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Who will replace Dein and Fabregas?

Posted by James Dall on 20, April 2007

Well yesterday as I was so hungover and tired I thought it would be best to leave the blog for today. How wrong I was, as Thursday unfolded a plethora of Arsenal news began to unfold.

Of course I am talking about the departure of, Arsenal’s vice-chairman, David Dein. Most of what can be said, has been said already so I will only briefly give my initial thoughts and feelings on the matter. For me it is very easy for people to overreact. Everyone loves a bit of publicity, whether it is the newspapers or simply the writers of other blogs. Working on a headline which catches people’s attention is a skill, however for me there needs to be an element of truth and some substance to that headline. Many have jumped on the band wagon that Arsene will now leave. Why would he? Yes he had a superb rapport with Dein –

It is a huge disappointment because we worked very closely together. David has contributed highly to the success of the Club in the last 10 years and even before that aswell. Red and white are the colours of his heart.

…but he also has an excellent relationship with the rest of the board –

The relationship with the rest [of the Board] has always been very good and we try always to have a good understanding.

Therefore in my opinion it will not affect Arsene. Will it affect the players? I should hope not. These guys are professionals and I really do not see why the resignation of Dein should distract or worry them. There is speculation of course that Arsene might be not willing to stay on, his contract expires in 2008. If anything the board have showed solid unity in the face of a possible American takeover. I think most true Arsenal fans would agree that a foreign takeover is not the way to go. I spoke a couple of blogs back about how the fascination of foreign owners baffles me.

Chairman Peter Hill-Wood’s comments can be read here. It does not take a rocket scientist to realise that Dein was clearly keen on Stan Kroenke’s involvement to increase. We shall see over the next days or weeks how things progress. Clearly Dein still has his shares, 14.6%, so it remains to be seen what he will do with those, sell them to Stan? Join with Stan? I hope not. As well as this the club obviously need to employ someone to fill in for David, I am positive the board will find the best man for the job.

It became apparent that there will be money to spend in the summer, if Arsene wishes –

We have a budget for transfers and Arsène is well aware of what that budget is. We have a very good squad, young maybe, but developing well and if Arsène wants to strengthen it we have the money to provide him with any reasonable purchases he wants to make.

Here is hoping he actually uses the money.

Onto the other bits and pieces then. Gilberto says that we cannot afford to relax, even though we have a good cushion between 4th and 5th –

We know that in the matches against Tottenham, if we do not play at 100 per cent then it will be difficult.

The players did not give 100% against Liverpool and look what happened. Tomorrow only 100% effort will do. Furthermore he says –

Against Man City, it looked a bit strange; after our first goal we relaxed a little bit. Sometimes we can play very nice football and draw or lose. Against City, we did not play our best, but got three points.

Clearly the manager was not pleased at all that the players took their foot off the gas, I was furious at the time too.

Gilberto has discussed The Bap

I’m really confident he’ll come back to his best.

There is still plenty of debate about Julio, the majority want him off back to Spain as for us he has been pretty crap. There is a minority that believe he could still be a hit next season. Many believe he needed this season to adjust, just as Drogba needed one or two. It seems now though that even if Arsene did want him to stay, Julio would not be so keen –

The teams from the north of England are terrible. When we play them I have counted their centre-backs booting up to 30 long balls upfield per game. The weather over here is killing me. We’ll get one day of sunshine for every 30 days of rain, and it is driving me to despair. My girlfriend and my mother are frightened about not seeing the sun in England. They miss being in Madrid. Premiership football is very hard. I am Brazilian and I enjoy playing the ball, making clever touches and taking bicycle kicks. Arsene Wenger does not forbid me from doing them, but the game is so fast I don’t even have time to think about them. The moment you stop to think, someone has taken the ball off you and knocked you to the ground. Over here they value a corner kick more than a fancy flick.

Not being funny but I have seen him attempt many tricks and about two have ever come off. He has been poor for us. His first touch has been terrible and has looked way to slow for the Prem. Personally I would like to see him head back to sunny Espana.

Last on the list is team news, clearly more will emerge today but the main news is Cesc is 50/50, gutting. Also Freddie is a major doubt. Hmmm I guess Denilson would come in for Cesc with Diaby playing off Adebayor again. Denilson has not played for a few games so in theory might be fresh. However today I presume we will find out if Cesc will play.

A hell of a blog today, let’s hope it is a hell of a performance from us tomorrow. Expect a blog tomorrow with my starting line-up. Have a splendid Friday.


7 Responses to “Who will replace Dein and Fabregas?”

  1. amiripz said

    I really wasn`t expecting this to happen. Having in mind Arsene`s perfect relations to DD, I think it will be harder for the former to be convinced of staying.

    On the other hand, what if DD decides to sell all his shares to the American billionare, in that case the latter will own over 20 percent of shares and he will have a say in Arsenal`s business I must admit.

  2. Wenger Holds the key to Arsenal’s Doors!

    The current Board’s intention of holding onto their shares for a year is comical and naïve! What is likely to happen is that the club will face a year of extreme uncertainty and instability which is bound to find its way on the playing field.

    Arsene should come out and take sides.

  3. rico said

    i have no doubt – one man will not change the views of Le Boss – and who let Patrick go????? DD, thats who, and Arsene is still here, who wouldnt give Cashley the extra 5000 a week, DD – and Arsene is still here – dont get too upset…..

  4. Anonymous said

    if wenger is saying i may quit. fuck him him let him quit we are bigger than him

  5. Wenger never said he would quit. He only only thought about the next four games. He has a contract to summer 2008 and he will hounor it. Wenger has renewd his contract the year before it expires every time, so it is the same story now.

    Wenger want to see his project through. Arsenal today is what he made it and it is not yet the finished article.

  6. […] Who will replace Dein and Fabregas? Well yesterday as I was so hungover and tired I thought it would be best to leave the blog for today. How wrong I was, […] […]

  7. Valentin said

    David Dein is a loss in the fact that he was the main dealing with any player or scouting contract.
    Players knew Wenger was the main man for the football aspect, but David Dein was the money man.
    Regarding Ashley Cole, it was the board who refuse to stump the extra 5K, not David Dein. Wenger even try to plead with them. We all have seen the result.
    Hill keep saying that AW has money to spend, what he forgot to mention is that Arsene Wenger is given a annual budget that includes buy and wages.
    That’s why he get rid of fringe players mid season, because otherwise he would overspend his budget. AW wanted to keep Quincy, but the constraint given to him meant that he could not. It was either Quincy or Diaby not both.
    The same with Pires, it was either less money for Pires who refused or no pay raise for Fabregas.

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