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Video of Lukasz Fabianski (that Polish keeper)

Posted by James Dall on 6, May 2007

After much speculation about this fella being brought in I thought I would get a vid on the go so you lovely people can see a montage of him.

Once again it is important to note that almost any player can look special when clips are cut together, however he does look quite a commanding keeper. One note – I do think the music choice is a bit of an odd choice but there we go.



59 Responses to “Video of Lukasz Fabianski (that Polish keeper)”

  1. mad dog lehmann said

    looks a bit on the short side..
    whats he going to be like on crosses ?
    looks good on agilty and shot stopping tho…….

  2. G4L_Harry said

    As you say it is easy to make people look good with clever splicing of footage. But he does look rather good to say the least.
    Jens is in his last year, almunia is an ok 2nd but not no1 for our level. This lad will ceratinly mix things up a tad and really push Jens, I was hoping we’d go for Carson, but fabianski would be worth a shot!!!

  3. GoonerDK said

    he looks very good. Bring him on

  4. Very good shot stopper. But is he any good at crosses?

    Wenger buying for the future again! But this is a sensible signing as he has a 37 year old as first choice and a 28 year old for 2nd choice. So to get a youngster in at 22 is good planning.

    This shows that Wenger is really building a football empire at Arsenal and is certainly not walking away from the club.

  5. Willie B said

    what team does he play for ?

  6. Alan said

    Looks like a good shot stopper and, encouragingly, is prepared to catch some balls rather than punch evrything. Would have liked to see more evidence of dealing with corners/crosses in a crowded penalty area.


  7. Alan said

    Mad Dog. According to the web he is 6’3″. He plays for Legia Warsaw.


  8. Anonymous said

    Another Warmuz?

    Everybody here’s seen the Baptista YouTube collection i assume?

    Craig Gooooooooordon Arsene!


  9. adam said

    he looks really commanding and confident, catching many difficult shots. his reactions are also v sharp. bring him on im impressed.

  10. bati said

    he is the succesor of artur boruc at legia warszawa
    he was voted the best keeper in the polish league
    i’am an arsenal fan from warsaw and i think he is very promising

  11. herbert said

    The lad looks pretty gud and can compete 4 trophies,bring him on plz .

  12. Herbie said

    Like you said you can cut a lot of clips to make him look good, but a few of those clips were palmed back in to play, including one were the clip stopped as the ball was palmed to an opposing player!

    Would rather have seen Buffon come in and Jenny going back to his homeland. Sorry Jens, but you’re starting to make silly mistakes again

  13. he does look very confident at stopping difficult shots. i would like to see him play the emirates (:

  14. luke said

    looks like a good player for the future,but we need a successor for jens. how good will he be in the premiership, would love to see Craig Gordon…

  15. Mike said

    For someone at 6’3, he looks rather small!

    He looks good from those clips though,

    I think Almunia is on his way back to Spain, so Lehmann will start as no.1 and when he screws up, this kid will get a go… and Poom will pick up his wages with a big grin.

  16. Joe said

    According to the Warsaw website he is just over 6ft 1″.. Not tall enough in my opinion.

  17. bati said

    he is 190 cm

  18. Pat Rice said

    No Craig Gordon! sweaty jocks can’t stop shots!

  19. Conor said

    What has happened to Akinfeev at one point he was being rumoured to us and he played amazingly against us

  20. jam said

    he doesnt look that good 2 me he just saves shots from far out and if you look at the clip at 1 min 39 secs vs the team in orange he makes an error but its just cut out look at it. 4get him nd bring in craig gordon AW!!!!!!!

  21. yaya said

    Yea he looks ok,.. Didn’t wenger go for cech as well once,.. i think he knows a good keeper,. anyway is it just me or does he look like Joey Tribiani?

  22. Wenger went for Cech and the pulled back in the final minute. That was prolly one of his worst mistakes as Arsenal coach.

  23. Max said

    Can anyone make a compilation of Craig Gordon? I don`t know anything about his qualities either… Fabianski looked descent to me, and you did see some interceptions on crosses. But since there is so many of you that would rather have Craig Gordon, I imagine he must be a fanfuckinfantastic supergoalie….? Thoughts?

  24. Chris said

    He looks ok but :
    we need 2 get real maddrid keep’s callias

    He amazin !!

    Wengers pollisyh of young players is ok but we say EVERY YEAR ! we will get betta nxt season but we don’t !!

    Buy :
    Sergio Ramos

    If we buy all them we wil b unstopable !!


  25. Jimmy said

    We can;t get Casillas and we can’t get Buffon. Why on earth people even suggest these kind of players is beyond me. We might as well say “right, all we need is Rooney, Gerrard, Kaka and Messi then we’ll bring home the title”.. Big clubs do not sell their best players.. End of.

  26. Gooni said

    looks pretty good.. wouldnt mind seeing him in an arsenal shirt.
    but i don’t understand why everyone rates ribery so highly.. he doesn’t score and isn’t in any way a robust player, please stay where you are ribery, i’d think aliadiere is better, although his time is definitely up, sadly.

  27. The Saint said

    Damn, he looks even better than Cech! The little footage on crosses seems to indicate that he is better at it than Jens which isn’t saying much but wow, what a shot-stopper! I say, bring him in for all the cup games at least. Maybe we’ll luck out and Almunia will go to the Arsenal reject graveyard aka Valencia or Villarreal or even West Ham? He makes Manninger look like Buffon and only Wenger’s stubbornness is keeping him here.

    Must say watching last night’s draw was very depressing and it felt like a big loss. Against a severely weakened Chelsea that was down to ten men, we were so lucky to escape with a point. How are we to compete with them at full strength plus new additions next season? Interesting to note that we started playing even more like crap when Alex Crap was brought on. Another one of AW’s inexplicable substitutions that cost us goals. What was wrong with Diaby’s performance that he had to take him off? Was he injured? At least I know our top frontline after last night and it isn’t who played last night. Last night showed me that Henry and van Persie have to be our first choice frontline with Bendtner and Walcott as worthy replacements. Bap and Ade sucked big time last night and our defenders Gallas and Eboue came closest to scoring from free play last night. Just not good enough last night and unless we get at least a 20% improvement from each player last night in time for next season, add 2007/8 to yet another season of transition.

  28. Anonymous said

    “Wenger went for Cech and the pulled back in the final minute. That was prolly one of his worst mistakes as Arsenal coach.”

    cech didnt get work permit in england back then, so he went to france instead.

  29. John Bosa said


    This polish keeper looks better than our stubborn German. What I watch out for in clips is his positioning before shots and I score him 8/10, which is quite high. He will definitely need some polishing but is an excellent buy. Now to the team.

    AW need to do some buying this year. We are weak in all departments, attack, defence and midfield. yesterday a weak Chelsea team outplayed us even after being one man down.

    For defence, we need tall guys who can head and who are fast. We need at least two one left and one right. that will free Eboue and Clichy to play only some matches. Who was that guy from PSV that scored against us in the Emirates? AW please get him! We need two seasoned midfielders. We lack the ability to hold the ball these days. Our young guys should come in from time to time but should not be made to play every match. I wonder if Deco can be persuaded or Riquelme (I hear he is back to Argentina).

    On attack Ade neeeds to be trained more on ball control, heading and shooting skills. These disappoint when it matters most. We still need to keep Ade. I feel we need to depend less on thiery who is I suspect past his prime. We need to llook at bringing in Eto fils and one very fast younger striker.

  30. Ahmed said

    well, good shot stopper. i will like to know th team he play for.

  31. zibi said

    He plays for Legia Warsaw from Poland. Very promising keeper. In one year he will be one of the best in your ligue. Don’t forget there were some clubs including three from France and Hertha Berlin interested in his transfer. Hertha offered 2 and half million Euro for him. I think Artur Boruc example was good to see, that there are good keepers in Poland. This time Arsene Wenger was not late. Good decision.

  32. Hasnan said

    Can somebody compile the video of goals he let it. that way, we can see is it either he’s a silly keeper, or the goals was just fantastic.

  33. gun-metal said

    I can see what the scouts see in him. His strengths are he ‘gets a hand to it’- the shots that come from a distance require good relexes and exceptional judgement. This is because the new balls move alot in the air (try hitting a beachball and you see what I mean, great for Lampard, Essien and other percentage hitters but bad for keepers like Kirkland, Dida). And once he gets there he has a strong hand.
    He has good presence in the box and takes the hit (it appears in the vdo this is no mean feat). That means unlike Lehmann(who I rate highly in every other aspect) his team is going to defend set pieces and not be in two minds, worrying if their keeper needs protection. Part of his presence is big when he does go down to feet and up again quickly which means he is strong and brave too.
    He seems at ease with the crowd and even enjoys the game. This is great for a prospective Gunner because as a top team you need ‘gold-dust'(the goal-post kissing is priceless), a bit of sparkle from your keeper to keep the crowds confident. And a keeper’s disposition does influence the backs. Among the current EPL keepers he is like Shay Given who for his size is a great keeper’s favourite.
    What is not clear from the video (all 3m 27sec I know) is his ability with penalties; its not just about luck but I am sure the scouts will have stats on this). A good keeper does his research like Lehmann in the world cup. And for a team like Arsenal his distribution is going to be critical. Lehmann, like Schmeichel and Cech is great at launching attacks. I think the midfield have held the Gunners up this year as they don’t believe in the front players to transit effective to attack pace which in turn prevents the strikers from getting into good positions to shoot…but I sure there are a million other views on that).

  34. Jicco said

    I am not objective, but i think he is the best young generation keeper in Europe. I think this keeper is for now, not for the future. I am pretty sure that club which will sign him will be pleased.

  35. Pinbot said

    Positioning did look good and he is very athletic but he wasn’t really under any pressure from other players. But at 22 looks a v’good prospect.

    With Almunia clearly not good enough and jens with one year to go I would expect another keeper to be signed as well but probably next year

  36. naseem said

    fabianski is best goalkeeper

  37. naseem said

    we want buy eto baptista is not good

  38. Dushyant said

    Will never ever doubt Wenger’s vision. Look’s like a fantastic shot stopper. Has the potential to be the #1 in the world. We’ll have to wait for a couple of years to see what he does. (Assuming he’ll only play in the Cup matches next season and then play for the first team the following season). Anyways, wishing him luck. Go Gunners!

  39. stanley said

    Im 100% Arsenal fun from th Nederlands and i watch all arsenals game, n what i like to say is that baptista sucks and make me mad every time i see him playing and the goalkeep look good to me seazon is arsenal man for real, I FEEL IT..

  40. cyber gunners said

    i think he’s a find athlete..good shot stopper..great reflexes..

    i think he can be a lot better than that stubborn,iritating german guy…

    personally i feel like crying when wenger hands him a new contract..
    almunia is a lot better than him if given a chance..

    i can’t understand what the h.e.l.l jens doing when dealing with crosses..especially set pieces..

    plzzzz…no more jens in goal next season..

  41. jon said

    Excited however….

    Words of caution. Wenger has made great signings but he does make mistakes sometimes. Shaaban, Manninger, Wright, Almunia for the goalkeepers. Anyone can look good in a youtube video. Just look up average goalkeepers and the clips will show amazing saves however it doesn’t mean anything. I’ll wait until I see him play before making judgement.

  42. Anonymous said

    dudek is better then fabisnski, legia warszawa is the club that nobody in poland like evrybody knows that legia sucks

  43. Anonymous said

    He should be loaned out for a couple seasons like Foster.

  44. ajmale said

    the keeper is good for arsenal

  45. Mohamed said

    Excellent football videos. Go on.

  46. B said

  47. B said

  48. B said

    i been watching him for last 2years and his great keeper. take a good care of him over there in london. this boy is a special futur ehe will make history as a one of the greatest if not the greates keeper which ever ever played for arsenal.great on the goal line and crosses??? heh:) don’t worry. he’s a tough, very strong mentally and physically, always 100% confident when moves away of goal line.learns very qucikly, so reocn not far,a nd u gonna c him palying regulary for arsenal.
    Good luck Lukasz!!!

  49. g.s said

    we ave got a great keeper, he is young and will develop but what we need is a decent ENGLISH!!!! defender who would play on the right or left

  50. maz said

    He is More of a Petr than our 37 year old but he is impressive

  51. maz said

    give the boy a go (i was hoping to land Buffon ) but i must say Arsenal are very cheap, they dont like buying with a lot of money (bloody miserable club)

  52. larry said

    i luv 2 see tevez,babel,reyes,routledge,reo coker,curties davies in arsenal nxt season.ihate gilberto,ljungberg,adebayor,song and perhaps henry,gallas.i will rout for spurs or chelsea if they remain at these guys remain at the club nxt sason.

  53. Leo said

    Shut the HELL up Larry!!!!!!
    just because most of them is French
    doesnt mean they’re bad!!!!

  54. Anonymous said

    he is the best goalkeeper ever, beta than dida, cech, ermm, van der sar, reina, given, ben foster, nd many uvas. legend

  55. ROSS said


  56. ROSS said


  57. Anonymous said

    Timothy Safo
    Craig Gordon wld ve done greatthough.but hey lets gve him a try.

  58. Anonymous said

    Timothy Safo
    Craig Gordon wld ve done greatthough.but Lukasz might not do dat bad.he’s worth a try.

  59. shane said

    his the best in the would i hope arsenal can do beter

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