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A Baptista farewell? Nah you’re alright

Posted by James Dall on 6, May 2007

A huuuge match today then. Excited? I certainly am.

There is little too cover newswise. I will get the three little pieces out the way then draw upon my thoughts for today’s match.

Arsene talks about he ‘big picture’

Third place is progress, but it is not enough because our progression has to be getting to number one again. What we can show on Sunday is that we can have the chance to fight for the title again next year.

Third place is not assured yet Arsene but yes it would be progress. He does make a good point with regards to today’s encounter. It gives the players a chance to prove they not as far away from Chelsea as some might think. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, I think we just lack Chelsea and United’s ability to carve out results against the ‘smaller’ clubs. We have proved that we are more than up for the challenge by beating United twice and almost winning at Stamford Bridge. It is simply losing games against West Ham, Sheffield United etc that have really really cost us. Do we under-perform because there is a lack of motivation or do we under perform because when playing the big teams it is more of a football match and we can pretty much out football most teams. I do not know the answer but it is up to Arsene to address the problem for next season.

He spoke about the fact a lot of fans are appealing to him to buy –

The problem is that, because we have had a disappointing season, everybody wants you to buy. I have to really think if that is needed or not, because there is an element in our team that they will progress because they are young. I will do what I feel is right for the team and for the club. We need to find a better balance in our team in some positions, then we will be ready.

I understand what he is saying, often there is a knee jerk reaction to purchase when really it might not be necessary. I do believe from his comments though that he will buy. As discussed before it is obvious to me we need a winger and a keeper. I would be happy with those acquisitions.

There is some absolute nonsense about Henry joining Barca, yes of course and I am being hired as the assistant manager and water boy. Complete crap.

Another rumour from Spain but this time it is more believable. It appears that Baptista is off back to Spain. Arsene has made the right decision then, let’s hope.

There are reports that Baptista will make his last appearance today. It is not that I consider Baptista to be a lazy waste of space I just think he came over with such a big rep and he really disappointed the fans. He has missed some big chances and in games lacked a sharpness that is needed for the Prem. Good luck to him in the rest of his career. To be honest I would prefer to see a 4-5-1. I guess that all hinges on whether Rosicky is fit. Saying he is I would go with…


Rosicky, Diaby, Fabregas, Hleb


Clichy, Gallas, Toure, Eboue


With Diaby playing the role where he plays off Ade. He obviously will drop into midfield when we are defending but he provides defences with a problem, I believe.

Arseblog has reported that Cole is not going to play. Hardly a surprise that Jose bottled it. Three points would do nicely today. I would love to see Jose look completely gutted two games on the trot.

Enjoy your Sunday.


17 Responses to “A Baptista farewell? Nah you’re alright”

  1. Norwegian Gooner said

    That lineup only has 10 men!

  2. Aslak said

    You really think think we should go for a 4-4-1? Against Lokomotiv Chelski? LOL


  3. Lanky 10 said

    Wheres G-bo in your lineup?

  4. Neal said

    Must fancy our chances then, lol!

  5. We assume that you left out the 11th man so that we could pick our own! So we would stick Hoyte there and move ebuoe in the wide midfield position.

    Chelsea have to go for a win. And this will suit Arsenal even more as the opponents are not likely to park buses in front of their goal.

    An open game always suits the better and more footballing side!

  6. E i N said

    Oh dear – I know we have trouble with refs but have we had someone sent off in the warm up?

    Reminds me of Stuart Pearce’s first game in charge at Forest. He spent ages working his team out and in the end couldn’t work out why, with a team like that, they were in so much trouble. He showed it to his wife and she pointed out that maybe it might be an idea if he picked a keeper as one of his 11!!!

  7. Pete said

    Gilbert O’Silva is the invisible wall

  8. gooner said

    Gilbert O’Silva!!! Think you mean Gilberto Silva.

  9. Ha apologies, I shall correct my error now! I of course meant Gilberto to be involved

  10. Arsenal_4_Life said

    there is 11 men in that line up!

  11. There is 11 players you prat………cole has bottled it..what a waste he could have been an Arsenal legend. I agree on the signings we do need a winger in Overmars/Pires style and John Lukic would be better than Lehmann at the moment he was much better when he was fighting to be Germany No 1. I think we need a battler for midfield for those tuff matches i.e. Gattuso or call me crazy but even Joey Barton would give us that nasty streak we lack and I think he will be going for cheap.

  12. woody said

    we should be playing 4-4-2 but need a right back, right winger, striker, ball winner.

    we are light years froma title at the moment. AW continues to be obsessed with passes and pattens.

    why have we no strikers on the bench for second game running. why play baptista when he is being got shot of. why not play a youngster at least.

  13. Sure we need a scorer or two, but they will be there next season when Thirry, van Persie og The Great Dane is back for action.

    What we do need is a winger and we actually own one that is fantastic. We just need to rent him a sun to shine over his family house.

  14. Jimmy said

    Foxy Gunner: You crazy

  15. TIMMAL said

    why not stick Kolo in at Dffensive mid field then sell Gilberto. Looks like he was waving goodbye yesterday anyway. Keep your chin up No. 2

  16. cyber gunners said

    i believe that lineup is gud enough to beat any team in the league or europe..

    since it leaves fabregas the freedom to dictates play frm midfield..
    rosicky is far frm his best yet..i think he can be our new pires..(starts with practice cuts inside frm left and place the ball to the far corner..

    hleb need to show that early season form..he’s performance level is decreasing and looks vulnarable at crosses..i can’t forget how he gave the ball twice in quick succession against spurs..

    adebayor needs to starts thinking that he’s no thiery(no one is)..

    starts play his own game and i believe he can be our own version of drog frm chelski..

    oh one more…no jens plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!

  17. cyber gunners said

    the beast need to re-use his white boots to show his form at sevilla..


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