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Time for Arsene and the players to really deliver

Posted by James Dall on 9, April 2007

Today’s match is crucial. If we do not win we could be in all sorts of trouble. Bolton play Everton today and ideally we need an Everton win or a draw. If Bolton win and we draw, we are on the same points with a game in hand. If Bolton win and we lose well they go above us, psychologically that we would be terrible. Today is a game we simply have to win.

Jens has spoken about the fact we have lacked ‘freshness’ this year –

This season we probably lacked a bit of freshness. We had to deal with some injuries. The aftermath of the World Cup and the whole Champions League campaign has not been positive for us.  Sometimes you have a season where you have to take a breather. But the team could be even better next season.

I am worried the manager has used that as an excuse for the players so many times they actually believe it themselves now. Sure we have had some terrible injuries but every other team had players at the world cup, you don’t see United or Chelsea lacking freshness do you? The excuse of the world cup is very annoying.

On his future, Jens said –

We will talk soon, in the next week or two. I am not frustrated, it is business. I have always said I would like to play at Arsenal because I think I am certainly aware the team has potential. I can decide to be a part [next season]. It is my decision and I have to make the decision. I am on a one-year contract right now, why should I really be disappointed about another year? It is not about one year. If I should go somewhere else, then I would go for two years, but here it is only one year. It is always my decision. I can stay, of course I can stay, but I have to talk before. It is a tough decision I have to make.

We all pretty much guessed he would be offered a one year deal and that other clubs would offer him two. The bit that interests me is that he said he would ‘be a part’ next season, which leads me to believe that even if he was to stay on he would not be number one. If Almunia is number one I will cry.

We have been linked with Jean Makoun, I do not think there is anything in it. From my research he is a defensive midfielder and a physically weak one at that. I do not think that is what we are on the market for.

Gilberto has spoken about how the players need to push themselves further. While I agree that it is still in our own hands I do not agree that –

We are in a quite comfortable situation to achieve our target.

I think most Arsenal fans a pretty worried right now, and I am one of them. If I could fast forward to the end of the season now and have us in 4th place I would take it. I will say this now – if we do not qualify for the Champions League this season it will be a complete disaster, an absolute catastrophe.

On today’s match Arsene said –

We need some fresh legs at Newcastle, and so we will see what happens.

I guess a couple of changes would not hurt but not too many. Two games in three days is a big ask but if I hear any excuses after the game about fatigue I will be furious, Newcastle are in exactly the same position as us.

Word has it that Denilson might start, I am not entirely sure who he would replace. If it were up to me I would go for –


Rosicky, Fabregas, Diaby, Ljungberg


Clichy, Gallas, Toure, Eboue


Hleb on the bench simply because he has not been performing. The partnership of Diaby and Fabregas could be a brilliant one, especially with Gilberto holding the midfield. I am pretty sure however he might go with Denilson instead of Diaby, if that happens I will be gutted, unless we win. I also really hope he does not slot Diaby out wide, that move always confuses the hell out of me. There has also been call for a big centre back to partner either Toure or Gallas, in today’s game I actually think they are the pairing to go for. I think Sibierski is out, their main aerial threat so it will probably be Martins with Dyer off him. Both have pace so I think we need Toure and Gallas’ speed.

I am going to crack on with my dissertation until the match. Fingers crossed everyone…


5 Responses to “Time for Arsene and the players to really deliver”

  1. Ben said

    I concur with most things you have written except for the line up. I think Denilson would play on the right instead of Freddie. Freddie just cannot beat a full back and deliver a decent ball across the box right now (and possibly never more). Denilson could, he’s dynamic enough. Starting Hleb without an attitude change would be a disaster.

    Personally though…I’d rather Denilson or Aliadiere on the left with Rosicky on the right but that may be too many changes. Saying that though Cesc claims he’s exhausted and so Arsene may keep him on the bench and start Denilson, Gilberto and Diaby in the middle. At which point Aliadiere would start on the left and Rosicky on the right.

    I doubt Arsene has even decided yet…but what is a definite is that Given is a better goalkeeper than Green. Given has the kind of day Green had on Saturday most times he plays! We can beat defenders, especially Newcastle ones, but can we beat Given? I hope so.

  2. I think the probleme is still how the Manager should maintain a line on strikeline(particulary Adebayor)and Ljungberg? and expect to win. For my point of view those two player should come in the game as substitutes not in starting line. Why will u always be hearing stories from manager that the problems are injuries and the fact that we were playing in many competitions. Those are stories and luck of alternatives from Wenger and Remember that he has been involving a player like senderos while plaaying Chelsea and the results were always defeats due to Sendaros errors and he has continued to put him on the pitch until we lost against blackburn. And I m sure that the next year we will face the same stories from Wenger: injuries and many competitions as if other competitors do not deal with the same. those are excuses and since he can not afford to challenge big teams like chelsea, MU, Real Madrid, Barcelona on the transfer market to get good and experienced players like Eto, Tevez and Ribery he will continue bowling us by the same stories. I m sure that as the big teams have already positioned themslves on the cases of such players E’to, Ribery and Teverz, he will withdraw from the chase. Either he change his way of dealing with problems and competitions or he resigns. Cause, next season team like MU, Chelsea, Liverpool and others will get more stronger than we will be with young and unexperienced players or dancers like Adebayor. For Me we have to let go players like Adebayor,Ljungberg, Sendaros Flaminiand Henry and look for big players like those I’ve mentioned above.

  3. Franny Jeffers said

    What is it with you people and always rating Diaby??

    Go to live games and keep a close eye on him. See how rubbish his runs are compared to the others.

    If anyone is to be replaced it will be Freddie and Rosicky NEEDS to play on the right or in support of Adebayor.

  4. Franny Jeffers said

    PS: Mystic Meg says that if Ljunberg or Diaby start any game – we will lose the game.

    It’s true; just look at our losses!

  5. Franny Jeffers said

    I should’ve said Mystic Meg says we will never win the game with Diaby or Ljunberg starting.

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