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Arsenal News – bullet point style

Posted by James Dall on 4, May 2007

Morning. Well it is all over. I am completely finished. My undergraduate degree has come to an end. My university life will remain intact though until early June but I have no assignments or exam to do. Ahhh what a feeling. It is a strange feeling though, one that I am not sure what to make of. Upon exiting the exam hall yesterday there was a bizarre silence from everyone. For me it has not really sunk in yet, I keep expecting to have to crack on with the next piece of work.

Anyway, we went out last night so I now feel appalling. We went to a grotty club in Crewe of places, purely terrible place. A brilliant night but an awful environment. Most of us were absolutely wasted. I am yet to see any of my housemates emerge from their rooms yet.

On with some Arsenal news. As I am sure you can appreciate, I am feeling fragile so the news will be bullet pointed (clever)

  • Vieira seems to be keen on spouting nonsense, he reckons Wenger and Henry might leave. Not going to happen in the near future Patrick.
  • Hoyte reckons we can really compete for the title next season. Let’s blooming hope so.
  • There is some of the interview that Cesc did with fourfourtwo magazine here. Basically just saying we need to kill teams off more.
  • Rosicky is rated 50:50 by Arsene, plus Tomas himself is unsure if he will return for Sunday. Freddie is definitely out but we knew that already.
  • Lastly, Arsene has been charged and fined after those liar liar comments.

There we have it, brief but efficient. I am going to go back to bed and play Football Manager. Have a delightful Friday.


6 Responses to “Arsenal News – bullet point style”

  1. TheChan said

    1st gun

  2. Matthew Wade said

    Crewe?! Which University are you at?

    I avoided crewe like the plague when I was studying at Keele, but I knew a few Crewe and Alsager people…hmmm lovely. Still Stoke on Trent’s even worse…though I enjoyed the mad old City fans getting misty eyed about Bouldy and Dixon and Georgie Eastham…

  3. I am at Manchester Met uni, on the Alsager campus. You are right – Crewe should be avoided at all costs, however the general flow of people was heading there last night so we thought ‘why not’! I have had many a night out in ugly Stoke on Trent, every single one has been thoroughly enjoyable though! Fingers crossed for a victory on Sunday, we are due one against Chelsea.

  4. Raymondo6 said

    I hope you passed and get over your night out!

  5. I remember that feeling after you finish your final exams. Its an anticlimax and it leaves you with an emptiness. what do i do now? kind of thing.

    Still if we beat Chelski you will feel better.

    Fatigue might be the decider on Sunday!

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