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Cesc to become a true Arsenal legend

Posted by James Dall on 25, April 2007

Morning all, my Internet is a complete mess at the moment so that coupled with the obscene amount of revision I need to do has resulted in only a scattering of blogs of late. Service will resume after the 3rd of May. I am craving the afternoon of that day when I walk out the exam room knowing three years of university is up. Sure I will be saddened that my undergraduate degree experience will be over but it will be a wonderful feeling to not have to think ‘hmmm what assignment is next on the agenda’. On with with the minute amount of news.

Cesc has spoken of how one of the main reasons he is at Arsenal is because of Arsene –

One of the reasons why I am at Arsenal is Wenger. He (Wenger) has said that is going to fulfil his contract and I trust his word. I would like to return to Spanish football, but before I must finish my time in England. Now, my plans are to stay in London. I am very happy here. I am enjoying playing football. We have not had good results but we have played well. I don’t know what is going to happen. I don’t know if they (Arsenal) are going to sell me, but I am very happy here. I am very bound to the coach (Wenger) and I think that he will continue.

At the moment there is certainly a belief by pundits etc that youngsters will choose Arsenal over many other clubs because ‘Arsene will give them the chance’ certainly Cesc is a prime example of this. Although Cesc is a special talent, players like him do not come a long every day and the fact he has played so many games is of course partly down to Arsene’s willingness to give him the chance but also down to Cesc’s pure ability and how quickly he has adapted to the English game. We all know Cesc will want to eventually return to Spain, I am not going to get worried over the comments he made there. I hope he stays at Arsenal for many years and establishes himself as a true legend.

I can guarantee Cesc that Arsenal DO NOT want to sell you. As shown the other day, without Cesc we lack our creativity, he is influential. Someone made the point the other day that ‘we rely on a teenager’ but the point is it does not matter how old he is, the thing to take from this is he is amazing and will be even better next season.

Clichy has discussed our match against Fulham this Saturday –

We were looking forward to getting the three points on Saturday so we could have been through to next season’s Champions League. But now everyone needs to be focused for the next game against Fulham so we can qualify. We need to do that for ourselves and for our fans. Most of the time when you think you have done it that is when the worst can happen. So we have to be concentrated. When you play for a big club like Arsenal you have to play until the end. Even if we qualify before the Chelsea and Portsmouth games then we have to keep going in them for us and for the fans.

Although we are pretty much through, mathematically we are not so it is key that we are victorious. I also believe it is vital we try and stay unbeaten until the end of the season. It would give the players something to take into the next campaign. If we secure fourth place this weekend then the players can play without fear and pressure against Chelsea. Securing victory over Chelsea would put a real positive twist to the end of our iffy season. I am fed up of not beating them (imagine how Spurs fans feel about playing us). Anyway Chelsea a week on Sunday and then it all comes to an end against Pompey. Neither of our next three games will be easy, Fulham are fighting to avoid relegation, Chelsea clearly need to win and Pompey are still in with a shout for a UEFA Cup place.

One final note – Alan Ball, once an Arsenal player, died last night. Our thoughts are with his friends and family.



Right back to revision for me, I shall see you tomorrow.


8 Responses to “Cesc to become a true Arsenal legend”

  1. fanzine01 said

    An Arsenal legend in the making would say “I want to end my career at Arsenal”.
    Fabregas says he would like to return to Spain at sometime, probably to Barça. Doesn’t sound like a legend in the making to me.

  2. You want him to say he wants to end his career at Arsenal? He is 19 years old for goodness sake…

  3. Bigj said

    He is a catalan and will spend around 8 -10 years with arsenal before joining barca in a world record transfer fee after guiding us to four champions league trophy wins and 6 Premire league trophy wins during his time with us

    well at least im positive(some might call me crazy)

  4. Mike White said

    I can’t believe that one of the most prominent sports teams on earth is being led by a player older than I am…and I just turned 20 this past week!

    Seriously, though, by the time he is 26 or 27 he will want to return to Spain. And have no doubt, it will be for Barca. Don’t be surprised of they leave a gaping hole in their midfield in 2011 just to lure their native son from England, whom Spain has detested for centuries now.

  5. Mike White said

    I still want to see him play in England. We don’t get La Liga coverage in America, and players like him are a joy to watch.

  6. […] Cesc to become a true Arsenal legend Morning all, my Internet is a complete mess at the moment so that coupled with the obscene amount of revision I need to […] […]

  7. Arief said

    it’s hard to make him a legend for arsenal on this day. he’s still 19 years old! and i think it will be long journey to be an arsenal legend.(in our dreams)
    maybe barca and madrid could propose him when his peak come,surely with high transfer record.
    i miss a player with capabilities like the former one, Marc Overmars!

  8. bukmacher said

    Ciekawy post, dodalem twoj blog do ulubionych, bede tu teraz wpadal czesciej, pozdrawiam

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