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Joey Barton to add steel to a flamboyant midfield?

Posted by James Dall on 8, May 2007

I shall begin by congratulating the Arsenal Ladies team, who have been outstanding this season. A 4-1 victory yesterday secured the FA Cup, which now means they have won every competition that they competed in. A fantastic achievement.

Onto Sunday’s game then. I do not plan to trawl through every incident. Arsene’s reaction can be read here. After a slow start we got going in patches but had pretty much zero width. During those patches we had chances to kill the game off but didn’t. Chelsea performed ridiculously well with 10 men and made us look average. Defensively we were a bit of a mess again. It does not take a genius to realise that was due to the fact we had two central midfield players on the wings. I am aware Hleb had a knock and Rosicky was injured but seems to justify the need for another wide player. One who can play on either wing, one who can deliver a sound cross, one who does not mind hugging the line, one who can beat players and one who can actually pop up with a few goals. A goalkeeper and a wide player should be Arsene’s priorities in my opinion.

Fabregas acknowledges the lack of goals from midfield

We should have scored more goals from midfield.

That pretty much has been our problem this season. Oh and naive defending. I am confident Fabregas can hit around 10 ten goals in all competitions next season. If Rosicky stays injury free he will deliver. Our defensive midfielder has stepped up this season and seems to be one of the few players that enjoys attacking the ball on set pieces. Hleb – will he deliver the goals next season? Only time will tell. Many seem to be talking about selling him. Personally I would keep him, during the beginning of this season I was singing his praises. He was working hard, beating players and contributing well. I would like him to stay.

There is much talk of us lacking a gritty player. Flamini kind of gave us that but he is on his way. There is also talk of lacking leadership. Many might oppose this suggestion but it appears that Joey Barton could well be up for sale this summer for £5.5 million. I know he is a bit of a thug and has actually just been suspended by his own club for attacking a player but he is a quality player. He is an aggressive guy who is box to box. He is their top scorer (although that is not saying much for Man City) with seven goals this season. I doubt his arrival will ever happen but it is just a suggestion. I am sure that I remember Arsene once saying he was a decent player. Stranger things have happened in football.

Chairman Peter Hill-Wood says he is yet to meet up with American Stan. Apparently he could not make any of the dates that he suggested. Stan is obviously a very busy boy. Peter also reiterates the fact that Arsene has money available should he choose to spend it. Although Peter says that Arsene has yet to suggest any players. I am not going to panic at that comment. I am sure/hoping/preying Arsene has a couple of players in mind.

One more game to play of this quite peculiar season. I really do not think we will win either. Portsmouth away is the sort of game that does not suit us. Maybe if we do manage to dig out a victory it will send a positive message to what can only be described as disappointed Arsenal fans. This season has been a bit crap to be honest. At some point I shall do a long winded review – something to look forward to. Bring on the transfer rumours…

P.S. Is Denilson ok? Does anyone actually know?


32 Responses to “Joey Barton to add steel to a flamboyant midfield?”

  1. areyououtofyourfuckingmind? said

    barton? why not grab bowyer as well? why the fuck would we want some sociopathic cockroach like barton in our club? the guy is dysfunctional beyond belief. genuine white trash.

    no thanks.

    perhaps you can suggest something better…?

  2. Fanzine001 said

    Come on, why do you even bother to publish/speculate on such rubbish.
    If Pennant, Bentley et al had flaws, what makes you think Barton would even get a second thought?

  3. Padre said

    Pity the Krays are dead eh?
    They would have given it some real steel

  4. Mike said

    barton?!?!?!?!? Are you well?

    Why don’t we just mosey on down to the nearest high security prison and pick out a few psycho’s from there to add to the team as well?

    Of course we’ll have to have backup in depth for all the talented players on our books who end up in hospital or the morgue, but I’m sure we’ll have a bit of “steel” in our midfield.

    Just before we get thrown out of the league of course……………………………..

  5. areyououtofyourfuckingmind? said

    yeah we’ll get plenty of steel mike – razorblades and switchblades…

  6. Harry Barracuda said

    Yeah spot on, what our youngsters need is a cigar stubbing out in one eye and a left hook in the other.
    Bound to steel them up for life in the premiership, eh?

    Are you off your fucking head or something?

  7. Sue said

    Barton ha,ha. Ok whatever I wanted to say about him has already been said.

    Denilson looked ok after the game and for those of use who stayed to see the team do a lap of the pitch he was walking with the rest so I don’t think its anything serious

  8. Chris Norfield said

    Barton would add steel to the midfield and show some desire, i just cant see Wenger signing that sort of player.

  9. yun_da_t said

    I think we don’t need a player with steel. Diaby fits that perfectly. If Diaby plays in centre midfield, which is his original position, NOT the wing, then he will get more gritty. The more I see of Diaby he looks like Vieira, but obviously more talented going forward. Barton is not an option, considering hes a nut case.

  10. It was simply a thought/suggestion. He is a talented player… aside from his tempramental psycho streak.

  11. Neal said

    On a strictly playing basis, I’d say yes to Barton. But I gave him one last chance, and he looked like he was going to make the most of it. After thumping Dabo, he’s blown it, so no.

  12. Anonymous said

    If it is decided that a bit of English grit is needed, why on earth opt for Barton? Sidwell is available with similar qualities but an exemplerary behavioural record and a clear liking of Arsenal.

    That said, I’m not convinced that we need any such player….

  13. Stroller said

    Apoart from his obvious character flaws Barton isn’t even that good. You’re making the mistake of thinking that a lot of charging about and hard tackling is some kind of silver bullet for our midfield.

    But we are a passing side, and I can already imagine the groans as Barton or a similar type of player mispaces passes or gives the ball away because they don’t have the technique.

  14. duck said

    Barton me bollix
    Wenger will cash in on;


    Clichy/Traore (if he’s not loaned)
    Da silva/Diaby

    Buy a keeper, and the rest is anyones guess.

  15. amiripz said

    Arsenal need established player in order to have a chance of winning anything next season, no players like Burton or any other anonymous players.

  16. Pyrovolitis said

    When one has a few few minutes spare during lunch time at work one can read a blog such as yours for entertainment. Maybe you enjoy being provocative. If you seriously believe Barton can add to the Arsenal midfield I suggest you take up knitting or some other distraction. Look at the stats. We were unlucky…..the availability of Henry, Van Persie, even Walcott, would have delivered the goals needed to challenge for the title. Even with the games Henry and Van Persie played they scored 10 and 11 each! Imagine Man United without Ronaldo, Rooney and Saha etc. Chelsea without Drogba and Lampard etc. Get the picture? Don’t be a plonker!!

  17. GunnerPete said

    Agreed, if Barton had been a half decent person on the pitch everone would want him. As for Sales & Purchases well, Aw will always buy people we dont know, and ignore the pleas of the fans.

    My wish is for AFC to sell the following:-

    Reyes £10 mill, Song £3 mill, Alliadiere £4 mill, Flamini £4 mill, Lujenburg £ 4 mill, Henry £16 mill, Lehmann £1 mill, Gilbert £1 mill, Hleb £8 mill, total =£51 mill.

    send back Baptista asap.

    Buy, Sidwell £0 mill, Pires £0 mill, Babel £6 mill, Teves£ 10 mill, Eto £ 16 mill, Foster Goalie £7 mill, Bale £6 mill, Barnes £5 mill, Marques £8 mill, Commons (Forest)£3 mill. total =£62 mill

    Result experience excitment & goals. Plus some Brit grit. If Gilberto Goes, arsene can easily find another enforcer inAfrica.

  18. CARUSO said

    WHY BARTON IN the 1st place???
    Simply a trouble maker!
    Rather have patrick viera back!

  19. aj said

    We need Joey Barton like we need a second arsehole !

  20. A valid point Aj, I was merely suggesting that we have lacked a little bit of leadership and fight this season. Coupled with the pain stakingly obvious lack of goals and poor defending. The goals will come, I am confident of that. The return of Henry and van Persie will give us a huge lift. The possible arrival of RIbery and a keeper would make me a happy bunny.

    Winning something next season is the priority, I do not care how we do it or who we do it with, it just needs to be done.

  21. taiye said

    it wiil be good whene the maneger can sing frank be cause is frenh man

  22. gybolar said

    joey barton in arsenal!!i dont see it coming,i dont see arsene bringing a thug home,but what i see in this guy is thathe is a player worthy to mentioned,but i belief it was theclub letting him down that turned him to what he is today,i also belief he can be a changed player,but still hang in the in if he has to come,there has to be an undertaking written by him to leave as soon as he starts his trouble.

  23. gooner said

    He is a trouble maker and simply not good enough. Sidwell is a better bet and so is Muamba.

  24. Ton said

    True, would rather have Sidwell than Barton, but I don’t think either are good enough. One player isn’t going to change us. Fact is we aren’t physically up to it. A great deal of that has to do with the team’s age as Wenger said when referring to Fab – he’ll be a different more physical player at 22 than he is now. Sheffield United bullied us, as horrible an excuse for a football team they are. Another factor is experience Pires was a bit lightweight, but he still managed to hold off challenges and when he couldn’t, had a way of getting fouls called. Hleb doesn’t have that as an example. He just loses the ball.

  25. There are four reasons why J Barton should not be bought by Arsenal.
    1. He is a thug
    2. He is not an Arsenal type of player. He lacks skill and a footballing brain
    3. Diaby is more than adequate in that he possesses strength and skill
    4. Song who is performing very well for Charlton will be an even better player than Barton

  26. cyber gunners said

    i hate to say this..but despite all his problems…i think joey can be a very gud long as arsene helps improve his off-field antics..

    he can add that steel in midfield and provide gud cover for gilberto..(we struggle last season without that brazilian infront of the back four)

    i believe he can helps us especially when playing away to the likes of bolton..(little sam…haha)west ham..shef. utd..etc..

    i hate to see fabregas in right mid. position..plzzz…

    my ars. for next season..

    HOME matches:almunia/fabiaski,eboue,toure,gallas/davies(west brom),clichy(plz improve his crossing),hleb/theo,gilberto,fabregas,rosicky,persie,henry.

    AWAY matches:almunia/fabiaski,eboue,toure,davies,clichy,theo,gilberto,diaby,fabregas,rosicky,henry…

  27. Donelda said

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