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Arsenal vs Chelsea player ratings 06/05/07

Posted by James Dall on 6, May 2007

Lehman – 7 – did ok actually, pretty commanding on crosses and made some sound stops.

Eboue – 6 – unlucky not to score at the end, good going forward still a bit shaky defensively.

Toure – 6 – kept things pretty solid at the back.

Gallas – 6 – was a threat on attacking set pieces, maybe could have gone for Shaun’s cross with his head.

Clichy – 8 – snuffed out the threat of Shaun, plus was quick into the challenge.

Denilson – 6 – not a natural wide player, kept coming inside which I guess is simply instinct. I hope he is not too badly injured.

Fabregas – 7 – a little sloppy at times but kept things tidy.

Gilberto – 8 – good pen and shielded the back four well.

Diaby – 6 – again not a wide player, glimpses of quality but should really be central.

Baptista – 5 – a threat once or twice other than that pretty anonymous – very slow.

Adebayor – 5 – worked hard once again but today lacked an end product.

Subs, Hleb – 6, Hoyte – 6.

A match report tomorrow…


12 Responses to “Arsenal vs Chelsea player ratings 06/05/07”

  1. Woody said

    Generous on most counts. Played without a lot of desire throughout team with exception of Clichy (and at times Gilberto). Overall, rather than worrying about individuals, I’m worried about the team. Missing something and I’m not sure it’s a player – it might just be a belief thing.

  2. woody said

    how the hell did you come up with those ratings

    baptista 4. virtually invisible
    hleb 3. on pitch 20 mins, effective passes, nil
    adebayor-4. the abrd door is still not big enough to hit
    eboue 4. send him a book on defending, while youre at it another on overlapping.
    diaby 5- wssted out wide AGAIN.
    denilson-4. poor distribution. needs another season in the res.

    we were well 2nd best and agin showed why we are miles from a title

  3. theshelfattheclockend said

    I’m inclined to agree with Woody’s assessment, although I’d give Baptista a minus score for being the player( what a cheek that is, it implies he can actually play!), that ensured it was 10 v 11 from the kick-off, then 10 v 10 once that chav thug was sent off.

  4. GunnerPete said

    Yes those ratings were over the top. I am very concerned with what I watched today. Several players were absolute crap, and it worries me that Arsene took so long to use the subs. Baptista / Hleb should never be in this team again. They stop the flow with their bad touch and constantly give the ball away. Fabrigas is great but also very sloppy. Eboue cannot defend, and Gallas should practice what he preaches non stop throughout the game. Please Arsene, give us some top quality men in the caliber of Essien & Cole who can drive forward with power & skill.

    The only players who deserve a score of more than 5 are Lehmann, Clichy, Adebajour, Toure, Diaby.

  5. Fabry Colo said

    sorry woody and shelf, we weren’t the second team but the first. All played well except Baptista and Ade but you have to rewatch the match and say, we’ve got talents

  6. The Arsenal team lacked balance.
    Starting with Denilson and Diaby in the wide midfield positions congested the midfield.

    In the absence of Rosicky Ebuoe should have started on the wing and HHoyte in defence from the beginning. Failing to kill teams off will have to be corrected if to challenge for next season.

  7. The Arsenal team lacked balance. Starting with Denilson and Diaby in the wide midfield positions congested the midfield.
    Failing to kill teams off punished Arsenal again!

  8. Des said

    Actually the outcome of the game was quite a relieve, what with the result from the previous encounter against Chelsea.
    I couldn’t believe that Chelsea’s game play wasn’t spoted previously, I mean, we had total control of the game until Chelsea started roughing our boys a bit, then it all fell apart. This is exactly what happened in the Carling Cup final. After a few rough tackles by Chelsea it’s almost as if nobody in the team wanted to hold onto to the ball and do something meaningful, as if they didn’t want to get caught in a tackle, so they released the ball to, well, to nobody, making almost every pass a 50-50 ball!
    Another gripe I have is with Adebayour. He over runs most of the balls he receives and just seems clumsy. Sorry if it seems I’m grating the guy, I just expect a striker to, well, strike, not go and fall over himself.
    We actually needed Baptista in there, he proved his worth just by being a threat in the box and got us a penalty for his effort. Nobody else up front came close.

  9. amiripz said

    I agree with most of the rankings, especially about Clichy.
    He was huge yesterday.

  10. Anonymous said

    Clichy was our only decent player

  11. Al said

    Lehmann 7
    Eboue 6
    Toure 7
    Gallas 6
    Clichy 8
    Diaby 6
    Gilberto 7
    Denilson 7
    Fabregas 7
    Baptista 5
    Adebayor 6

    Hleb 4
    Hoyte 6

  12. John Bosa said

    After watching the performance, I feel we still need to injectr players to this team, to be able to compete for a trophy next season. Yes and in all departments. There are fundamental flaws, with Ade, Hleb, Dennilson, Cesc etc. The ratings were too generous. Playing 11 against ten, we were the ones that were anticipating the refs whistle. That says a lot about the quality of players on display. Now if Mr. Wenger and Aresnals board want to be taken seriously, now is the time to bring in additional quality otherwise can someone sell to the Americans?

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