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Arsene ruined Arsenal

Posted by James Dall on 17, April 2007

Not my words ladies and gentlemen, the words of a person who decided to type that phrase into google yesterday.

If someone arrives on my site through a search engine, I can view what words they typed in. Usually it is ‘arsenal news’ or something like ‘fabregas’. Not yesterday though, one person decided to type ‘Arsene ruined Arsenal’, one can only imagine what sort of idiot this individual is. Hmmm, it worries me that someone might actually believe such a thing. Clearly their understanding of football is minimal. I just thought I would share that particular event with you. On with the news…

I feel awful today so the blog will be snappy. After a very heavy night last night my student house is pretty quiet while my housemates and I nurse our hangovers.

Apparently at one point in time Arsene was interested in Drogba but nothing came of it. If you recall a while back he claimed he was close to signing Cech too. I wish we had both.

We were interested in him when he played in the French Second Division with Le Mans, before he went to Guingamp. We went to watch him when he played in Le Mans a couple of times. But it did not happen at the time.”

There is of course the news that Fabregas is up for both the PFA player and young player awards.

Arsene said –

Player of the Year has some big candidates and some of them have done exceptionally well but I feel Cesc deserves to be in there. Certainly he deserves to win the Young Player of the Year award and, at his age, it is a fantastic honour just to be nominated for Player of the Year. Of course I support him in that, he is a fantastic player but you have to respect that players from Manchester United, who are top of the League, and Chelsea, who are in all the competitions, might have the edge on us.

I think he speaks perfect sense there. I doubt Cesc will win it but it is excellent to see him there. Maybe next season if he scores a few more and the team do better collectively, he could win.

Mr Wenger has been fined £2500 for his half time reaction against Pompey, The FA are crap.

Team news then for our match tonight –

We lost Freddie Ljungberg on Saturday with a hamstring injury but everybody else should be available. There will not be too much rotation I think. We feel that stability is important at the moment. We are not in other competitions and we know we have a breather before the Tottenham game. Therefore I feel it is important to gain a little bit of stability at the moment.

As always I am eagerly anticipating the starting line-up. I would go with…


Rosicky, Diaby, Fabregas, Hleb


Clichy, Gallas, Toure, Eboue


In theory the more games this back four play together, the better their understanding will be. I think that should be the starting line-up, feel free to disagree and leave your opinion in the comments.

That is it for today as I feel awful, adios.


21 Responses to “Arsene ruined Arsenal”

  1. Paul said

    The worrying thing is that “Arsene ruined Arsenal” directed him here!!!!

  2. I have to admit that did cross my mind! No idea how on earth the search engine directed him here, I love Arsene.

  3. rico said

    What a pratt… Arsene has made Arsenal a great club, and hasnt just looked after ‘today’ – he has made sure tomorrow and the coming seasons will be special –

    Would he rather Rioch was still at the helm, or George boring Graham!! Even ex Spurs, Mr Waddle says Man U and Arsenal are great to watch and he doesnt leave his seat…

    Get Real

  4. […] Arsene ruined Arsenal Not my words ladies and gentlemen, the words of a person who decided to type that phrase into google yesterday. If […] […]

  5. Mike White said

    In America, for every coach, no matter how successful, there’s a website calling for his head. For crying out loud, there’s a website, and he’s only the winningest Division 1-A college football coach of all time! So I’m not the least bit surprised that someone thinks Arsene isn’t doing his job. I will say that with their talent, the Gunners have no business fighting off Everton and Bolton for 4th in the Premiership and a spot in next year’s UEFA Champions League, and they to address the goalie situation (because Lehmann can’t play forever). But Arsene is the reason Arsenal has 3 Premiership championships.

  6. amiripz said

    Well, I was actually surprised to see that title of your blog post.
    I though you really mean that.

  7. PhilTheGooner said

    Just as anxious mums are calling for pedophiles addresses to be published, how I wish the culprit of ‘Arsene Ruined Arsenal’ email addy could be unveiled!

    But on a different note, don’t diss George “Brown Paper Bag’ Graham!!! This man started off the work that Arsene has continued. Before you fall off your chair in disbelief, let me clarify – their styles may be a world apart but it was Mr Graham who got us punching above our weight and winning league titles ahead of the big boys. We have never had the money, resources or gate receipts of Man Utd or Liverpool and whilst we are now considered one of the ‘Big Four’, when Georgie boy steered us to a host of silverware (including European honours and a league title during which we only lost once) we were equivalent in size to, say, an Everton, a Newcastle or dare I say it a Tottingham. So whilst many will remember Graham for the offside trap and defecting to the dark side, I’ll remember him for taking what was perceived as a middle-sized club (albeit with a long and proud history) to the very top of the English game even though on paper we really couldn’t afford to be there. We are still mixing it with clubs that spend vast amounts more than us, and so whilst no-one WANTS to finish in third (fingers crossed!) that in itself is an achievement that we can be proud of. I’m sure if Arsene had a bottomless pit like Chelski he would be all conquering, but doesn’t it feel that little bit more special that we are still up there with a tenth of the budget?

  8. gunneradt said

    Not true that Graham got Arsenal punching above their weight. Highbury had the largest capacity in the Football League in the 80s (60,000), unless you count the Valley which was falling down – so Arsenal did have the resources to compete very favourably with Liverpool. And remember, in the 70s and 80s, it was Liverpool and then the rest. Manchester United always had large crowds but underperformed for 30 years till they won the title in the 90s.

  9. cor1172 said

    lol i agree with the mailer who would asked would we rather go back to the days of sargent bilko rioch,arsene has taken arsenal to heights some of us can only dream of,remember the good old days when you could regale your mates in the pub regarding the merits of superstars like hillier and helder ,hmm me thinks the arsene ruined arsenal was written by a demented spurs turd,they still havent forgiven us for foising the king of zzzz mr graham onto them

  10. Svenland said

    Eboue is not showing the promise of 12months ago and my need to ship out if he does not inmprove.

  11. JL said

    Es una prueba

  12. ken said

    Arsene hasn’t ruined Arsenal, but he has ruined Arsenal fans.

    He’s given us unrealistically high expectations. That’s why we complain when we don’t win, why we boo when we’re “only” drawing with Man City at home.

    I love him, think every day that Arsene is our manager is a great day, whether we win or not.

  13. Arsene has transformed arsenal into a beautiful team playing the beautiful game even better than Brazil.

  14. Anonymous said

    Reyes= 8m ( available if swap deal doesn’t happen)
    Frabrice Muamba 3m(expensive coz he’s english!)
    Flamini= Pay out (last yr of contract)
    Ali/ Flamini may be chucked in to close the Ribery deal.
    O’Cearuill (1m for the three)
    Ryan Garry
    Song= 1m
    That leaves AW with 15m on top of the 2m he got for stokes and 5m in the cole/Gallas swap.
    Bendtner coming back may give a clue to where Baptista will be next yr.
    Aw will definately buy a keeper after that its anyones guess.

  15. Anonymous said

    Next Yrs Squad
    Clichy/Traore(if he isn’t loaned)
    Gallas Toure/ Senderos Djourou
    Gilberto,Fab,Denilson, Diaby, Rosicky,(Ribery/Ljunberg)
    Henry,Van persie,Adabayor,Bedtner

    Eboue Toure Gallas Clichy

    Rosicky Gilberto Fab Ribery

    V. Persie Henry

  16. Arsene is a great manager, no one can deny this but some thing must happen to see our team challenging their direct opponents: MU & the Blues(chelsea).We have to win cuips UEFA Campions league, premiership, FACup and curling not later than next year and as other teams are getting stronger we have to get stronger than them. that will be possible if we manage to buy experienced players. Why can’t we buy players such as Eto, Tevez Ribery,Abidal for just making sure that what we ve experienced this yea, not scoring will not happen next season. If our Manager doesn’t react on the case of lucking goals, I assure u that the next season will be worse than this year

  17. steve said

    imagine how worse of we would be without wenger, i agree with your team for spurs. be great to mess up their chances of qualifying for the uefa cup

  18. les said

    In response to gunneradt, saying Graham had nothing to do with the rise of arsenal your talking tripe. In 1986 when graham came we’d won nuffink for 6 years. What’s he do? buy’s perry groves and we beat liverpool in the league cup. In ’89 we win the greatest final game ever for our 1st title in 18 yrs…….when graham has left, whats he leave wenger? the best captain and the best back four for wenger to work with…..I can’t forgive graham for going down the road, but ignoring him from our past is a travesty…….And wenger is god btw

  19. I understand the frustrations of Arsenal fans this season, but to claim that Arsene ruined Arsenal shows an immature petulance with little understanding at best.

    I always anticipated a lull in the Arsenal performances for a while at the start of the season while they find their feet at the new stadium. This happens when any club moves home.

    It looks a lot wider than Highbury, which means that the kinda mental positioning the players used to set themselves now has gaps…..they need to mentally realign themselves with the pitch and each other…..this takes time. All the visual guides they used to use at a glance ie “stay ten feet to the left of …. when defending” etc …..those calculations all need adjusted to take account of a wider pitch.

    This has dented their confidence, due to conceding goals they wouldn’t have conceded before…they look shakey. This has led to the dropping of too many points, which has in turn affected the confidence. They have not turned the new stadium into a fortress as Highbury was….yet. I have no doubt that will come shortly…but that needs a solid set good of results there….which takes time.

    Unfortunately both Manchester United and Chelsea have denied them that time, and have streaked ahead making that gap look bigger. This season the best Arsenal can hope for is third in the Premiership……next season I fully expect them to be back in the hunt with Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, with Arsene at the helm.

  20. pushkr said

    U are right! Arsene ruined Arsenal. But did u see wat he did to the team? This team of young guys may not be winning now.. but trust me.. a bit of team morale and ull see arsenal top of the league next season!

  21. ebarnieh said

    There is a chance that the person who typed that phrase in didn’t believe it at all, but was a journalist for “London Lite” or “The London Paper” looking for a solid quote to back up a forthcoming article!

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