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Lehman number one and Bap to stay next season would upset me

Posted by James Dall on 28, April 2007

My internet is fixed – the joy!

Plenty of news to cover on this truly beautiful Saturday, ummm where to start? Let me begin with Arsene’s comments with regards to David Dein’s successor.

He specifies what he will be looking for –

Somebody who understands football and knows the football world as well and somebody who has the values and agrees with the values we want to hold at the Club. Preferably intelligent, that’s it. He can be a young guy.

He also specifies when the appointment will take place –

It will happen in the summer.

I think it is for the best that he concentrates on bringing someone in after we finish our season. Right now he has games to concentrate on. I would hope that whoever comes in, comes in pretty soon after we finish our last game though – of course I am working on the proviso that we actually sign some players this summer. I think there would be many upset Arsenal fans if we did not.

Amidst further specualtion, Peter Hill-Wood has written a letter to the current shareholders.  He basically outlines how much they care for the club and how like true supporters, they love Arsenal. It sends a clear message out Stan – back off.

Arsene is to meet with The Bap’s agents next week. It appears a he has made his decision in his head but I guess it is dependent on how negotiations go –

I will meet his agents next week and Real Madrid a bit later. If he stays we talk about what price if he goes then we talk about how do we do it.

For me the only way he should stay is if we get some sort of cut price for him. Otherwise bye bye Bap. Of course the whole Reyes situation needs sorting too. Reyes simply does not want to return. Personally I would prefer to see us cash in on Reyes, send Baptista back and pool our money on a winger and a goalkeeper. Speaking of which…

 I see Jens as a top-class goalkeeper and Almunia as a top-class goalkeeper. So it will be a battle at some stage because Almunia has improved tremendously.

Please tell me we are still going to bring someone in and those comments are simply a way of publicly keeping motivation and competition high.

Despite countless rumours linking Gallas with a move to Madird, Arsene has said he wants him to stay. He is a world class centreback and I believe we will see the best of him next season. Sure his attitude has been a bit shoddy but I think the shock of not winning so many games and being injured quite a bit has peeved him off. I would like him to remain at the club.

Justin Hoyte has signed a new contract with the club, he has improved greatly this season. In August he was out of position and looked a bit lost but positionally he has got a lot better. He is better defensively that Eboue, might moving Eboue further on into midfield be an option for next season? He certainly gets forward very well.

Henry has pretty much said that if Arsene stays at the club, he will stay. Cannot argue with that. Arsene has done so much for Arsenal and him.

Ok finally a bit of team news for TOMORROW’S encounter, the game is not today like a foolishly thought yesterday –

Rosicky and Ljungberg have hamstring injuries

I will give my starting line-up tomorrow before kick off. For now I will mull over the options.

Phew, that is it for today. Enjoy the sun, do not forget to sun cream up.


10 Responses to “Lehman number one and Bap to stay next season would upset me”

  1. AusGunner said

    If Baptista stays (at the right price, of course) he will be competition for fourth place striker with Bendtner. I have no problems with that because it’s a handy asset to have and he will improve and come to grips with the game in England (perhaps when your internet was broken you didn’t see the story where he says he never complained about life in England or the English game as reported in The Times last week). I wish him well whatever happens.

    Lehmann is a brilliant keeper. You don’t go from unbeaten league keeper and then best keeper in the champions league to shit in one year. Almunia based on his cup performances HAS improved tremendously and I’m happy for him to stay as well. Never underestimate the human capacity for improvement.

  2. Don’t forget that Wenger said that the new Director of football will not be his friend so that he is still there if Wenger leaves Arsenal! What does this mean?

  3. Baptista has not played close to his potential this year, but if used right and now that he has gotten used to the gameplay I am quite sure he can be a fantastic asset for us.

  4. graham said

    arsenal analysis… it means that this new director of football will be arsenal’s manager in the coming yrs if either wenger leaves or he doesn’t produce simple as….

    as 4 lehmann being our number one thats ok with me and im sure its ok with arsenal fans and players alike as long as its only 4 a yr but almunia being our number one well i think wenger is going mad but it could be a smoke screen so almunia doesn’t piss off next season…?

  5. I’am ARSENAL FanaticFan 🙂
    thanks for your post

    Best Regards…

  6. […] Lehman number one and Bap to stay next season would upset me My internet is fixed – the joy! Plenty of news to cover on this truly beautiful Saturday, ummm where to start? Let me […] […]

  7. migracho said

    go !! ARsenal RULES !!

  8. joEz said

    I don’t get it… So all of the sudden, all you need to become a World Class Keeper is to play in the cup games. Have you lost it or something. Almunia needs to be replace. I don’t mind an additional year wiht Lehmann, the last thing we need at this point is to lose another senior. As for Bap, I never understood why we got him, I mean he simply cannot fit Arsenal style. What we need really is to balance the squad with mature players. I’m not a Viera fan, but losing him along with Pires and Berkamp, the inevitable was alwasy going to happen. The mistake was to let go Pires, and soon or later this Wenger’s one year policy will need to change. If we are to be one of the big club’s of Europe, this kind of approach will have to stop. And what’s all the fuss about selling the club? What about Chelsea and Manchester, how are we suppose to compete? Don’t get me wrong, I love Arsenal, but slowly we are becoming the PSV of England. And by the way as long as Wenger remains at Arsenal, Arsenal will remain what it is.

  9. Without doubt, Arsenal have achieved more under Arsene Wenger’s managerial style than under any other manager. However, with the current season almost behind us, it is difficult to understand his vision and how he will manifest his plans for the 07/08 season.

    As a season ticket holder who feels incredibly let down by not only the poor show on the field, but also lack of spirit shown in and around the stadium. Yes I know it’s a deluxe venue catering for many corporate events that bring the club revenue, but it doesn’t have (and I doubt will ever have) the heart and soul of Highbury. Whether this lack of ‘atmosphere’ has permeated through to the players or not, who can really say, but something is missing!

    I hope Arsene stays, and with it Jens Lehmann, whose spirit and determination is clear for all to see when he’s played. The ‘Beast’? Open the cage and let him go!

    Now I’m off to get my seat before the action starts! C’mon you Gunners!

  10. i liked me and every one else arsenal football and their skills thanks wenger and his youth’s

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