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Win or bust for Arsenal? Plus possible starting line-up

Posted by James Dall on 13, April 2007

Morning, tomorrow is a huge day in our season, nervous? I am a bit to be honest, we must deliver. Before I talk about the possible starting line-up I shall discuss the other bits and bobs first.

There was a little bit of panic from a few supporters yesterday after the Mirror printed that Arsene would be happy to take the same squad into next season. The story is pretty old and I think the Mirror were just regurgitating it, as were Sky Sports. Looking back he cannot be serious, can he? For me though he is never going to say, ‘ I am on the look out for, a striker, a winger etc’. Firstly that means he is unhappy with what he has at the current moment in time, which will have an effect on morale, secondly clubs around Europe would inflate their prices and thirdly other clubs would be on the look out as to see who we are eyeing, especially with Arsene’s record for discovering talent. Of course most of those three reasons are hope. He better sign a couple this summer, or else!

There was confirmation on the Arsenal Website yesterday of how much Stan now owns – 11.26% to be exact. There are still many murmors of a takeover, some fans are for it now if it means more money. I am still on the fence. I would prefer us to stick with an English Director to be honest.

Baptista says he is unclear on where his future –

I still have not got a clue. I do not know what will happen. I may stay here at Arsenal, I do not have an answer.

I think every Arsenal fan would be devastated to see him stay, he has not delivered.

Djourou has spoken to Arsenal TV, and quite maturely may I add. He covers the fact he has played more games than he expected that he would this season. He recognises that as Gallas is back, he needs to wait his turn again and speaks of the importance of tomorrow’s games.

So onto tomorrow’s games, Gilberto has spoken about the importance of it –

We have an important game against Bolton. It will be crucial for us, This match against Bolton will be decisive for fourth place.

With six games left for us and five for Bolton a victory in this game and a win in our game in hand would certainly calm the nerves. The thought of not qualifying for the Champions League is not worth thinking about.

Kevin Davies and Sam Allardyce have stoked the fires a bit with some comments which certainly have annoyed me. Davies –

All the pressure will be on Arsenal, because they are expected to get into the Champions League.

Allardyce –

We know how to play against them. Tactically, we are astute enough to work out what their strengths are and to expose their weaknesses. We are good at working them out and stopping them playing to their best.

If the fact we need to win the game to help secure Champions League football is not motivation enough, surely those comments will send our players out fighting. We need a really gutsy display and an incisive one. One where we score an early goal, I feel if that that happens we will see a change in our play, we will play with a better flow and tempo as the pressure will be off slightly.

Arsene discussed the team news, basically there is no new news. Henry, Robin and Theo are out but aside from that everyone else is available. I would go with the following team –


Rosicky, Fabregas, Diaby, Ljungberg


Gallas, Djourou, Toure, Eboue


The back four is the debate for me. Up top I definitely feel Adebayor is our only real option, Ali and Bap have not delivered time and time again. That midfield our with Gilberto just behind is a solid one I think. All will work hard, Diaby’s presence and rawness will compliment Fabregas, Hleb on the bench as he has been way below par and Freddie not only gives us lots of running but also scored the winner against them in the FA Cup.

As mentioned the back four is a difficult one. We know they will knock it long most of the time, they do get it down but the majority of their play comes from a direct ball followed by a knock down or some holding up play. Djourou is 6ft 4, he is huge, he should win most aerial battles if he plays to his full potential. Senderos, although physically good, still worries me. They often use the diagonal ball and I think Clichy could well be a bit exposed if he was playing, he is not the best in the air. The same might be said for Eboue – could Toure play right back or even Hoyte, would they give us a better option there? I really do not know, this is where Arsene earns his money. His team selection has been pretty crap recently so I really expect him to nail this one.

I will try and get a blog done before the game tomorrow, if I do not… COME ON YOU REDS!!

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10 Responses to “Win or bust for Arsenal? Plus possible starting line-up”

  1. There are 2 things Arsene has to get right:

    1. Play in a very quick tempo as in the return cup game away because moat of Bolton’s players are olderr than Arenal’s

    2. Deal effectively with the long balls that Bolton will deliver in the box.

    If this is done then it will be an exciting time for the gooners

  2. Michael said

    I think we will beat Bolton 3-0.

    The back four against Bolton should be: Hoyte (RB) – Toure (CB) – Senderos (CB) – Gallas (LB)

    Is anyone else getting more and more worried that we will be signing Baptista permanently?

  3. Daniel said

    The gunners will beat 2-0

    I think the back line should be

  4. Mitsuki said

    i think the defence line would be..

    Gallas, Senderos, Toure, Eboue

  5. Ali G said

    I think Baptista could become a great player, he has the pressure of trying to impress and earn a contract. I think your all forget how Anelka & Pires were in there first season. Baptista needs to deliver more I agree but the move to Real really made his career nose diver at the moment look at Robinho.

    Back four should be:-

    Lemon (Lehmann)
    Eboue Toure Gallas Clichy
    Freddie Cesc Gilberto Diaby Rosicky

  6. theshelfattheclockend said

    Definately add Senderos to the back four for his aerial ability – he should have played against Liverpool – and leave out Eboue the cheat. Like Michael, I am really worried that Wenger will throw away good money on that idiot Baptista who should be charged for trying (unsuccessfully) to impersonate a footballer. If further reports are correct, there’s little or none to spend anyway, so he should at least be wise with what he’s got.

  7. rico said

    Ali G – Spot on for me, Bapt has to stay, far too much pressure on him this season and after a dreadful time at Madrid he needs time to adjust and get his confidence back – and just how many players have had a torrid time in their first season – even the mighty TH couldnt hit a barn door, i like him, and always seems just a split second away… good rest over the summer, good pre season to get his confidence and i think wewill see a different player –

    i dont think we need many additions, but i do think we need a clear out – but Muamba has to stay surely, he is big strong, english and i think he could replace Gilberto who may very well be off to Juve,

    Out for me – Flamini because he is moaning, Senderous, Aliadiere, Lehman.

    Team on Sat –

    Djouru, Toure, Gallas Clichy
    Freddie, Cesc, Diaby, Thomas

    Subs – Baptista, Hleb, Eboue, Connolly, Hoyte

    home win – 3-1

  8. […] Win or bust for Arsenal? Plus possible starting line-up Morning, tomorrow is a huge day in our season, nervous? I am a bit to be honest, we must deliver. Before I talk about […] […]

  9. Bergkamp 's the man said

    I am bit puzzled that only one of you guys can see Senderos in defense. Should we want to get anything out of this one Senderos in center and Kolo on the right would be crucial. Senderos’ play may not always be beautiful and he makes mistakes – but then, who doesn’t? Great Kolo cost’ us against Sheffield United and together with Lehmann against West Ham. I would finally rest Cesc for the Bolton game and against City. His a bit off his mark right now, his passes lack the precision we are used to see and his decision making is a bit slow as of late, preventing his fabulous vision to come to effect. Denilson and Diaby – for now – can do better. Eboue has little to offer in defense – I fail to understand why Wenger keeps playing him there, just like I fail to see why he keeps playing Aliadiere as a striker instead of struggeling Hleb. My heart says 2-1, my head keeps calling me a moron.

  10. taiye. said

    arsenal are the most good club in england but the formation the manerger is usig is not good enouh almunia must be started every time because jens has been fomble in about 4to 5game in occation.and aliadier must be started every time or-julio;so, the arttack wiil be strong.

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