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Will everything fall into place next season?

Posted by James Dall on 27, April 2007

I do apologise about the lack of blogs at the moment. Not writing them on a daily basis is beginning to frustrate me. I do have a silly amount of revision to do so writing this one is a bit cheeky really. Also the internet in my university house has pretty much died. It takes near on five minutes to load one page. After numerous calls to my isp I got told that the problem is something to do with the exchange or an outage and it is BT’s problem Argh… please fix it soon.

Anyway on with the news, I imagine after Arsene’s pre match press conference this afternoon some team news will emerge.

We have been linked with a young French player– shock. His name is Yoan Gouffran. I doubt there is any real substance or truth in this story so I shall move on.

It appears Lehman will sign a one year extension

I will play another season for Arsenal. It is a big club with sporting perspectives. I do not necessarily have to extend for two years. For me, it depends on playing in the Champions League in the coming season. I wouldn’t like to sit in front of the TV on Wednesdays, thinking ‘I could have been there’. I had thought over a return (to Germany).

Hmmm, one can only hope that although Jens has apparently signed, we will sign a new goalkeeper. I would have no problem with Jens being number two. I would have a problem with him being our number one. This summer I really do expect us to sign a top keeper. Gordon is being linked once again. Much of the transfer rumours are speculation, however all I know is that I want a new number one in this summer. Jens recently has looked extremely worrying and a new commanding/calming goalkeeper is just what we need for next season.

Arsene reckons Coppell or Ferguson should be named manager of the year. Cannot argue with that really.

Ok now for the whole Baptista/Reyes saga.

Reyes has reiterated his desire not to go back to England. It looks as if he will move to another Spanish club if Madrid do not want him. Whether Arsene combines him in a swap deal for someone, remains to be seen.

Meanwhile Baptista has responded to reports about him hating England, specifically the north –

I’ve never said that I wanted a second chance with Madrid. Neither did I say that I hated London or Arsenal.

Interesting, maybe what was printed was utter garbage. That still does not detract from the fact that he has been way below the standard that we had all hoped for. Does he deserve another season to prove himself? I would have to say no. He does not seem good enough for the fast tempo of the premiership. The Mirror reports that we are set to see the back of him in the summer.

The main story today is about Arsene’s comments on the biggest challenge of his career

It is the biggest challenge of my career because I am desperate to bring them as far as they can go and I feel there is a lot of potential in there.

Next season is a huge season for us. Over the past two seasons the excuse for us has been a ‘transitional season’, however next season is a time to deliver. The players will still be young but they have gained fantastic experience. A trophy is a must next season. Next season there will be no excuses for not producing the goods. If injuries are kind to us and Arsene brings in the right people this summer, I am confident next season can be a fantastic one for us.

There we have it. I will compile a blog tomorrow before the game with my starting line-up, until then have a brilliant Friday.


I am talking crap, the game is on Sunday, not Saturday. A blog tomorrow none the less.


7 Responses to “Will everything fall into place next season?”

  1. The Saint said

    Well, I certainly hope so and I have a good feeling that we will indeed be a lot better next season should all the players come back injury-free from the Euro qualifiers and other internationals. I know I may be in the minority but I do believe we don’t really need any new signings and with the players that we have coming back from injuries as well as Bendtner, it will certainly feel as if we made a load of new signings. Let’s stick with what we have and have another go. It’s going to be a great season!

  2. Pete said

    One of the sad things I like to do is think of our first choice eleven (Lehman, Clichy, Gallas, Toure, Eboue, Rosicky, Gilberto, Fabregas, Hleb, Van Persie, Henry). Then think of our second-choice eleven (Alumnia, Traore, Senderos, Djourou, Hoyte, Ljungberg, Diaby, Denilson, Walcott, Adebeyor, Bendtner). I then think which of the first-choice players can I not see with a Premiership winners medal. I then think of which of the second-choice players would I feel nervous about doing a job for us for a stint of say 10 games.

    I have to say that on both fronts I’d question the goalie. I’m a little nervous at full-back but can live with it. I’m properly worried about the wingers. I’m OK about the centre of midfield. I don’t really know enough about Bendtner but other than that I’m OK upfront.

    If we get £8mil for Reyes and can scrape together a few million to chuck in the pot then I think a goalie (Gordon?) and winger (Ribery?) would do it. Perhaps a fifth striker, someone old and experienced who is happy to play a bit part would do the job.

    If that happened, they all get fit and have a good pre-season then I can see us making a real fight of it.

  3. GunnerV said

    Unless we get some quality players in we will be in the same place next season battling for 4th spot and 20 plus points off the lead, just like last year.

    We dont have goals scorers. We have players who play in forward position. Henry can score, thats a fact RVP shows potential as a 15 – 20 goals per season but the third striker role is WAY OFF. Adey, Baptista and Aliadiere cannot score 15 goals between them and thats very bad.

    We need a 3rd striker to supply us with 20 goals … no less. We create so much more chances than Man U and yet, they score far more goals than us this season because they are putting away their chances.

    Our wingers need to score more as well. Or we need to gett some goal scoring wingers.

    Wenger has a 5 year plan and I dont see arsenal battling for the title usless he abandon that plan and buy experience, tuff mental players.

    Unless everybody likes to play for forth

  4. Passenal said

    I’m more with the first two posters – too many changes will disrupt this team while the newcomers take time to adjust. We’ve had the first season to settle into our new home and with better luck with injuries I really believe we will not just be fighting for fourth place come the end of next season.

  5. next season we hope many trophies

  6. next season we hope primiership trophy

  7. Goonerguy said

    I think the current crop of players are all capable, talented players who will certainly improve next season. With a couple of additions I think we’ll definetly challenge the top three in the league and a domestic cup is very likely. My one concern is that we still have a tendency to play through the middle, instead of getting to the byline and getting players in the box.We ranked 10th in the Opta stats on number of crosses and 21% success rate which ranks us at 18. Not impressive i’m sure you’ll agree. Although i believe there has been an improvement on that part of our game this season i do hope Arsene emphasises this point to the players.

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