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I am hungover and tired, cheerio Flamini

Posted by James Dall on 4, April 2007

Afternoon, argh I feel rough. After a very heavy night, I have that awful dry mouth, the one which simply will not go no matter how many pints of water you consume. I cannot comprehend why on earth we kept visiting the shots bar, shot after shot of Goldschlager, hmmm.

On with the scattering of Arsenal news then I guess, the main story is the the Flamster wishes to leave in the summer. He said the following –

I have reached the end of a cycle. I have spent three years at Arsenal and my lawyer has assured me I can leave in June. To do that I have to pay the club my last year of wages. My next three years will be important. I want to play and reach a new level. The Arsenal team is young and has qualities, but I play rarely at the moment. It is a difficult moment to experience and in such a situation any player asks himself some questions. Above all I want to go on working and improving. I want to score more goals, assist more often and finally win the Champions League.

Completely understandable I feel. He has had his critics but he has always given 100% when he has played. He showed terrific versatility last season, playing at left back in the Champions League and this season he has scored a couple of very important goals. He certainly is quite a way down the pecking order for a place in midfield but recently many have suggested they would have preferred to see him in instead of say Denilson. I can certainly see the argument for this, he is a gritty player and in a way compliments Fabregas more. He is more defensive minded than Fabregas and Denilson. I will be interested to see if he makes an appearance before the season is up. Either way I wish him all the best.

Arsene discusses the idea of having reserve teams in the football league and Vieira sees similarities between him and Diaby.

Depressingly Liverpool hammered PSV last night 3-0, sigh… Anyway that is it for today. Apologies for the short blog but I feel terrible. I am off to lie down. I think an early night is in order.


7 Responses to “I am hungover and tired, cheerio Flamini”

  1. Tut tut… fair play for writing the blog with a hangover though!

    Let’s hope Flamini stays. I really worry for the team if they let a player like him though.

  2. idafc said

    It will be a shame if Flamini leaves, as I think he’s a good player in the Grimandi role — that 13th choice player/utilityman who can be quite handy. Perhaps, though, this will give opportunity for Muamba in the coming season.

  3. aj said

    It’s true, it was depressing to see how easily Liverpool took out PSV last night but that PSV team was nothing like the one that played against us. For a start, they were missing their two best players in Kone and Alex and players who had performed fantastically against us looked amateur last night e.g. the Portuguese centre-back and the goalkeeper. It is no surprise that they shipped in 5 goals in the league last weekend either. It is very hard to extrapolate from one game to another, as circumstances change. If we could have turned out our side that played away at Reading earlier in the season, against that PSV side we saw last night, I am sure we would have won by a cricket score.

  4. aj said

    If Flamini goes though, we could bring back Steve Sidwell on a free. I think he is the more complete player.

  5. Manx Gooner said

    It is unlikely that Muamba will be returning to Ashburton Grove, there is still too much competition for a central midfield place in the team.

    Also, both Sidwell and Muamba are English, so that counts against them!

    Gilberto, Fabregas, Diaby or Denilson will need to be sold to free up a space for a central midfielder, even if Flamini does leave.

  6. richie said

    you never know we couldve been playing barcelona

  7. name said

    Good day!,

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