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United score more in one game than we do in eleven

Posted by James Dall on 11, April 2007

Good morning. Success for both English teams last night, both in pretty emphatic fashion. A little stat for you – Manchester United’s seven goals in one game last night is more than we have scored in ELEVEN games. Ridiculous.

Today is pretty quiet to be honest. It seems every day now we are being linked with someone I have not heard of. Today it is Loic Perrin. He is French and a midfielder. Not an attacking one, a utility defensive one I think. Nothing to get excited about as I am pretty sure we are not in the market for that sort of player. Obviously with Flamini leaving another space might open up a bit but things were getting pretty crowded centrally, it is wide players we need.

Henry is getting a bit fed up of having to respond to the nonsense the press keeps printing. It much be highly frustrating for him especially as it is not like he can show his commitment on the pitch at the moment. He said –

I don’t know what to say any more or what to do – maybe having a T-shirt on me saying I’m staying at Arsenal and walking around London is the only thing I can do. Still I’m sure they can print something else on the T-shirt. If everybody wants to talk I can only come out and say I’m staying here. The boss, a few days ago, said already that I’m staying here and I don’t know what else to add on to that. I can only say one thing so many times, and still people comment about it and say whatever they want to say. I don’t know how many times I can come out and say I’m staying at Arsenal – it’s boring. Do they want to hear that again? I think they know I’m loyal and what I’ve done for the club since I arrived, I didn’t only talk.

Fair enough I feel. I look forward to his return next season. We could really do with him now though. Maybe he will make a miraculous recovery.

Fabregas has spoken

We have to try and go out to win six games. Then I am sure we will be alright.

Obviously if that happens we would be fine but he also mentions how if we can secure fourth then we can forget about this season. Of course this season has had its highlights but to be honest, right now, with our Champions League qualification on a knife edge, I very much want the season over and done with.

The reserves finally won a game last night. Hoyte and Djourou featured in defence. Djourou also bagged the winning goal. The fact that those two featured will mainly be so their match fitness does not drop too low. Why did Senderos not feature also? Merida played once again, he has been ever present in the reserve games and youth matches. Might he be promoted to some first team action next season?

That is pretty much it for today. Tomorrow I expect some team news for Saturday’s game. Tonight Liverpool will probably stick 8 past PSV, just to embarrass us further. Anyway, enjoy your Wednesday.


13 Responses to “United score more in one game than we do in eleven”

  1. Rex said

    I hope that I can compliment United without some w*nker saying I should s*d off and support them.

    It was an awesome performance by the Northern monkeys. In the second half I was cheering their goals. They’ve got some incredible players. In addition they had some second string players on the pitch who showed that commitment brings as many rewards as talent.

    It also shows how the bar had been raised. Maybe we ought to hope that this billionaire does buy the club and inject some cash.

    But hang on. O’Shea, Fletcher, Smith and the substitute Richardson all put in an enormous amount of effort and they were not massive money signings. They are however British players. Is this a coincidence? Personally I don’t think that it is – you’re entitled to your own opinion.


  2. Fearg said

    I agree, a little bit of heart and commitment can make up for a lack of genuine class in players like Fletcher and O’Shea etc – one thing though O’Shea is Irish not British.

  3. Michael said

    As much as you hate to say it, it was an excellent performance from them last night.

    Are we heading for an all-english final?

    The sooner this season is over the better for us Gooners.

  4. theshelfattheclockend said

    It was noticable that both Manure and the Chavs did something we don’t seem able to do, namely, shoot on sight. Not for them, it seems, the sideways pass in the penalty box when the goal is beckoning. Assuming AW was watching, then is it too much to hope that the realisation might have dawned?

  5. Michael Aneto said

    Yesterday was painful viewing all round…can’t read a paper today…Wenger can’t be happy either…while we are losing to West Ham (at home), our domestic rivals are romping into the UCL semi-finals…..and to be honest, although we can match them in one off games, I think we are quite far away from the top two (and the very top teams in Europe) at the moment. Take Gerrard away from Liverpool and we are pretty even matched…which shows you how far we have fallen!

    The Newcastle bore draw on Monday reminded me of those two Newcastle away games in a row we had to win a few years ago to do the double….we won both and Bergkamp scored that wonder goal….

    Van Persie and Henry coming back will not be enough to win the Premiership or the Champions League.

    We need a much better team blend. Seems strange to think only a couple of seasons we had Bergkamp, Cole, Edu, Virea, Pires, Lauren. He has said he wants to sign “super, super” players though. But unless Wenger actually gets in those “super, super” players (e.g. Buffon, Eto’o, Ibramovich, Hargreaves, a top central defender, etc.) I think we’re going to slide MUCH further behind the top teams. Even a Van Bommel, Keane type player to get the players going.

    But that’s £60-£80m worth of trading. Even if we have the money, will Wenger want to use it? He sees our kids as the future. He’s right and wrong. They are part of the future not the whole story if we want success.

    Some of the kids are great but we’re not going to win anything without top, experienced players for them to play with. And if they don’t get into the habit of winning soon (and not just the Carling Cup or FA Cup) then they never will with us.

    Gilberto is cool and stepping up to the plate as much as he can but he’s not the man. He’d be perfect at a Juve. Fabregas will be the man but a different type of man (e.g. Scholes, Deco, Pep Guardiola). We miss the power and desire of Viera in the middle. It’s no accident that everywhere he goes, the teams are successful (France, Juve, Inter).

    I have high hopes for Diaby but will he be a Gerrard, Essien, Scholes, Viera, Lampard (yes, I hate him too but he scores 20 goals a season from central midfield, you can’t argue with that), Gattuso, etc? Well, I can say he will find it much, much harder unless he starts playing with proven class to help him develop. Just think of the great players Viera played with.

    The same goes for Denilson (who looks quality and is up for it). And there’s no point having an emerging world superstar like Fran Merida (if you don’t know who I’m talking about, have a look on Youtube) if all he has to look up to is another emerging superstar Cesc. Theo must look enviously some other youngsters performing in world football at the moment and wonder if he will ever be one of them.

    Messi is blossoming because he’s playing with Puyol, Deco and Ronaldinho. Jon Obi Mikel looks a world away from the player who started the season. Training with Makele and Lampard will have that effect if you have the talent. Robinho may never reach the heights his talent desrves because he’s played the last two seasons with has beens and young players who aren’t good enough.

    As for our play, we can be dazzling. We can cut teams to pieces with our passing to create tap-ins and one-on-ones but there isn’t enough consistent variation (any more) in the way we create goal attempts.

    Wenger needs to rethink how to get some width and more variation in the team and our play. Joachin was great for Valencia last night but they scored a long-range beauty last week. Giggs and Ronaldo gave masterclasses for ManUre. Joe Cole was prepared to go past people as well as play the cute pass. Apart from Eboue on occasion, Arsenal just don’t get enough crosses in. And apart from Van Persie, no one scores regularly enough from distance. Wasn’t Rosicky supposed to like a shot?

    And can we get (a)nother defensive coach? It’s embarassing in the Premiership. If you’re a Premiership team with aspirations to be the best but you don’t score bucketloads and you can’t defend to international standard EVERY GAME well then you’re Tottenham, Newcastle, Everton or Bolton. If you can defend to that standard, you’re Chelsea (or Leeds in their heyday, or us in 1991) and grind your way to the top with sprinklings of flair.

    And if you can do both consistently over a season, then you’re Arsenal or Man U at their best. Something is clearly not right when you are mugged off as many times over a season as we are.

    Wenger on matchday worries me now. I’ve lost confidence that he will do anything during a game even if the players don’t turn it around (like at Man U. We were brilliant). Was at the PSV game and at no point did I think he was going to do anything that would change the game in our favour. Wish I was wrong. Mourhinho last night….I despise him but – wow. You don’t get the sense that Wenger wants to win at all costs even though his desire is palpable. 1 FA Cup in three seasons is not an enviable record at the top table of football management.

    Last year’s brilliant Champions League run glossed over our true position. Qualifying for this year’s competition on the last day was a truer reflection of where we are. The thing about only living for the future is that the future never comes.

    Is ‘Wenger knows’ still true? I don’t know anymore. But I’m sure Wenger knows that his previous successes and the success of all great teams depend on blends of different types of play (to counteract different opposition), different types of player at different stages in their career and managers that are prepared to change it all during the game.

    It’s just whether or not he is willing to change his ineffective but admirable philosophy to bring success back to Arsenal.

    Three massive games against Bolton, Spurs and Chelsea now.

  6. 5am said

    Flamini also showed that commitment and motivation and whats AW done with him – early dimentia setting in?????

  7. NEIL said

    i think you should sod of and support them to be honest.
    Cheering their goals my ARSE..

  8. It is strange that Senderos is not being favoured at the moment . He would have been ideal for the Liverpool game. Is he leaving?

    Arsene needs to release/sell some players to generate funds and space for new experienced preferably scoring forwards.

    Flamini Ljumberg Aliadere and Baptista to name a few.

  9. hi

    only thing to do is sack aw and pr.

    apppoint tony adams or roy keanne immediately
    and we shall see positive results.

    aw expects to win the champions league/premiership with
    a bunch of no potential-kids. if he doesn’y buy super quality players this summer i will stop rooting for arsenal.

  10. aj said

    The commentator at Old Trafford last night also pointed out that Man Utd scored more goals in that game than in their umpteen previous games. It doesn’t mean much. They only scored one more than we did against Blackburn – so what? Anything can happen in a single game and Italian teams are notorious for giving up once the chance to win has gone e.g. us against Inter Milan in the San Siro.

    You should also note that Man Utd got knocked out at the first group stage last year but have gone on to do well this year. The same could happen to us next year – it’s the way of knockout competitions, anything can happen but it doesn’t give an indicator of what might happen next year.

    Mind you, I am not suggesting that our finishing has been anything other than crap this season.

  11. Reading had a 6-0 in the prem this year.

    Last night’s score counts for zero if you can tune it out of your mind.

    Which is what Sir Alexus of Ferg does with his teams. Mental strength. That’s the ONLY reason why O’Shea looks as if he can ‘cut it’ in the league, the only reason why Richardson and Fletcher still exist in the top division, the only reason why Rio Ferdinand plays well. They’re technically inept, the lot of them.

    And which, it appears, your team lost after the triple blow of exiting all cups during the start of your bad run.

    You’ve got an exciting team. Sure, losing players like Edu and Pires without adequate replacements was very bad, but Wenger does tend to put his faith in the ‘right’ players. Can you imagine a squad of premiership ‘veterans’ with an average age of 25 and average EPL experience of about 4 years?

    Wow, you guys are getting so pessimistic.

    Have a little more faith. Wenger deserves at least that much, having given you the very players whose departure y’all bemoan in the first place.

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  13. amiripz said

    It is really said to agree with your fact about Manchester scoring more than the Gunners in 4 matches.
    However, I am glad they scored against rioma merda.

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