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Sluggish Arsenal squeeze past Fulham

Posted by James Dall on 1, May 2007

Morning, I have just strolled out of the exam hall. On Thursday I will be completely finished. My university undergraduate degree will be done and dusted. I simply cannot wait.

No blog yesterday as I was revising my little arse off. My analysis of Sunday’s game comes now…

As one of the people who commented on Sunday’s blog rightly suggested, The Bap started up top with Adebayor. Things started promisingly for Baptista – Adebayor played a quality chipped cross onto the Bap’s head, who directed it into the corner. An excellent start. Toure then smashed one from distance but it was saved. Baptista should have scored a second when we broke well. Baptista missed another chance where he dragged his shot wide after Hleb played him in. It seems like I am really having a go at the Brazilian but these are facts. After Niemi brilliantly saved from Adebayor’s header, Baptista should have rolled Ade in for a tap in but he fluffed it. Frustrating.

I was concerned that once again we were going to be punished for our missed chances. Fulham did not threaten us too much in the first half so I was confident that in the second half, if we continued where we left off, a second would be round the corner. The truth is that in the second half we were appalling. Slow, with no real desire. Many people use the excuse of the fact we do not really have much to play for but that is just rubbish. Third is still on and plus what other motivation is there than scoring a goal? We played within ourselves and let Fulham push up the pitch. If Fulham had been a half decent team they would have punished us a lot earlier and would not have had to rely on Jens making a terrible mistake.

In the 78th minute Jens went walk about and came 18 yards off his line, Davies finsihed expertly and it was one all. Absolute garbage from Jens. Was I annoyed? Yes of course. But was I surprised? No not at all. I said to my mate that I was glad that we had conceded. The players deserved a real kick up the arse. Fortunately they woke up.

Fabregas played a splitting ball into Ade who ran at the defender and curled brilliantly into the corner. Thank goodness for that. A bit of urgency. Hleb then got chopped in the box and Gilberto dispatched into the corner.

The point to take away from that second half display is that if we play anything like that against Chelsea they will tear us apart.

Clichy was a shining light. Baptista for me, despite his goal was poor. He kept passing behind players, which slows our attacks right down. Jens was a tit – bench him. Ade worked so hard and scored a really excellent goal. I really enjoyed his interview after the game. Ade is very cool.

He discusses the upcoming Chelsea game

It is not about us taking revenge. We are just going to play the game to win for the fans and as a footballer you always want to win against a big team like Chelsea.

It should be about revenge. We were beaten in a final by those prats. We are due a win against the blues. I really fancy us this weekend. Ashley of course will be returning. I will not be at the game but to the fans who are – give him hell. He deserves it.

A quick note to the supporters who regularly attend matches, recently commentators have been getting on your backs about the lack of noise. This weekend Ashburton Grove should be turned into a roaring frightening atmosphere. Let’s shut those commentators up.

In other news Muamba, the midfielder at Birmingham, is to have talks with Arsene. I am sure Arsene will make the right decision on whether he wants him and then I guess it is up to Fabrice if he wants to stay at newly promoted Birmingham or head back to London.

The ever confident Bendtner has spoken about breaking into the first team –

I will do everything to break into the first team. I feel myself that I am good enough to compete with the other strikers who are already there. If I didn’t believe in myself, I wouldn’t have wanted to return.

A lot has been said about the lad and now it is time for him to pull on his Arsenal shirt next season and play in-front of 60,000 Gooners. I wish him all the best for next season.

That is it for me, back to the revision. Roll on Thursday 11 AM.


3 Responses to “Sluggish Arsenal squeeze past Fulham”

  1. devvil said

    Congrats on your graduation mate, but don’t be in such a rush to be done! You won’t realize this for a few years yet, after working for The Man for awhile… but you will look back at your school and wish you could go back.

  2. Thank you Devvil. The thing is I really do not want uni to end, more just the work load really. After Thursday there will be plenty of lazing about and nights out to savour before I enter the big wide world!

  3. Congratulations to you as well! You take me back a long time ago!

    Wenger now has a real dilemma. Does he bring back Muamba and Song? He already has a plethora of central midfielders: Cesc, silva, Diaby and Denilson.

    Having watched both in action this year Song has really impressed and if we had to choose it would be him.

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