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6 minutes and 4 seconds of Franck Ribery

Posted by James Dall on 10, April 2007

Afternoon, my dissertation writing meant the blog had to be put back a bit today, my apologies for the delay.

I was sat down all ready for the match yesterday when I got a phone call asking if I fancied playing football – the sun was out and I was not feeling all too good about the game so I thought why not. Thank goodness I did decide to play football and not watch the game. Firstly because in the match I participated in we won comfortably and secondly because the Arsenal match was terrible. I managed to catch the last 15 minutes where we almost pinched it but the game was pretty flat and uninspiring. You know the game is hardly great when you press the red button to see the highlights and one of the highlights is Hleb shooting with his left foot, a pea roller into the goalkeeper’s arms.

Was a draw a disaster? I do not think so. Was it a good result? Not really. It will do as luckily Bolton drew against Everton. We have two home games coming up now, Bolton at home and Man City at home. I do feel if we can pick up 6 points in those games we will be looking good for 4th. If we do not win both those games things will be looking terrible.

Arsene’s reaction can be read here. He was not too disappointed with the result but is more than aware of how big a game Bolton at home is on Saturday.

At the moment we obviously we lack someone who can score, however for me we seem to lack someone who is willing or is capable of beating players. Now I do not want to big up Ribery too much but he seems pretty special. In the world cup he showed glimpses of what he can do but apart from that he was pretty average. He seems a direct player, one who is willing to try and beat players. That is what we need. When teams defend against us it is awfully difficult trying to find gaps amongst the 10 or so men behind the ball. If we had a player who beat someone it would mean a player on the opposing team had been taken out of the game, creating space for us to work in. I am not saying Ribery is the answer but he could well be the player we need out wide. Quaresma has been mentioned but I am unsure if he unsettled in Portugal. If you look at Christiano, he is so direct with his running, he manages to commit players and then create space for his team mates. Which of our players right now are running at the opposition? Thierry clearly would do if he were fit, Hleb usually runs side ways and is not that quick anyway. Walcott did give us something a bit different when he was available, sure he was frustrating at times but the guy is only young. Now and then he beat a full back, had his final ball been better on occasions everyone would have been singing his praises. Ribery will only come to us if Wenger actually thinks we need a wide player, on top of that Ribery needs Champions League football, without it we are pretty buggered. We will not be able to attract the sort of players the fans are craving in the summer.

Anyway here is a video of Mr. Ribery in action. I will remind you that it is ever so easy to make a player look immense in these montages but still from what I have seen he is a decent player.

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen. Team news should begin to filter through as the week progresses. See you tomorrow.


18 Responses to “6 minutes and 4 seconds of Franck Ribery”

  1. Anonymous said

    Well atleast he can score from 5 yards out unlike some of our players;) And he’s (always) a threat with his trickery… What I’m trying to say is that he can play bad but still decide the match with one superb run etc…

  2. arsenal andy said

    would he score goals for us? yes
    would he excite us?yes
    scare the opposition?yes
    would he improve our team?yes
    12 – 13m price should be ok for us, especially with the likely sales of ali,reyes,flamini and freddie so i say a definite yes please.

  3. Michael said

    If we can get Ribery for around 8million it would be great. Arsenal have needed a player with pace and power for two seasons now, I would love to see Arsene buy two quick and strong wingers in the summer. We need players who will raise the tempo of our attacks whenever they receive the ball.

    I would also like to see a strong attacker like Leroy Lita to do everything Baptista was meant to do!

  4. devvil said

    He’s one of the three signings I’d like to see from us this summer — along with Tevez and Bale. We should be able to bag all three “super-super” class players if we clear out some of the dead wood on our squad.

  5. Russ said

    The most goals Ribery has ever scored in a season is only 5. He is tempremental having already been transferred 4 times. HE IS NOT THE ANSWER!!!!!!

  6. BladeBuddy said

    Very tough argument going ’round here. I personally think that Arsenal, having lost 5 straight games, needs a good player. They should invest in Ribery’s talent. It would be a good team motivation and winning machine. Sadly looking at his excellence, Marsielle might not sell. Plus why bother when you already have Henry? Although you should bother… Well, bye

  7. graham said

    not bad seems to be a one trick pony but then so was ronaldo i rekon we should buy the defender who makes a solid tackle on him (5min 27-5mins 17) yea a must buy.

  8. […] 6 minutes and 4 seconds of Franck Ribery Afternoon, my dissertation writing meant the blog had to be put back a bit today, my apologies for the delay. I was sat […] […]

  9. walkpass said

    I think Ribery would offer more than Ljungberg… Dun think Hleb is that bad, at least his compilation had looked as good as ribery.

  10. amiripz said

    Another terrible result for the Gunners.
    I just can`t believe this seasons in ending this way.

  11. I hate youtube said

    As good as they are to watch, youtube compilations are not conducive for a discussion.

    If anyone wants to learn abotu Franck Ribery, go to and find yourself links to Marseilles streams and make up your own minds about him.

  12. Maz said

    After watching that video. Is it me or does this guy remind you of a young freddy ljungberg.

  13. rilwan said

    i quite agree with most of the fans that feels arsenal need ribery.cos if we all can remember when we did well last season reyes was arsenal danger man who with his pace caused alot of problems for the defenders expecially the game agaist juventus and real arsenal need a very fast winger who can dribble..i feel arsenal should sign the following players this summer.ribery,huntelaar,babel,carson or boruc,and dani alves

  14. Rex said

    Brilliant footage but come on. Most of us who have played football could cobble together a few minutes of us looking the billy bollocks.

    Ribery is not the answer – some support for Fabregas, a new striker, a central defender to keep Toure company and a goalkeeper who doesn’t act like a twat every other game then we’d be getting somewhere. Also getting rid of the crap (Senderos, Cygan, Diaby, Baptista etc) so no-one’s fooled as to the size/depth of the squad. Also maybe we should review this idiotic dogma of chasing players out of the team when they get to 29.

  15. Dré said

    Don’t know if Ribery is the answer or not but he is definately the TYPE of player we need! You know…the players that scare the shit out of full backs with thir pace and trickery!!

    Incidently, Rex, Cygan was crap but he plies his ‘trade’ for Villareal! Also, to imply that Diaby is crap and that we should sell him is in my opinion pure madness. He has a great football brain AND he’s not afraid to put his foot in! He will, given time, become the ‘enforcer’ the midfield has missed. Give him a fair chance!

  16. Arief said

    arsenal surely needs player like the former one, Marc Overmars.
    maybe bastian schweinstaiger, Arjen robben or lionel messi could fill this positions,
    in striker position, arsenal could refer to carlos tevez or zlatan ibrahimovic. but i didn’t sure intermilan would release the player.
    in defender position, they could refer to vincent kompany, or lucio.

  17. Ribery said

    Franck Ribery is the best

  18. ribery said

    Ribery s kingg … 🙂

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