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A week for Arsene to really earn his money

Posted by James Dall on 2, April 2007

Monday, sigh… with our next game not until Saturday I expect news to be pretty minimal. To add further insult to injury it is Champions League this week, a competition we bossed last season.

There really is not much around. Most blog’s or sites have gone with April Fools headlines but I couldn’t be arsed yesterday. Morale is still pretty low for me. As mentioned yesterday, I played football. It was a bit of a shambles, most people starting messing around after about ten minutes. That pissed me off. It was about 8 a side – good numbers. Although it was a casual match, for me there should always be an element of competitiveness. My team was truly awful and so was the opposition really. They scored so many goals off shots that turned into passes. They would then celebrate like it was on purpose – frustrating. I think it finished about 14-14, I decided to go home as it really was a poor excuse for a football match.

Anyway, so we play on Saturday. West Ham at home, 3.00 kick off. That game cannot come fast enough for me and I would like to think the players feel the same way. When a team lose I like to think they are desperate to get on with the next game to put it right. Arsene has spoken about treating every game as a ‘cup final’. Fair enough, one thing is certain though, the fans expect a performance on Saturday.

Arsene’s extended post match reaction can be read here. It is pretty interesting I feel. It is rare that publicly he criticises the team but in this case I think it is impossible not to.

Just to give an idea of how our fixtures draw to a close – out of our 8 games remaining, 5 of them are at home. There are some pretty big games in there though. Spurs away, Chelsea at home and Bolton at home. Our form right now is pretty poor too. In the league in the last five games we have DWWLL, that for me is hardly top four quality. If we are to finish top four we really need to buck our ideas up, especially as Bolton won over the weekend.

Now as much as I love Arsene and what he has done for the club, right now things look pretty bleak. The manager and his coaching staff really need to work with the players this week. They need to make them realise that that performance was horrific and if it happens again certain players will be out the door.

That is it from me today, I plan to make a solid start on my dissertation – how exciting. See ya.


12 Responses to “A week for Arsene to really earn his money”

  1. Emkay said

    We need more comments from Gallas and less from Cesc who seems to be a bit too lippy at the moment. As good as he is he has to earn the right to mouth off after he has won something. We need back bone and the will to get in the CL that will pay their highly inflated wages next term. They are not bad players suddenly but disillusioned ones! Grow up!

    BAG-DAG+ Born A Gooner – Die A Gooner

  2. Sue said

    Oh give it a rest. I’m getting really fed up with our own fans slagging the manager and players off. If you dont like it sod off down the road and give your support to the yids!

  3. Good one Sue, read my other 149 posts and realise I rarely actually give the players or manager a hard time. I am hardly slagging off the team – I think the most optimistic of us realise that Saturday’s performance was awful, Arsene included.

  4. Flint McCullough said

    Well done Sue !

  5. Billy said

    What rubbish Sue and those who agree with her. Saturday was one of the worst Arsenal performances under Wenger. These players did not give a xxxx whether they won or lost and Arsene’s selection amazed everyone. Let’s face facts Arsenal are hopeless at the moment and Wenger seems unable to do anything about it. The players and manager deserve all the abuse that they get as they were utterly abject on Saturday and have been hopeless for some time. If they cannot accept this justified criticism then it is them who should get lost and we should get some players in who care about playing for Arsenal. The fact the they gave in after 3 mins says it all. Pathetic, utterly pathetic

  6. Flint McCullough said


    It was an end of season performance & yes they need to snap out of it pronto.

    However I fail to see what throwing abuse at them produces other than a lack of confidence, which in turn produces more poor performances.

    We lost a match, the future is great so don’t be such a cry baby!

  7. Rock on Arsenal – a big compliment coming from a Spurs fan (ah yes) – hope nevertheless you keep doing fine.

  8. Fishpie said

    Somewhere in time Arsene moved from two fighting, tackling, defending central midfielders (Vierra, Petit/ Vierra, Gilberto) coupled with fast breaking wide men (Overmars, Pires, Ljunberg, and ) and went to a passing possession midfielders (Fab,Hleb and Rosisky). Was this a tactic designed to prioristise the Champion’s League? Has Wenger decided that a win the ball, fast breaking game,great for the Premiership, is not going to win the Champions League, the one he hasn’t yet got? Is this why even with young players he has invested in young possession players rather than fighters. Denilson and Diaby are not tackiling midfielder players , both are neat and good on the ball but carry no aggression or muscle. We let Sidwell go. Wenger seems to have forgotten the fighting spirit of Parlour, Keown, Vierra, Campbell. Even Cashley had an edge to his game. Football is a balance of many attributes. We can pass well and …….

  9. […] A week for Arsene to really earn his money Monday, sigh… with our next game not until Saturday I expect news to be pretty minimal. To add further insult to […] […]

  10. rizal said

    arsenal loser to liverpool
    rizal cry

  11. Flint McCullough said

    There is something to what you say Fishpie.

    The truth is PV4 has proved irreplaceable & anyone approaching his ilk will be snatched up by Chelsea, ie Essien. That is not to say it was wrong to let Paddy go because he needed another motivation.

    The current team are learning to battle the proof of which is the number of times they have come back from deficits this season.That does take spirit. I agree we lack a nasty b’std but Denilson & Cesc won’t be a soft touch.

    What you also have to remember is that all those “spirited” players you mention(& they were/are), also took part in some pretty poor performances in their time.

    We are a work in progress at the moment & heads are a bit down. However we have the strongest basis for a great side that I have seen & now just needs 2/3 injections of personel & the bit of luck any side needs to really take off.

  12. niladriroy said

    this is good, But I found some spelling mistakes i.e “a competion we bossed last season” in the article


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