are FAILING us. The ‘kids only’ regime is a flop, the 100 passes per attack policy…also a flop. Bargain besement buying policy…another flop.Until Wenger accepts we simply have to buy experienced top drawer players…we will continue to FLOP in the EPL.

    What can i say…NOTHING can ever convince these Arsene Agents. If you believe them…we will thump Barcelona 4-0 in the finals of the champions league next season…and finish top of the league by a margin of 20 points…’because..the kids will be older,stronger and wiser’next season. BOLLOCKS!!!!!

  33. samuel said

    Have you guys seen Arsene’s comments on sky?? Finally no excuses!. He admits we were “HORRENDOUS”..which we have been all season. The excuses..have become so far fetched these days…I half thought he would come up with another outlandish excuse such as ” Liverpool cunningly enlarged Arsenals goal at half time….whilst reducing theirs”. “The goals werent actually the defenders fault…but the type of air in the football today actually made the ball float further upward to give Crouch an advantage”. I am tired of excuses, Wenger is finished. He should just move upstairs to director level whilst he is still a hero.
    Thanks for the memories AW..but we must look forward…not backwards!!

  34. veteran said

    KP and Michelle you are being very kind to Hleb who in my opinion is not an Arsenal player. Its no good having silky skills and a good turn when you pass the ball to the opposition majority of the time,He is frightened to shoot and generally looks out of his depth. He is not a kid but a seasoned international who simply is not good enough. And for all those Gooners who thought Baptista was worth keeping Ye Gods wake up he is quite frankly never going to do it. We were woeful and a bad day at the office would be an understatement but i dont think it is quite as bad as some fans are saying but some new blood is required for next season with new players replacing the likes of Senderos Hleb Freddie Baptista Aliadiere and perhaps Jens who is again really starting to frustrate me not that it was his fault today. I hope Arsene sees this because i dont think with another years experience will be enough for these kids even though i am the first to admit their potential is awesome but i dont think us fans will take another season like this as we have been so spoilt over the years.

  35. James said

    The problem is that the players are too comfortable. Hleb should be on the bench, fighting to get in the team. Same for Fabregas. They just get picked as soon as they are fit, which is understandable as it’s all we’ve got. When Arsenal has key injuries there is no-one decent to bring in, just more kids. This team is too young and inexperienced – it is nowhere near ready to challenge for trophies and all these defeats are damaging their morale. At this rate soon they will believe they are losers. Wenger has to buy top quality players in the summer, at least 3 in key positions – defence, left midfield and attack. Otherwise he will come under intolerable pressure after another miserable season. Arsenal are the new Liverpool.

  36. Denis S said

    Arsenal News Editor, have you ever gone to an Arsenal game?

  37. I am not even sure of why I am responding to Denis but yes of course I have – several.

  38. marcio said

    Arsene reminds me of Evander Holifield. Clearly an old champ, one of the best ever…..but punch drunk, way past his best…will never, in a month of Sundays, be champ again…..but somehow refuses to see or call things as they are

  39. miron said

    i think the result was real
    but dont forget
    now we are 3-1
    with games

  40. KP said

    Why is everyone so fickle? Last season everyone was going on about how amazing a partnership eboue and hleb were on the right. Now all of a sudden arsenal’s failings are hleb’s fault? He had a poor game today but has been outstanding in others.

    A quick note to veteran: I’m not quite sure how you’ve come to the conclusion that he gives the ball to the opposition most of the time because after the 29 league games arsenal had played in the premiership he had passed the ball 1071 times, with a pass completion of 83.7%. In fact, his pass completion percentage bettered Cesc’s and Rosicky’s!

    Can I remind everyone that clubs have good times, they have bad times and if our bad times are finshing 4th without winning a trophy then I think we can consider ourselves very lucky indeed. I can’t even believe there are some people out there who think we should get rid of Wenger! That is absolute rubbish! Thankfully no one on the board is as irrational as that.

    Watching the England games this week, I was left feeling grateful that I was able to watch the football Arsenal produce week in week out: win, lose or draw.

    Let’s offer ‘support’ as supporters and see our club through this sticky stage of its development.

  41. Anonymous said

    fuck y wenger up

  42. doogie said

    Bergkamp, Pires, Wiltord, Overmars, Viera: these world class greats have been replaced with 18 yr olds so what do we expect? remember the 100 mph attacking football? well now its 100 passes. Yes, sometimes wonderful to watch, but also unbeliveably frustrating. I think they believe they are better than everyone else – “how dare you tackle me? – I am the great Henry!” Baptista is just not good enough, nor is alliadiere or senderos; hleb and rosicky couldnt score in a brothel; lehman while a great goalie has a temperment liablility and TH14 has been a shadow of himself all year.
    I’m so depressed.

  43. […] Arsene gets it all wrong As I am writing this we are 3-0 down with 65 minutes gone. I have a pain in my stomach, a sickly feeling I only get […] […]

  44. Grahame of aus said

    Clichy has to de the most over rated ONE footed player i have ever seen,utter utter CRAP!!!!Fuck him off.Hleb, what was AW thinking?12 million quid for a weak cunt that wouldn’t shoot if his life depended on it.The BEAST send him back to whatever FAT FAT farm he was in last.I recorded the game and have just got up early on a sunday morning to watch my beloved GUNNERS and i have had to sit through this crap.Denilson,Cesc and Diaby , peas in a pod.We need variety not droids!!!!!Get your fucking cheque book out Arsene and don’t use it for potential young players ,use it for quality players(people that are proven and that we have actually heard of).Don,t buy The BEAST ,you may as well re-sign Jeffers .

  45. Grahame of aus said

    My team for 2007/2008 season.


    Toure Gallas Senderos Traore

    Ribery Cesc Diaby Rosicky

    Drogba Henry

    Subs:Mannone Djourou Muamba V Persie Walcott Denilson Song

  46. TasGooner said

    Until Arsenal can score fropm corners, set pieces and with headers we will never be a “complete” team. I can’t belive how hopeless we are. Gilberto in the backline is useless. How many goals are scored from set pieces by other EPL teams? Compare that to Arsenal. I bet we are last. We can’t even defend set pieces properly. I only hope Arsene try’s to do something about this but I’ve been thinking this for the last 2-3 years and nothing has happened. Has Arsene got something against scoring from set pieces?

  47. KP said

    Doogie, Rosicky has just been caught with a handful of prostitutes so he clearly could score in a brothel! On a more serious note… me and my mates often have the discussion about pires, vieira, cole, henry, bergkamp, freddie (at his peak), when we’re in the pub… That team was fucking brilliant, wasn’t it. From one end to the other in no time. Counter attacking at its very best, much like the football manure are producing at the moment. The worse the opposition, the harder the hammering they got. Nowadays, well, although I’m trying to stay optimistic, it’s just not as enjoyable as it was back then is it.

  48. Shashank said

    It was sad to see Arsenal lose to Liverpool. Guess this is one of those seasons which Arsenal has to forget ASAP.

    By the way, does anyone think that Arsenal went into a slump ever since Viera left?

  49. kuku man said

    Arsenal had to to do… what it had to do!

    It had no money to fight off Chelsea, even Man U had to lay it low and bought only Rooney in the last minute after Chlsea did thier buying.

    Arsenal had no money for the past few season… and wenger even had to sell or offload his more expensive wage players. The idea was to wait and not compete directly with chelsea cash and go for youngster.

    Now while Chelsea looks to slow down… Both Man U and Liverppool look to have more money.Arsenal with thier new stadium up and going for a full year… must now invest on better and experience palyer for next season.

    Player that thier Academy fail to produce. keeper…Centerback …winger and out and out striker.

  50. kuku man said

    Arsenal still has a bright future…

    but next season we will have the big four!

    buy wisely wenger… it may be only the the big three!

  51. Anonymous said

    I always thought that what Arsenal lack is a replacement for Patrick Viera. You need to have some one who can control the game from the middle. Rosicsky is not fitting into that properly.

  52. An Arsenal Fan said

    You know….. There is a saying that the ball is round. Anything can happen. A great team can also loose. But to loose 4-1 is not for a great team!!!!!!!

    Arsenal needs strikers. There was Henry… But Henry is no more. Arsenal needs skilful, strong, accurate strikers. Its a shame to say but someone like Ronaldo. A young man who gives all he has got. Arsenal has no one like him. Let’s face it….This is what we need….

    One more thing…. If I was Wenger I would have sacked Rosicky by now. Anyone who goes out of his way with prostitutes is not a professional footballer. There are so many young skilful kids. We do not need the likes of Rosicky. He brought shame to himself, his country and Arsenal. Get rid of him!!!!!!

    We built a state-of-the-art football ground that we are all proud of….Let’s also build a football team guyssssssssssss…….!!!!!

  53. Arsenal needs a big change of attitude!!!
    The main probleb are the people who run our club!!!!They want to buy a ferrary with the budget of a fiat uno!!!These is so bloody tipicall to the arsenal board!!!Traying to save money on the expanse of the fans!!!
    All my life as an arsenal fan I had only one dreem-I want arsenal to be sold to someone with a lot of money,love for our club’and with a WINNIG MENTALLATY!!!!!!!
    What’S THE POINT OF HEVING A NICE STADIUM(the work in the stadium didn’t finished yet-the concrete outside the stadium is disgusting)BUT WITH ATEAM THAT HAS NO CHANCE OF WINNING THE PREMYARSHIP!!!!

  54. Hleb and Baptista were shocking. Diaby should play in the middle. Clichy and Ebuoe were not penetrating enough. We need to shape up if we are going to qualify for the CL.

    When was the last time we conceded 4?

  55. gunnerfan said

    I think we shd all know by now that Arsenal er Aw likes to play bewitching soccer regardless of the result. Consequently they invariably lose although morally they shd have won but not the game agaisnt Pool.
    Some of the more pragmatic managers strike a balance. To AW if you win ugly you not a big club.
    Tell that to Morino and SAF.
    I’m afraid if things don’t improve Arsenal could end up as mid table team. You never know.

  56. As an ardent Arsenal supporter I would like to win all of our games, but others want to do as we do. So we will win some and we will lose some, but hopefully we will win more than we lose. Arsenal needs to step up to the plate a bit more and demonstrate their talents and abilities. Too many people suffer when arsenal is defeated

  57. stufforama said

    I find it amusing that whenever any of the ‘golden circle’ club loses a couple of games on the bounce or hits a fallow patch you’d think from the reaction that we’d witnessed the footballing equivalent of Armageddon.

    Reality check.

    Arsenal are currently 4th in the table, yep that means only 3 teams are above them and I bet the 16 other teams in the Premiership would love to swap places. The Premier is such these days that only of a handful of clubs reside in the top half a dozen slots and fight for the Championship. Arsenal is one of them and this season it’s just not their turn.

  58. Anonymous said

    It will be a huge disrespect to gunners fans if wenger let baptista stay. He is a one off player. Just plain useless. Also hleb must go.

  59. Ermias said

    I think the problem at the defence is the first priorty to deal with before we move on to attacking. Wenger must seriously consider the problem at the defence first in the season to come!

  60. dermatov said

    They call the premiership the best in the world, well its no place for a team of youngsters. At first it seemed ok but now its out af control. Wenger needs to look back at the glory days at Arsenal and take a few ideas from those previous teams that won titles. Every arsenal fan wants the glory days of winning the premiership and completing a double, well unless Wenger sorts it out fast, us fans are going to have to wait a few more years for that.

  61. dermatov said

    I say get viera back, along with the summer signings of ribery, and some other big name stars who have the experience.

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