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That one match summarised the story of our season

Posted by James Dall on 8, April 2007

Hmmm to be honest I am not going to write a match report, I only caught bits and bobs of the game but I know what the main theme was – we create and do not finish, they get a couple of chances and put one away. I think we are all a bit fed up of how many times this has happened this season.

Highly infuriating, we actually played pretty well from what I gather, just completely lacked the cutting edge once again. My goodness how we have missed Robin/Henry. For me, the fact that we had two strikers on the bench and Freddie was chosen to play off Adebayor, speaks volumes. I think Arsene has realised that Baptista and Aliadiere are not going to cut the mustard. If Baptista leaves in the summer, and he should, and Aliadiere is sold, that would leave us with – Thierry, Robin, Adebayor, Bendtner and Theo (who is by no means ready to play up front on a regular basis) for next season. It shall be interesting to see if Arsene feels the need to purchase a striker in the summer. Of course the strikers are not completely to blame, people are aware of the lack of contribution from midfield. Yesterday though I just feel we were unlucky, the woodwork twice and then Robert Green played an absolute blinder. I am obviously gutted, especially as Liverpool and Bolton won. However due to the Easter period we have tomorrow to put that right. Newcastle away, I am not too confident. Bolton at home follows this match, if we do not win that then we really are in trouble. Being an Arsenal fan right now is a bit crap.

Arsene’s reaction can be read here. I think he is just a bit perplexed that we did not score.

It really is so much easier for me to write the blog when we win. I am off as morale is a bit low, feel free to vent your anger or optimism in the comments.

Happy Easter


3 Responses to “That one match summarised the story of our season”

  1. Sukhjit said

    excellent comment, although we should not get down beat this season feels like the last three for me, we play good football but the end result always goes against us.

    i think wenger time has maybe come up he is way too araogant in sticking with his crap ‘lets play football’ polocies even when it comes to results.

    gallas & henry in my view are way too lazy, henry we can accept but gallas is a miget of a centre half..left back ok but not centre half (i understand why morinho nvr played him there)

    anyway all is not well & we must compete in transfer market if were to win anything nxt season.

  2. Rex said

    This was a fluke result. Despite some very average performances from a couple of players who should know better. Flukes do happen happen. We’ve won and drawn games that we should have lost. How about we just bite our tongues and wish our Hammer acquaintances the best for the rest of the season.

    I still think that Wenger should buy or bring through some home produced players but please don’t start all that “english kids are all obese and do nothing” crap.

  3. olabisi said

    After the game against CSKA at the Emirates, Arsene came out and said that was the best he had seen us play since he arrived.The game against the Hammers mirrored the same performance, albeit with a different scoreline.But wait,before we get our cheque book and had to the transfer market, were we not all singing with one voice a few weeks ago when we went up to Anfield and twice in one weekend completely destroyed all what Rafa Benitez had painfully built over 3 years? We have the boys to make us proud, where Arsene plays them depends on who he has FIT at that minute in time.Morale is very very very low.Bolton plays off the Newcastle game, two very physical teams.These two games will determine the 4th place finish.We MUST win them AND the game in hand to get back into Europe next season…………………..then we review contracts, not buy players

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