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Anger/frustration vented – check

Posted by James Dall on 1, April 2007

Today is Sunday, some do not enjoy this particular day of the week. Often it is referred to a day of nothing, I actually quite enjoy them. Most will get the Sunday papers in, have some toast and coffee, and then potter off to a DIY/garden centre. My plan is to get the blog done and then take it easy until one, when I am playing football – I cannot wait. Hopefully I should be back in time to watch the Spurs v Reading match.

Why am I waffling on about events which are irrelevant to Arsenal Football Club? Well when we lose or concede a goal I get this awful sickly feeling in my stomach – I hate it. Yesterday we lost and were atrocious, which means talking about it only hurts more. I usually am quite an optimist, when we lose I take the positives and resist laying into players or the manager, however today is different… I guess I better talk about yesterday’s game then.

Now I am not going to give a match report on the game, I will simply work my way through the things that are bothering me. Firstly I truly believe Arsene picked the wrong team. I am clueless as to why Diaby played left midfield. What is that about? I understand during his recuperation from injury, playing him there was a way of easing him into the game but now he is fit and needs to play central. When he does, he is awesome. Surely Wenger could see from the Everton game how effective he can be. So instead of playing Rosicky left he went with Diaby left and Denilson and Fabregas in the middle. Fabregas is clearly shattered, which I find strange as he did not actually represent Spain so really he has had a week off. Fabregas should be rested/dropped. For me it would do him good, now in the comments yesterday I am pretty sure every player got a hammering at least once by someone, including Cesc. I am not going to get on his back, I just think he needs to sit a game or two out. We miss Gilberto badly, as much of a disaster our defence was yesterday (I shall discuss that shortly), we really miss him. We do not really have another player like him – firstly a central midfielder that is experienced – we have Fabregas/Denilson/Diaby/Flamini, all young. Secondly one who sits in front of the defence. Fabregas and Denilson are very similar players, both love to play, both offer good passing but do we want two players along side each other who are so similar? Neither of those protects our defence, surely we need a balance, hence the combination of Gilberto and then either Diaby/Fabregas. I would be inclined to go with Gilberto and Diaby for our game against West Ham.

Moving onto the wide players – ignoring the fact Diaby played let (he did ok), Hleb was terrible. Actually terrible. The thing is, I know what he is capable of. He was brilliant at the early stages of this season, and excellent in the Champions League last season. He has been poor of late and needs a spell on the bench – I do not want to see him sold but I do think he should be dropped. Play Freddie there, he gave us more running than most when he came on. Up top, you see how I am leaving defence until last, we had one player who ran his heart out – Adebayor and one who looked useless – Baptista. I have been hesitant to criticise the Bap as I want him to do well. I want him to be this difficult to handle powerful centre forward. He is not though. His touch once again yesterday was absolutely awful, he missed a decent chance too. He should not start any games now, we either go with one up top, or if Hleb rediscovers some form, play Freddie of Adebayor. Adebayor is the only player who appeared to give a shit yesterday. He ran and ran, and he hit the post twice. He will start every game now up until the end of the season, and rightly so.

At the back we apparently had our first choice back our – good lord what a complete shambles. Crouch was excellent, there is no denying that but seriously we could have dealt with him if we had actually defended properly. We were all over the place and I hope they all got a complete bollocking. It was basic stuff really. One thing that really bothers me with our team is how many goals we concede off crosses. In my opinion when I coach defending my first question I ask the kids is how can we limit conceding off crosses? One bright spark usually pops up and says ‘by preventing the cross coach’, exactly. Why oh why do Arsenal not do this? Why do they not press the person with the ball. Take the Crouch header for example, stunning header however how much time did Aurelio have to cross it – he had forever. Forever to look up and pick his man out. Eboue needed to get to him, get there quick and get tight. Embarrassing. The two centre backs need to take a long hard look at themselves. They are both experienced players, they need to show the way forward or risk being dropped for Senderos and Djouoru. One thing I do not understand is why Senderos was not use for Crouch’s aerial threat. He was on the bench wasn’t he. Very odd. Djouoru was not, I presume he was injured? The guy is 6ft 4, he might have been able to deal with Crouch a bit better. Clichy was positionally poor and offered nothing going forward. His crossing was crap. I think he does have a bright future though.

I could go on and on but I won’t. My point is that I struggle to remember the last time we actually played well, I think it was the League Cup Final. Since then we really have been atrocious. Even the victory against Villa was uninspired.

I am going to play centre back today, I am 5 ft 9 but if we concede off any crosses I will be devastated. I expect a clean sheet and a performance which looks like we care, Arsenal did not even come close to that yesterday.

A long week for them at the training ground. Maybe this result will be a powerful wake up call for the players and manager.


22 Responses to “Anger/frustration vented – check”

  1. Danish Gooner said

    14 million for Rosicky and his platitudes.Take the money and run Arsene and get someone in who is actually playing a good game instead of speaking it.

  2. Angry Fan said

    We are pants bring on the end of the season as I cannot watch this team with baptista in it anymore, im writing in to Arsenal to ask if I can play upfront instead.

    I really wanted that guy to do well but he’s just useless,A brazilian who cannot control a football ??? , Arsene please spend some money in the summer and if we need some american money for it just grab it, who cares….

  3. Danish Gooner said

    God bless toure,he usally works his socks off but yesterday he had a real stinker and clearly needs a bit of rest.I hope as soon as we secure our cl place he sends him backing to a sunny beach.

  4. Danish Gooner said

    In: Eto(when pigs fly),Ribery(likely),Alex of Psv (the best central defender i have seen all year).

    Out: Sir Freddie, wonderful player but cant hack it anymore im afraid.Rosicky,if anyone want to pay for someone who spends 2/3 of a season on the injuries list,speaks incredibly bollocks when he opens his mouth,shacks prostitutes by the bucketload,misses tap ins from a yard and is genarally a nasty piece of money grabbing work the very meaning of the word mercenary.Hleb,as usefull as a hole in the ground.Runs around like a headless chicken passes it to first available opponent,runs around looking like a girl dont like the tackle(haha pun not intended) giving or receiving.

  5. G4L_Harry said

    Nice article, I liked the way you sneaked in a little apology before berating someone nicely!!

    The point which is the most poignant is that no one seemed as you put “to give a shit” , ok Ade tried and Diaby was ok but ineffective on the left, but as a team we were lacking cohesion and desire. Simply it was not good enough. If Parlour and Keown are still hanging the training ground I suggest they share a few words with some players.

    Hope your game goes well and lets us know how many you conceded frm crosses!!!

  6. steve said

    why the freak are you havin a go at roskiy?

  7. steve said

    i mean the guy is real attacking qulaity, has pace and scores goals. what we need is the board to gove the professor a loada wonga to buy eto’o. but that ainst gonna happen so he has to play kids.

  8. karach said

    Thanks for the beauty of the coments, but am worried bcoz Wenger is becoming stupid and stupid each passing day. Dont blame the players bcoz he is the centre of all the buying, selling, coaching, selecting, substitutions, defending, correcting the team and all the players.

    To my surprise, he is remaining with only one quality, COACHING. The rest??? he is a nut now. Time for the funs to show anger no more boring excuses. I think Arsene should be somewhere in AFC Committee, no more as a Coach, am happy now bcoz the reasons for Ashly Cole, Vieira, Edu, etc leaving is coming into perspective.

    2 seasons using comedians, artists, foreigners lacking the ambition, more so, the HOPEFUL Players’kids’enjoying cash with no critisism.

    Look at Barcelona the way they are attacking Ronnie, Sir ALEX F chasing useless BECKAM, STAM etc, Wenger is a soft Manager, his tactics are now well known, I dont think he can even beat LEEDS at present.

    Please, Sack him, or Tell him to buy other strikers, and start buying English players who have the thirst and Will.

    Sell: Rosicky the artist, eboue the diver, Heavy useless Baptista, slow thinker Adebayor, Comedian Walcott, Aged Lehmann, Tinny weak Hleb, Soft Clichy, Useless Aliadier, Dead Ljugberg. Just imagine 4 midfield players with 2 goals between them in 30 matches!!!!

    Wenger is the real centre of all the short comings currently.

  9. iceman10 said

    Absolute joke of a performance, that was the worst i seen them play since man utd hammered us 6-1 almost 6 years ago!! Wenger better pull his finger out of his ass and but 3 experienced players that we desperatly need.
    1. a left back…abidal comes to my mind.
    2. ribery a proper wide player who cust inside and CAN score goal.
    3. and last we need a goal poacher and that would be etoo!!! unlikly but hearing all these rumours that his unhappy surly wenger has the money to buy all three players they would be perfect for this team!
    Im just sick of his lame excuses,
    we HAVE the money so start spending it or we wont even be playing in the eufa cup!!

  10. Arsenallllll said

    WE NEED TO SPEND SPEND SPEND, simple as that. We need a new keeper a tall acomplished centre back, a good left winger and pref another striker. I would like GK AKinfeev, CB Chivu, LM Ribery and ST Huntellar. Out Baptista. Many are calling for Hleb and rocicky out NO, we need as many players as we can get who are over the age of 18. Rosicky has been injured but hopefully next season he will be fit, and we all know what Hleb can do. My transfers above are wishful thinking, we all know out transfer policy will be exactly the same as it is every year. Im not holding my breath for anyone except a couple of 16 yr old French kids. When in AW going to open his eyes and realise we need older player, acomplished players not just a team full of kindagarten kids. The problem is, yeah they have done ok BUT WE HAVE WON NOTHING!

  11. Franny Jeffers said

    1) Danish Gooner is a chump and probably never been to watch an Arsenal Game.

    Rosicky is absolute class and if you see him running on and off the ball, there hasn’t been another Arsenal player getting in better positions or working harder. I have seen him execute so many sub-assists and assists this season that I think you’re a complete twat for wanting to get rid of him. Shut up and go to watch some games live before you open your mouth.

    2) Can people please stop calling for the bad luck charm that is known as Freddie Ljunberg?? Ever since he’s come back from injury we’ve been atrocious. Maybe he messes people up in training or something but he is useless too. He needs to go and not play.

    3) We lost our best left back in Cashley so Wenger decided to be intelligent and sell our best right back in Lauren too?? What a muppet. Lauren was pure class; Eboue is a TWAT and will NEVER be a good defender and nowhere near as good as Lauren. Sure he’s great running forward but he’s so crap at stopping crosses and getting back and defending once he’s run forward. Gay Clitshyte is pure crap as well. All season I’ve been moaning that our full backs are pants but people have told me that they’re class. Look at where all of liverpools goals came from – Crosses! I didn’t see the muppet-backs preventing any crosses. Useless! Bring in Eric Abidal and let Hoyte play instead of Eboue!

    4) Diaby is a flash in the pan performer but his runs amount to nothing; I’ve seen him run at defenders and lose the ball on several occasions. Yeah he’s performing but he’s an average player but then average players surrounded by plays playing crap always do look good.

    5) Hleb needs to stay on the bench for a while and punished for his past 8 poor performances… actually the last good performance from him was against Blackburn just before christmas!

    6) Baptista?? The Beast?? The man probably has a deranged beasts brain, control and skill as he can’t seem to control or shoot to save his life. He’s crap; please stop giving him chances and bench him. Even I (Franny Jeffers) did better for Arsenal than the silly Bap man.

    Enough ranting now.

    Franny for England.

  12. Anonymous said

    wankers sack the lot of them,, you twats cry like fuck when ye get beat ye worse than the geordie twats

  13. karach said

    Queresma from Porto for Rosicky, Ryan Babel in for Hleb, Eto or Huntelaar a MUST if Stupid wenger is to smile again. Wenger doesnt need to be reminded of Abidal, he should go for him.

  14. Franny Jeffers said

    Problem with the tactics are:

    Once Blackburn (yes the second rate premiership thuggish fouling boring team) figured out how to Neutralise the Arsenal attack, every team has followed and have now completely neutralised the Arsenal build ups.

    Mark Hughes broke Arsenal and now everyone knows how to break them. There are no second plans to score. All teams have to do is have 8 defending and make sure that at least 4 stay back to stop any counter attacks… better still; if teams are gonna let Arsenal counter then let the ball go to Hleb in counter attacks so he can pass the ball back to Toure instead of going forward like he should do.


  15. […] Mark Norman Francis wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptUp top, you see how I am leaving defence until last, we had one player who ran his heart out – Adebayor and one who looked useless – Baptista. I have been hesitant to criticise the Bap as I want him to do well. … […]

  16. woody said

    danish gooner calls for alex. good idea if he wasnt owned by chelski for crying out loud

    karach is spot on, the problem is AW
    bad signings, hleb, flamini, baptista, walcott, song(!!!!) to name a few

    sticking with tried tired and trusted non performers, baptista adebayor gilberto lundjberg, no guts AW?, sell em for christ sake

  17. Flint McCullough said

    End of season game with end of season lethargy. Arsene needs to snap them out of that pronto.

    Means nothing – anyone out there got any grip on reality. Shit happens & we have had a spell of it but the future is great.

  18. Hussain said

    Sumtime Arsenal i lose trust in but i stick wid da team i support.
    we play good against big teams but sumtimez we r totally rubbish at beating lesser clubz den uz

  19. Mike said

    We sell one of the best right backs we have ever seen in the premiership in Lauren, because Wenger couldn’t break the hearts of these two bums Eboue and Hoyte? These guys BLOW ! Wenger you are a moron……..

  20. […] Anger/frustration vented – check Today is Sunday, some do not enjoy this particular day of the week. Often it is referred to a day of nothing, I […] […]

  21. Flint McCullough said

    I was dissapointed to see him go too, but when did you last see Ralph play Mike?

    Anyone who calls Arsene that must expect the assertion to be reflected back on themself!

  22. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptI usually am quite an optimist, when we lose I take the positives and resist laying into players or the manager, however today is different… I guess I better talk about yesterday’s game then. Now I am not going to give a match report on … […]

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