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Outrageous amount of news + a minor but key change emerges

Posted by James Dall on 7, April 2007

Good morning all, a big day in the Arsenal News household as it is my nan’s 70th so a big celebration awaits. Before I get cracking on the news, just a note for those who regularly visit the site – the observant of you may have noticed that the title at the top of the blog has changed from ‘Arsenal News’ to ‘Arsenal News Blog’, coupled with this some of you might have previously accessed the site through (which just for the record you still can do), however the site will now automatically be forwarded to my new domain… da da da…

So there we have it, you can still type in, that is fine, it will redirect you here. Those who have live feeds will not have to change a thing, it will all still work, still the same content just a slight name change. So if you have not done so already, why not go for a sneaky bookmark of the site on your web browser. Anyway

I shall save the team news until last, Arsene has reacted twice to the rumours of a takeover, here and here. His take on the matter is as follows –

I don’t think that the club has been bought by somebody. It’s just somebody who has bought shares. To me it seems this is an investment not an ownership.

Ok but then he goes on to say –

You have to wait for the future to see what his intentions are.

That does make you think that in the future there could well be a possibility he might want to buy more shares, hmmm for me this whole foreign owner trend is odd, the people who are silly rich rarely have any real connection to the club or deep down love for it. It is a concern. In the second ‘here’ he goes a bit philosophical and discusses the club’s image and values.

Arsene, as we all pretty much expected, has rubbished the rumours of Thierry leaving Arsenal –

The story is wrong.

And that is that for me. There is bound to be more garbage in the press but it is absolute crap. Henry is going nowhere, case closed.

Arsene also spoke about Flamini’s possible exit –

We have heard about Flamini, who is keen to go and play somewhere where he will get some more games. I’ll regret it but I feel at the moment we have to be understanding as well with him. We’ll sit down at the end of the season and see where we go from there.

For me that is a reasonable reaction, I think we all understand Flamini’s situation, he is at an age that he really does need to play regularly.

Wenger refused to comment on the Alves rumours, Sevilla have also rejected the talk of an Alves exit. From what I am aware he would cost a fair bit and I am not sure that is where our money should be going this summer.

Some very interesting news in that Ribery apparently has an agreement which could mean he is free to leave in the summer, obviously not for free but it would mean they would have to accept offers. It feels like years that we have been linked with Ribery, I have to admit I would welcome the signing, he said –

I also would like to discover new foreign leagues like England or Spain.

If he chooses England, surely Arsenal will be his destination after the comments about wanting to work with a French coach. One things is for sure, if we do not qualify for the Champions League we are buggered.

Onto team news then, the main news is Eboue is available, on top of this Arsene has said he will go with the same back four. I completely agree with his comments –

They had a bad day at Anfield and Peter Crouch had a great day. I will play the same defenders again because it would be too easy to change. I give them a chance to respond in a better way, to show what good players they are.

The same back four will really have a point to prove, he also mentions how the team in front of the back four need to win more 50/50s. As mentioned yesterday I guess the options are either two up top so either Ade and Bap or Ade and Ali or just play one up top – Ade. For me Bap and Hleb should be benched for this game with Freddie and Aliadiere coming in. Therefore –

Aliadiere, Adebayor

Rosicky, Gilberto, Diaby, Ljungberg

Clichy, Gallas, Toure, Eboue


Fabregas on the bench as he has looked increasingly tired over the last few weeks. That is it from me today. Just a further reminder of the whole site situation, the proper site is this one. ‘Arsenal News’ still remains but has been morphed into ‘Arsenal News Blog‘. You can still add a live bookmark here. Have a wonderful day in the sun.

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4 Responses to “Outrageous amount of news + a minor but key change emerges”

  1. Fab has rested his ass off now, so no bench for him!

  2. Scooch said

    Norway Gooner,

    When did Cesc rest? He’s tired and after last weeks display he should be given at least 2 matches rest.

    Play Diaby and Gilberto (in 4-4-2) or Denilson as well (in 4-5-1, which I’d prefer) with Rosicky and probably Freddy on the wings. Hleb needs to be on the bench for a while after his last few appearances too.

    If we lose today then we have quite a big problem!!!

  3. […] Outrageous amount of news + a minor but key change emerges Good morning all, a big day in the Arsenal News household as it is my nan’s 70th so a big celebration awaits. […] […]

  4. HelloWorld said

    Peace people

    We love you

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