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Quality not quantity for the next week or so

Posted by James Dall on 23, April 2007

Evening, no blog yesterday and an extremely late one today. Why? Basically because the end of university is in sight, which means I have to polish off my dissertation and revise for my exams. 3rd May 2007 I will be finished. Thank goodness. I will strive to keep the blog going daily up until that date but at times it might be a tad brief. Quality rather than quantity some might say. Moving on…

So the last time I spoke was before the Spurs game. Where to start really? We were a bit slow in the first half but second half we were dominant. A fantastic display that deserved a victory. Arsene was obviously frustrated with the late goal. Most of what can be said has been said. I am going to reserve praise for Diaby who I thought was immense. Toure and Gallas looked solid. Eboue played the best he has done in a long while. Hleb was up and down as usual. Baptista missed an easy chance to put the game to bed. Adebayor deserved his goal. Fabregas was breathtaking and Gilberto was solid as a rock.

Arsene spoke about Cesc’s development

Defensively he can get much better. Physically there is still an injection of power to come between 20 and 22. When that comes in, you become a finished man.

I think we all have admired his improvement already and are eagerly anticipating more from the man. I love him. Cesc came second in the PFA young player award to Christiano Ronaldo. Cannot really argue with that.

Arsene has spoken about a couple of matters.

Firstly the Dein issue

That is something I will be looking at soon. At the moment I am doing both jobs – the one that David Dein used to do and my own.

I am a bit concerned he is currently doing both jobs, surely the work load must destract him from the time and effort he can put into being the manager. The sooner we find a replacement the better.

Secondly the issue of investment –

I’m not against foreign ownership of clubs. How could I be? I am a foreign manager and there are many foreign players at Arsenal and in the Premiership. But it has to be done in the right way. If it happens at Arsenal it would not mean I’d quit the club.

I am against a foreign takeover but I guess the key bit is the ‘in the right way’ statement. Still though, I just don’t want it to happen. Please!

Thirdly the risk he took in playing Freddie –

He can be the player he was if he is injury-free. I felt a bit guilty on Saturday because he just had one day training and I pushed him in. I feel I made a mistake.

I can appreciate that if any player was injury free they would develop better form but I doubt Freddie can regain the form he once had. I think he might show glimpses though for example Bolton in the FA Cup.

Fourthly and lastly Lehman’s antics

It is a problem with him. The time we lost before the Spurs corner was taken made a difference. I feel at a corner that you don’t want to take too much time because the concentration drops. Sometimes I think he does over-react. But I don’t think he gets the same protection as some other keepers.

I agree that it must affect the team in some way. Lehman recently has been way below standard and needs to sort himself out. As mentioned before I hope this is his last season for us. He has been a great goalkeeper for us but we need one that is a little more calming for our defence.

That is it for this drizzly Monday evening. A blog tomorrow morning for definite!


We are looking at an evening blog I am afraid ladies and gentlemen. I am immersed in revision, argh… my apologies.


2 Responses to “Quality not quantity for the next week or so”

  1. I totally agree the board should not sell. Kroenke could loan the money and then offload the debt to the club after he has taken over.

    The only way I would support a takeover would be if he can come up with a plan that would for sure increase the funds available for Arsene in 3, 5 and 10 years time.

    But even if he said something like putting fresh money into the club from his own fortune (I think it is unlikely), how could we trust him?

    Its a very good business to buy Arsenal with borrowed money, then offloading the debt to the company bought and you get the club for free. It happened to Man Utd. It happens in corporate America all the time. Why would it not hapen to Arsenal?

  2. amiripz said

    Well that last second goal scored by Jenas hurt like hell, especially since everyone had agreed with Arsenal`c win, including Martin Jol, hence his utmost happyness after the goal.
    Indeed, Lehman should have reacted better. He did not close the corner at all.

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