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Video of ‘fabulous’ Merida

Posted by James Dall on 3, April 2007

Good morning, news is certainly drying up at the moment. Hardly surprising really. The main news is that our Youth team crashed out of the Youth FA Cup in their second leg encounter against United. The game went to extra time and finished 4-3 on aggregate. Steve Bould, youth team coach, spoke here. He was obviously gutted, especially for the players. Steve made a point of picking out Fran Merida –

His feet are fantastic. Everything can go through Fran. He’s very left footed but he still receives on his right side and likes to put people in. He wants to receive off the back players too and gets them playing which really keeps the team ticking over. Tonight he was fabulous until he completely ran out of legs. I asked him before extra time how he was feeling. He more or less said he was absolutely dead on his feet. I didn’t want to bring him off but it was the right thing to do. It doesn’t help the team of course because when Fran Merida is playing well we tick completely and we missed that a little bit. He was terrific.

He clearly has potential, however it is important for us not to get carried away. As it is a quiet day though, here is a video of Merida in action –

Left footed and shoots… hmmm, could be what we are looking for but then again we ideally are looking for a proven world class midfielder, I am not entirely sure if Merida’s natural position is wide left? Either way he clearly has talent.

Toure has made an attempt to show unity after the shocking result over the weekend –

We need to be really strong all over the pitch. When we win we win together and when we fail we fail together.

I guess the proof will be in the pudding on Saturday and then in every game up until the end of the season. What confuses me is that it does appear that the loss has shaken the players up and now they appear to have realised 3rd or 4th place was no certainty but did they not realise that already? Blimey…

Very short blog today as I need to continue with my dissertation. I am off out tonight to get extremely drunk so there is a possibility that the blog will be a little late tomorrow. Have a brilliant Tuesday.


23 Responses to “Video of ‘fabulous’ Merida”

  1. Franny Jeffers said

    I’ve been ranting about Fran Merida for about 8/9 months. He does seem an excellent player but he’s not strong enough to last a whole match yet. I’ve seen him playing live about 6/7 times and he is pure class – just needs more strength.

  2. Anonymous said

    I reccon he’s a good player but he’s just another fabregas and he aint that fast

  3. Scooch said

    Hahaha Just another Fabregas???

    Shame he’s not just another Pele or Maradonna eh?

  4. mjc said

    Damn! Stuck with “just another Fabregas”, when what we really need is another Parlour….

  5. I have read he is more of a dribbler – he is also taller than our ‘average’ Cesc. I think saying they are similar seems a bit of a rash comment with no real substance.

  6. Franny Jeffers said

    In all honesty he is quite good at taking players on, makes great tackles and actually looks much bigger than Fabregas. He doesn’t get bullied off the ball at all, doesn’t have pace but he has a lot of skill and is both footed but better with his left foot.

    I’ve seen him play in the reserves a few times and then in the FA Youth Cup Quarter Final (both legs).

  7. Arsene Wenger said

    Fran has been linked with Madrid over the past 2 months. Offers of 13 million Euro’s have come in. Unfortunatly hes going at the end of the season.

  8. Franny Jeffers said

    But why would he sign a 4 year contract a month ago then? I believe you are lying.

  9. miron said

    he can be better then cesc

  10. Mr Arsenal said

    Why do we insist on building up these young kids before they’ve even done anything?

    Let’s give him time and just let him play his football rather than heaping tons of pressure on him to be Arsenal’s saviour!

    He’s not our next anybody, he’s Fran Merida and what will be will be.

  11. Mr Arsenal, hence – ‘however it is important for us not to get carried away’

  12. TIMMAL said

    Doesn’t Wenger see that we are just becoming a proving ground for other teams.These kids are fab but not good enough to go all the way at this level. They make a name for themselves and then leave. Doesnt Wenger see this, he’s gooner have a heart attack before he wins anything again.PRIDE PRIDE RUBBISH PRIDE!

  13. Mr Arsenal said

    Arsenal News,

    it was more in response to the other comments, but thank you for reading mine.

    I just think that it’s hard enough for these talented youngsters to make the breakthrough without the fans and the media making it even harder for them by building them up before they’ve even had a real chance to prove themselves.

    Just look at the expectation level that Theo Walcott already has on his shoulders, maybe that’s why he needed the op!

  14. It would be great if he got a run out between now and the end of the season.

    I hope you don’t mind some self-promotion! Click on for why I think Aliadiere should be given another chance on Saturday.

  15. Mr Arsenal said

    Does he have a choice GoonerTimes?

    You’ve already linked!

  16. […] Video of ‘fabulous’ Merida Good morning, news is certainly drying up at the moment. Hardly surprising really. The main news is that our Youth team […] […]

  17. ehabbw said


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  18. Denis S said

    Wow, great player. Nice touch, good control…what could ask for?

  19. CmonYaGunners! said

    flamini leaving will be the first of a whole heap for the arsenal…wenger will blood them, get them seen by the world, and then due to these new rules theyll get jacked by some other club offering 1st team regular action…

    the decline of a great club is well and truly underway, and theres nothing we can do as wenger will conveniently leave his wallet at home on our summer holidays!

  20. rydlp15 said

    There is nobody like Zidan Zidane he is the best, was the best. But is good to see sombody like Merida doing the same steps. Beautiful game.

  21. […] Video of ‘fabulous’ Merida […]

  22. Cogghe said

    Why the fuck do you keep comparing him with fabregas? Fran is an amazing talent he’s got the speed hes got the skills. He makes beautifull goals and he’s a great dribbler, Let’s not forget that hes only 16. He’ll become one of the best

  23. Doomster said

    many things to discuss… But anyway I’m not going to discuss such a personal topic. Reading it is ok, but discussing it makes you look like a chatter –box and a rumor-spreader.

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