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Tomas Rosicky – extremely modest

Posted by James Dall on 16, April 2007


So I am back at university which means finishing my dissertation and revising for my end of year exams. I finish on the 3rd of May, I simply cannot wait, the final year of university is an arse – you actually have to work hard. As I am about to head off to the campus the blog will be short and sweet. I am relieved that we won on Saturday for the extra reason that it means I will not be taunted by my mates about Arsenal’s pathetic form recently. The Bolton victory will hopefully silence most of the critics.

Saturday’s victory could be soon forgotten if we do not deliver again tomorrow night. If we lose or draw things will once again look pretty bleak. I expect Wenger to shuffle the team slightly. We have not seen Denilson much recently, I wonder if he might be involved tomorrow evening?

Just a quick round up then, Cesc has breathed a huge sigh of relief after finally scoring in the league this season –

In November, I said I should have scored 10 goals – that is the way it is in football sometimes. You score one, then you score five and then maybe go five games without a goal.

All season I have backed him to score several from midfield, unfortunately he has been a bit unlucky but hopefully the goal against Bolton will now be the break that he needed. Another goal tomorrow evening would go down a storm.

It appears that a lot is being made of the Kevin Nolan’s comments about Cesc. To be honest if you read them closely he praises Cesc a lot but simply mentions that at times he does get a bit fiery but that actually may not be too much of a bad thing.

He has some great skill and fantastic passing – his vision and range of passing is fantastic. I could go on all day about him. He is an emotional guy, but he will learn from that and probably after the game when he has calmed down he is sorry.

Cesc is always learning and whatever Nolan or anyone says, in time Cesc will be one of the greatest midfielders in the world.

Rosicky has spoken about the run in and how we need to concentrate if we are to secure fourth. When referring to his performance on Saturday he also said the following –

I hope I did not play bad, but now I have to rest properly to be ready for Tuesday’s game against Manchester City.

Apparently he was still a bit unwell. Let me tell you right now Tomas – you were awesome on Saturday, my man of the match. More of the same please!

That is it for today, first night back means a huge night out which will probably mean a late blog tomorrow or one which is very short.

See you tomorrow.


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  1. Doc said

    James I tried to email your hotmail address but its not working. Do you have another one I could email you at?


  2. My mistake – email address has been corrected now

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