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Players In and Out of Arsenal. What do you think?

Posted by James Dall on 8, May 2007

It has come to my attention that a good wedge of the comments on my blog are about the issue of who should leave in the summer and who should come in. There is a lot of debate about this issue. Everyone has their own opinion so I thought it might be rather interesting to pool everyone’s thoughts together.

Simply start your comment – out… and in…

A cheeky reminder that real life is nothing like Football/Championship Manager.

I shall begin –

Out – Flamini, Aliadiere, Almunia, Muamba, Song, Baptista, Reyes.

In – Goalkeeper (Fabianski/Gordon etc.), Winger (Ribery), Bendtner.


148 Responses to “Players In and Out of Arsenal. What do you think?”

  1. Geekov said

    out; Aliadire, Baptista, Hleb, Almunia, Reyes.

    Akinfeev, Alves, a winger!, Eto’o.

    PS; didnt know Mavuba was at the Arse?

  2. sammy said

    out – Flamini, Aladiere, Muamba, song,

    In – Quaresma, Ribery, Bendtner

  3. Steve said

    We dont have Rio Mavuba…

  4. henkee said

    Out: Flam, Alialiali, Senderos
    In: Essien, Kaka, Eto’o, Villa

  5. Anonymous said

    out flamini senderos

    in reyes etoo ribery

  6. Dazzy said

    I don’t think that we should let Song go, i htink he’s just become an easy target and he definitely has talent, as shown by his performances against Manure and Liverpool. But maybe let Senderos go and promote Connolly as 4th choice.

    Bringing in we need a GK, GOrdon will give serious competition to Lehmann, and will most probgs usurp him. Also a solid right back, i’m not sure who but Eboue is just not reliable enough in defence and Hoyte may not be good enough at this level for a consistent playing time.Definitely a winger who will score, like Quaresma and Ribery. Up front Bendtner will reurn and Vela will come in too.

  7. hubba bubba said

    out flamster bapman ali almunia reyes maumba

    in Polish Goalie,Bendner,Ribery & 1 of either Torres, Anelka or Tevez

    It’s time to spend the cash

  8. Dazzy said

    goes without saying let crappy Bappy go, and aliadiere, they’re just unbelievably poor

  9. Anonymous said

    Ljungberg, Flamini, Baptista, Reyes

    Bendtner, Alves, Babel, Akinfeev, gouffram, Eto, Ribery

  10. DeeOzGooner said

    out – baptista, aliadiere, flamini, reyes

    in – who else but the kids from the reserves! (would like to list a whole lota big names, but we all know wenger aint gona buy!!)

    so again our squad is gona get thinner

  11. Vish said


  12. Steve said

    Ljungberg, Senderos, Baptista, Flamini, Reyes, Aliadiere, Almunia, Song (didn’t realise how much mediocrity there is in the squad til now)

    Any British keeper, Ribery, Curtis Davies, Bendtner

  13. renoogami said

    OUT: all the men

    IN: all the women!

  14. Jorma said

    Out: Henry, Cesc, Gallas.

    In: Hyypiä, Litmanen, Forssell.

  15. arsenalmal said

    Baptista,Aliaidieri, Ljunberg..


    ARSENAL-Champions EPL/Champions League/FA Cup- 2007/2008

  16. Steve said

    Tony Blair

    Gordon Brown

  17. Brooney said

    This is who I think SHOULD be sold\bought.

    Almunia, Aliadiere, Flamini, Ljungberg, Reyes, (Senderos), Song, Baptista (send back)

    Eto’o, Babel or Ribery, Vincent Kompany, Akinfeev\Gordon\Ustari

  18. Paul said

    Freddie (4m), Beast, Aliadiere (2M), Eboue (4m), Senderos (4m), Flamini (2m)

    Anton Ferdinand (5m), Babel (6m), Eto’o(20m), GK (2m),

    If we can generate 16m from the sales, plus 8 for Reyes then we will not be spending huge amounts of money! 33m going out, 24m coming in and a decent team to go with aswell. I was also look at Mikah Richards if wenger was feeling a bit extravegant!

  19. Frank the Tank said

    Out: Ljungberg, Senderos, Flamini, Baptista, Aliadiere, Reyes, Almunia, (Hleb)

    In: Ribery/Quaresma, Babel, Eto’o/Anelka, Akinfeev/Gordon/Fabianski, Alves, Curtis Davies

  20. Anonymous said

    Out: Senderos, Song, Flamini, baptista and possible alliadiere (altho it hurts to say it, cos he has so much quality that just needs to come out)

    In: Ribery, Sahin, Eto, Akinfeev (altho he’s out for 6months now)or Gordon. Allow possibly bale and kaboul

  21. Goofle said

    It is simple:

    Out – Flamini, senderos, song, ali, baps, reyes.

    In – Goalie (gordon or carson), winger (ribery or babel.

  22. Jimmy said

    Out: flamini,song, hleb, ljungberg, baptista, reyes
    In: kone, farfan, babel, yaya toure

  23. nightmook said

    Realistic transfer movements this summer would have to be –
    Out: Gilbert, Muamba, Flamini, Reyes, Baptista, Aliadiere, Lupoli.
    In: Fabianski (Legia), Bartley (Bolton), Babel (Ajax), Sunu (Caen).
    Wishful thinking would be a swap of Sneijder for Hleb.

  24. Jimmy said

    oh and out: aliadiere

  25. john said

    out: aliadialiadialiadialiadiere, flamini, reyes, baptista, senderos
    in : HENRY & VAN PERSIE, ribery, babel, thuram, gordon, vela & bendtner

  26. Steve said

    Dani Alves and Eboue would be much of the same, Daniel being slightly more productive going forward and Eboue frighteningly being marginally better at the back.
    Lets see this as the time to bring in some British faces. Gordon, C Davies, er… Fletcher?

  27. Jimmy said

    fletcher? from Man U?? Are you sure?

  28. gazzap said

    OUT: Aliadiere, Baptista, Senderos, Ljungberg, Flamini, Song, Lupoli, Gilberto!

    IN: Malouda, Appiah, Pele(GK), Bendtner, Muamba, Gilbert.

    Sorry Gilberto, you may be the best DM in the world but I dont want Arsenal to focus on trying and failing to be defensive. put in a top midfield general like Appiah (or Diaby) and outscore the opposition like we used to.

    If Man U buy Hargreaves we can all sleep easily this summer. attacking teams and DM’s dont go well together.

  29. kola said

    Out all the Arsenal team

    In all the Chelsea team….winners

    Only joking we only need two signings. I will go for pedersen from Blackburn. Babel and Woodgate for Toure. Toure will be moved to the right. Hoyte should be sold alongside senderos.

    If i were Wenger my team next season will be

    1. Lehman
    2. Gallas
    3. Woodgate
    4. Toure
    5. Clichy
    6. Gilberto
    7. Fabregas
    8. Rosicky
    9. Pedersen
    10. Henry
    11. Van Persie

    1. Djorou
    2. Eboue
    3. Babel
    4. Hleb
    5. Adebayor
    6. Almunia
    7. Nicklas
    8. Denilson
    9. Diaby
    10. Ljunberg

  30. Jimmy said

    The only British signings that would be possible and benificial to us would be Nugent and possibly Gordon.

  31. sitrafox said


    CK in2u , Beast , Aliadiere , Flame on and some others irrelevant ones


    Goalie , Eto , Babel , Maradonna , Baresi .. or, knowing Arsene , prob no one worth mentioning.

  32. Jimmy said

    I don’t think Babel would come here to be sub

  33. Ven Perry said

    Baptista, Aliadiere, Reyes, Flamini, Song, Almunia…
    Money in = £10 million.

    Babel, Ribery, Yohan Pele/Fabianski (plus; Bendtner, Muamba)
    Money out = £25 million.

  34. Jimmy said

    before we criticise wenger for not buying, just let’s wait and see.. It will be interesting how much of United and Liverpools huge transfer budgets are pure speculation.

  35. Jimmy said

    van perry- £25 million plus extra wages and signing on fees

  36. Jimmy said

    it’s never as simple as plus this and minus this

  37. Steve said

    Shame really, where are all the good brits these days?
    Not just the positions we need filling, but the personalities. As Cesc said recently, nobody seems that annoyed when we lose, nobody tells each other off,there’s a lack of leadership. Don’t think skilful lightweight signings like Babel or Ribery would really alter that.

  38. Jimmy said

    i would love to have someone like Gattuso in our team, love it

  39. Jimmy said

    too many of our players go into challenges looking like they are worried about getting hurt

  40. sitrafox said

    oh … did i forget out – AdeBuyOr Wat , in – Misalotovic ?

  41. Jimmy said

    it’s a bit embarassing sometimes when they duck out or go in half heartedly

  42. Naz said

    Why are all of you for Almunia to go? He has done well in the CC, and is a good back up keeper. For a player who can come in and do a job, there is no need to get rid.

    Also, no need to get rid of Muamba, he is a bright prospect. Its pointless to get rid of him without giving him a chance, he is already rated at £4m so that tells alot.

  43. Jimmy said

    who the hell is misalotovic?

  44. Jimmy said

    we really can only keep one of muamba and song// I really hope its muamba. But i fear it won’t be

  45. sitrafox said

    Ask Villa fans ;P

  46. Jimmy said

    you mean savo milosevic? come on..

  47. Steve said

    Agreed indeed
    Song seems afraid every time he steps on to the pitch, his control lets him down and his weight of pass is embarassing, case in point against Spurs the other day. By all accounts, Muamba’s done well this season, and gets stuck in

  48. sitrafox said

    u prefer our african version ?

  49. Rhyle said

    Can’t believe how many people have failed to say Hleb. Second season, haven’t seen enough of him, has to go.

  50. sitrafox said

    Darren Bent is 4 sale , any one ???

  51. Steve said

    a snip at £18m, and no England goals

  52. sitrafox said

    Fine.. then lets keep Ade

  53. Jimmy said

    yeah song the other night was not good at all. The boy just doesn’t run! He jogs everywhere even if he is last man or way upfield when the other team is counter attacking. Added to that he doesn’t get stuck in at all. He is a defensive midfielder with the mentality of a lazy striker. Not good enough

  54. Steve said

    What’s wrong with him? scores every 6 weeks, dances a lovely jig with Thierry, has posters of Kanu on his bedroom wall, wears vests in interviews…

  55. sitrafox said

    hmmm … im beginning to like em now

  56. Jimmy said

    ade is good but not as first choice. If he suddenly develops a clinical streak then maybe, but not at the moment

  57. jock said

    out : ljungberg / hleb / baptista / aliadiere / flamini

    in : grobbellar / valderama / donadoni

  58. sitrafox said

    why dont u like Ancelloti?

  59. Shaz said

    OUT: Ljungberg (4m), Flamini(0 – end of contract), Gilbert(2m), Muamba(1.5m), Senderos(5m), Baptista (send back) Aliadiere (2m), Lupoli(already signed pre contract with some italian team)Reyes (10m)
    IN: Ribery(12m), Fabianski(2m), Bendtner, Pederson (9m), Then Either Eto’o (20m) or Tevez (14m)
    AMOUNT SPENT: 43m or 37m
    or 18.5m or 12.5m


    Am i dreaming?? or is this at all realistic?

  60. Steve said

    Eto’o will surely be too much, one of the other Big 3 have more money and will want a big signing.
    Tevez might not be a bad idea.
    And can’t we see who’s better out of Gilbert and Hoyte.. then flog the loser off to Aston Villa.

  61. sitrafox said

    Clichy + Eboue dont seems like a dream now , do they?

  62. london said

    Baptista, Reyes, Senderos, Flamini, Alliadiere, Ljungberg, LEHMANN

    Fabianski, Ignasevic(CB), Yaya Toure, Ribery, Owen

  63. spankie frankie said


    Fatista, Aliadiere, Ljunberg, Reyes Flamini, Senderos, Poom.

    I would love Reyes to stay but he doesn’t want to play for us so let him go. The rest have not delivered so why keep them.


    Ribery, Boruc, Jan Klass Hunterler (a Pure Goalscorer), Kaboul (To replace Senderos) and maybe Barton to add some bite if Gilberto leaves.

    Please Mr Wenger Spend some cash and no more Kids. I think we did prove this season that you win nothing with kids.

  64. One_Touch_Genius said

    Out: Ljungberg, Flamini, Aliadere, Baptiste, Song

    In: Quaresma, Fabianski

    Starting XI


    Eboue Toure Gallas Clichy


    Quaresma Cesc Rosicky




    Now if this squad stayed fit for an entire season with no major injuries and only a few minor ones i am sure we can yield some silverware from somewhere

  65. Al said

    Out: HLEB, Eboue, Aliadiere, Baptista, Lupoli, Flamini, Song, Poom, Ljungberg.
    (Next year: Lehmann)

    In: Ribery, Tevez, A young keeper (eg. Carson)

    My championship manager squad:

    First 11:

    Henry Van Persie
    Gilberto Diaby
    Clichy Hoyte
    Gallas Toure

    Second 11:

    Tevez Ribery
    Denilson Muamba
    Traore Gilbert
    Senderos Djourou


    A keeper who can at least challenge Lehmann
    Some young midfielders

    Most of the front players can play in different positions anyway. The biggest problem for me is Hleb. 6 goals in 87 games, yet undroppable. The strikers and central midfielders have contributed adequately – the real problem has been goals from wide midfielders. Rosicky can score (even if he hasn’t), but Hleb runs towards the goal a bit, turns around and passes it backwards, sometimes to a teammate, sometimes not. Why does he get 2 seasons to adjust to the premiership? He slows everything down and epitomises for me all of Arsenal’s problems over the past two seasons. 10 million pounds = 1 billion penny sweets = 1 for every child on the planet (a lot of happiness). Hleb hasn’t given me any happiness at all – he perhaps rated 7 two or three times, but usually (generously) rates a 5. Out.

  66. gybolar said

    yeah,i belief it will be ideal for all this afformentioned player to leave,senderos inclusive.i dont see this guy making any impact in the emirate,cos next season is not going to be for the player like him,so i will advice wenger to do away with this guys and any money scooped from this lads should be used to purchase a player like curtis davies.i belief this lad money should go down so far they are not comin to the premiership.

  67. Matt W said

    OUT is obvious – HLEB,Bap, Aliadiere, Flamini, Senderos, Freddie.

    I would also ditch Eboue, or make him learn to defend…

    Et’oo is wishful thinking, i cant see us spending the money to get him..

    1 from either Babel or Ribery for the goal scoring winger…

    1 goalkeeper..

    And i cant believe only one person has mentioned him, maybe because people dont like him and dont know football…

    But what we need is some steel in midfield, and someone who can add that, and pass, and can chip in with some goals…

    Is Joey Barton.

    Baggage – yes, but at £5.5M would add the british steel we need, and i am sure Arsene could sort him out…

  68. Anonymous said

    OUt, Hleb, Hleb, Hleb, unless he learns in 3 months how to defend and make crossess.
    IN Curtis Davis.

  69. DAVE said


    Ljungberg, Senderos, Baptista, Flamini, Reyes, Aliadiere, Almunia, Song, ryan smith, hleb, Lehmann, poom, connolly, randall, muamba, gilbert


    bendtner, traore, mannone, barazite, perez, vincent van de berg, carlos vela.


    ribery, messi, eto, buffon.

  70. gooner said

    OUT: Baptista, Reyes, Song, Flamini, Aliadiere, Hleb, Muamba on loan again.

    IN: Gordon, Sidwell, Top Winger (any 1 of Alves, Quaresma, Maxi Rodriguez, Ribery, Mancini), Future winger (any 1 of Babel, Gouffran, Nani, Augusto, Stiker – Eto’o perfect but too much, Huntelaar, Nugent

    With Bentdner and maybe Vela, the striker issue is not as important as a winger or 2.

    There is no need to sell Muamba yet. He is a player who could be useful in the future.

  71. Tony N5 said

    OUT – Flamini ,Aliadiere , Baptista ,Reyes ,Song ,Muamba (good youngster but too many midfielders in his position) , Senderos (2 slow for the arsenal style of play)

    IN – Craig Gordon or Lukasz Fabianski (GK) , Ryan Babel or Quaresma (W/F) , Darren Bent (realistic option) .

  72. goonerrich said

    We need a new keeper withiut a doubt lehmann is a clown i would prefer an english keeper ie carson but from what i’ve seen of fabianski if we get him he looks good id be tempted to play rvp on the left to run into the box he has the skill get rid of hleb cos there is no end product at all he seems to panic when he gets near goal his passing this year has been utterly crap and bring in etoo up front with henry then we would have the right fire power with rvp and rosicky on the wings and etoo/henry up front

  73. Tony N5 said

    IN – addition Eto would be perfect but i hope its not 2 good to be true

  74. Anonymous said

    In Owen. Ribery. and Barton.

  75. xmorph said

    Out: Senderos (his lack of pace and decisiveness is far too costly), Ljungberg (past it, simple as that), Baptista (doesn’t fit the PL), Flamini (wants to leave), Almunia (never understood how he made it to us in the first place), Lupoli (will leave for Italy), Song (we have too many midfielders for him to realistically compete).

    In: Bendtner, Muamba, Gilbert, Fabianski, Fran Merida (from youth team), van den Berg (from youth team), Carlos Vela, Joe O’Cearuill (from youth team)

    I beg to differ from most fans screaming for external reinforcements. The answer is often right in front of us:
    I think Bendtner has what it takes, I just hope he doesn’t turn into another Anelka
    As for Muamba, I’d be severly disappointed to see him leave, he is exactly the player needed and an ideal replacement for Gilberto. In a 4-5-1, he and Diaby would provide much steel and power, which is currently lacking.
    I think Wenger should play Hoyte or Gilbert at RB and either Walcott or Eboue as right winger, use Hleb in CM or behind lone striker. We need pace on the flanks, and passers in the middle. Hleb slows down our play when playing on the right.
    I also believe Aliadiere could still make it, if played in the right position, which is as a winger and not a centre forward. If Ljungberg leaves, Wenger could play Rosicky or Ali on the left.
    Additionally, we have Merida, who has at least as much potential as Fab4, van den Berg (right winger/striker) ,Vela (striker) and O’Cearuill (defender).

    So, we have:

    GK: Lehmann/Fabianski
    Def: Hoyte/Gilbert, Toure/Gallas/Djourou/Connolly/O’Cearuill, Clichy/Traore
    Mid: Rosicky/Ali, Diaby/Fab4/Denilson/Hleb/Muamba/Merida,
    ,Eboue/Walcott/van den Berg
    Forward: RVP/Henry/Ade/Bendtner/Vela

  76. SoL said

    out: craptista, aliadiere, hleb (2 seasons to adapt now), ljungberg, flamini, reyes

    in: babel or Ribery, tevez and gordon/akinfeev

  77. akh said

    Flamini, Baptista, Song, Reyes, Aliadiere


    Striker: Benni McCarthy / Miroslav Klose
    Winger : Babel / Snjder
    Midfield: Some tough tackling, arse kicker – Reo-Coker?

  78. Ruben Uria said

    Hello, i’m a spanish journalist. I’m looking for som information about Frank Ribery. It’s Arsenal interesting on Ribery? True or false?
    Sorry for my english, very bad

  79. the realist gooner said

    nearly all of you are dreamers and fanboys. spend two seasons winning nothing in order to develop such promising young players but then hey y not, lets spend 60m that we dont have on world class players whos only interest in arsenal lies with titi henry… eto’o never. messi never. if i put money on AW to spend more than 2m on 1 player this season that would b ribery and even that sounds like a long shot. craig gordon will not be bought at lehman has signed a new contract and arsene has stated almunia will be the next no.1

    gooners expect another frustrating summer with a *last gasp* fairly ordinary signing like ribery

  80. Sam The Dog said


    Akinfeev,Mexes,Daniel Alves,Cana(from Marseille),Ribery,Huntelaar.

    They are not necesarily the best players I’d like to have, but they’re the players I’d want considering the money we have.

  81. Sam The Dog said

    By the way, for those of you who don’t give a shit about french football, Lorick Cana is a tough tackling defensive midfielder. He’s a real winner, very good in the air and scares the shit out of opponents. And he’s only 24. I doubt Marseille will let him go, but he’d definitely be a great signing.

  82. zibi said

    Fabianski was in London today on medical examinations. He did not have the practice with Legia before tomorrows game. I think his transfer is hundred percent sure. Don’t worry about him he’s really good keeper. In one year you will have great replacement for Lehman. I remember, that one year ago he said he will never go to any club to sit on a banch. I think he got a promise to be No 1 in one year.
    Zibi Legia Warsaw supporter.

  83. Ray Gooner said

    out: Flamini, Aliadiere, Muamba, Reyes, Baptista, Poom.

    in: Rio Mavuba, Franck Ribéry, Arouna Koné, Renato Augusto.

    That probably sums it up!

    But most importantly: Let’s pray Henry, van Persie & Gallas will be fit the majority of next season…

  84. tns 7 said

    Out: Flamini (2 mill.), Senderos (4), Reyes (8), Ali (2), Muamba (3), Ljungberg (3), Hleb (8), Lupoli (0), Baptista (0). Total: 30 mill.

    In: Fabianski (2 mill), Eto (15), Woodgate/Davies (6), Ribery (10), Bendtner, Henry, van Persie, Eto. Total: 33 mill.

    Keep and check out Gilbert and Song on loan for one more season.

    Nett investment: 3 mill.

  85. sam said

    i cant belive ur all so harsh on hleb…when he starts hes much better than when he comes on and hes not as bad as u r making out at defending…he works so well with cesc and eboue with all those 1 2’s abound the box…he creates alot of goals aswel because he has such good vision!!!keep him

  86. Anonymous said

    out: song, flamini, hleb , craptista, ljungberg, muamba, poom or almunia

    In: Eto’o possibly, reyes (itll never happen) Fabianski, tevez, ribery, matieu (french side back)

  87. Sam The Dog said

    Do you mean Mathieu the Toulouse left back? He’s good, but not good enough for arsenal.

  88. Anonymous said

    yes i was refering to him, acording to various things iv heard he has great potential for the future. i supose another ‘potential’ isnt what we need, especialy with clichy not being a let down

  89. tunde said

    Etoo – henry

    Gilberto should go and we should go to senegal or an african country to get a defensive midfielder….

    Half henry is better than any striker… Imagine end of the season highest goal scorer still on 19 .. I am very ashamed.. Long live the KING

  90. Rhyle said

    Whats wrong with Hleb?!

    Runs in bad areas, loses the ball too often, doesn’t score enough goals, doesn’t cross and doesn’t beat players for pace and/or trickery.

    What he does offer is the simple things done adequately.

    There are a lot of players out there who do much, much more.

  91. veteran said

    Almunia (not good enough) Senderos (ditto) Freddie (finished regretfully) Flamini (wants to go) Baptista (send back) Reyes (does not wish to return) Aliadeire (not good enough). In Keeper(who will keep Jens on his toes) Commanding CB who is good in the air Goalscoring winger and possibly a striker even though we will recall Bendtner. Let Muamba spend another year on loan as with Song. Forget Eto hes trouble and will cost far too much.

  92. DJM said


    Hleb doesn’t prove the team with the required width and doesn’t do alot off the ball in getting into space and goalscoring opportunities! Not like Overmars, Ljungberg, Wiltord or Pires did in our past, which is what we need now!
    Adebayor is a nice guy and popular, but we can’t afford to have a striker that can’t take half chances! Not if we want to challenge for top prizes next season!

    Matthieu Delpierre,
    Wesley Sneijder,
    Tim Cahill or Van der Vaart,
    Eto’o or Darren Bent,
    Nicklas Bendtner,

    Gilberto or Toure as permanent captain when Henry is fit.

  93. Al said

    Someone with urgency – who wants to score really badly… maybe Tevez or Doyle?

  94. Anonymous said

    Baptista, Reyes, Song, Muamba, Ljungberg,Poom,
    Jay Simpson (good prospect loan to get some experience)
    Sadly Flamster wants to leave ( He’s one of the few who show real passion and desire, and he’s versatile)

    Eto’o or Torres(Give them Reyes + cash)
    Ribery or Quaresma
    Timo Hilderbrand (out Lehmann next year)
    Daniel Alves

    Promote -Bendtner, Traore, Fran Merida, , Carlos Vela,
    Aliadiere -Last Chance.

  95. matthew said

    out: reyes, senderos,flamini, muamba.

    in: ryan babel,carlitos tevez, baptista, can t wait 2 see nicklas bendtner in a arsenal shirt, and ricardo quaresma.

    we all say we want these signings but can u c wenger actually going in 2 hes wallet and spending da cash i cant, hes a quality manager but we need 2 buy big be4 we slip 2 far behind

  96. […] Players In and Out of Arsenal. What do you think? It has come to my attention that a good wedge of the comments on my blog are about the issue of who should leave in the […] […]

  97. Nikos said

    OUT: Bapshitta, Flamini (like the grit, but not the class), Senderos (too slow/not agile), Freddie (only if $$ is good)

    IN: Reyes (need width, get over the weather!), Ribery (although hideous), Barton, GK, CB

  98. In: Riebery/Reyes/Robben, Eto
    Out: Flamini, Song, Aliadiere

  99. Damen Holmes said

    Out: Almunia, Ljungberg, Reyes, Flamini, Song, Muamba, Hleb, Aliadiere, Baptista, Lupoli
    In: GK (Back up), LB (Back up), LM (Back up), RM.

  100. anandamide said

    I’d like to see Hleb go. I don’t want to see Reyes back. I hate to say it, but Freddie’s time has come. Aliadiere is never going to amount to anything.

    I’d only get rid of Flamini if he’s going to bitch and moan. A utility player like him is very useful to have around, even if he’ll never make the first 11.

    What we need most is wingers who can score. Remember Freddie and Pires used to bring us 20-25 goals a year between them? How many more points would we have added with 20-25 more goals?

    drop by my blog:

  101. Arsenal need to buy two experienced players.

    Both have to be quality experienced players who will not need permission from their parents to appear in evening kick off games!

    There is a need to recruit another proven goal scorer to create enough of a cover and competition between players. We have advocated that Nikolas Anelka would be ideal and is now available.

    There is also a shortfall in the wide midfield position. The absence of Reyes, Hleb’s known deficiencies, Walcott’s inexperience and Ljumberg’s ageing mean that Arsenal have to recruit a pacy winger to compliment Walcott’s inexperience.

    But there are a lot of other things that Arsenal need to get right if they are to challenge for next season!

  102. leon said

    out= falmini reyes baptista sendros lehman muamba hayte in ribery eto torres

  103. Michael said

    Flamini, Reyes, Aliadiere, Baptista.

    Bendtner, Ribery or Babel, Bale.

    Or even (a very long shot)… Scott Brown from Hibernian anyone??

  104. Anonymous said


    Ljungberg 3 mil Juventus
    Baptista return Madrid
    Flamini 3 mil Juventus
    Almunia 2 mil Vilarreal
    Aliadiere 2 mil Middlesbrough
    Lupoli free Fiorentina
    Reyes 8 mil Seville
    Muamba loan Birmingham
    Gilbert loan Charlton


    Bendtner return Birmingham
    Song return Charlton
    Fabianski 2 mil Legia
    Malouda 10 mil Lyon
    Babel 7 mil Ajax
    Bartley 500k Bolton
    Traore from Arsenal Reserves

  105. John Bosa said

    First lets diagnose the problem:

    We are in for a tough 2008 season unless we do something dramatic about our team. If we need to challenge for the title, we need to introduce more quality to the squad, while improving on the available talent.

    Weak defense(Eboue injury prone and unreliable, Gallas (not pacy) Toure (has some pace but lose concentration when it matters) Clichy (has pace, but needing more experience),

    Poor Midfield control (relying on a young Cesc, no follow-up shots, poor headers, ), Lack of finish and ideas upfront (poor Headers, shots off target, players lazy, no zeal to help defend).

    Treatment and Solutions:

    Out: Lunberg (tired and old), Flamini, Sendoros (too slow, low motivation), Baptista, Reyes, Aliadere (No sparkle), Song

    Develop: Ade (ball control, stamina, shooting and heading skills)
    Cesc (shooting skill), Diahby (Shooting skill)Lehman ( temper and crosses) Hleb ( badly needs shooting skill)

    Move: Eboue to outside right (His crosses are the best from Arsenal and his shooting is not bad either.)Move Toure to Right Back.

    Alternate: Gilberto and Gallas to play in front of defence. Also, alternate Diahby and Cesc. We are underutilizing the boy Diahby. I rate him better than Cesc.

    Buy or bring In: Alex from PSV to central defence( He has speed, awesome headers, I only hope Chealsea do not get him first). Bring in Riberry who can play as a winger both left and right and has a high work rate. Bring in either Anelka or Eto. We need a world class striker, to patner Thierry. Bring in the Polish keeper Fibianski

  106. will said

    Out: Reyes (8m), Ljunberg (4m), Hleb (6m), Aliadiere (2.5m), Flamini (2m)
    Total: 22.5m

    In: Babel (6m), Ribery/Queresma (14m), Bednter (teturn)


    Face it the current board isn’t gunna spend big unless they recouporate a lot through sales.

    We need goalscoring wingers, all other departments are fine with the return of TH14 and RVP.

  107. muzza said

    I think we should sell our new stadium and go to white hart lane. Kluivert in for experience as we are lackin in that area. Also buy Rivaldo hes young. With these 2 up front we can sell sexy Henry.

  108. muzza said

    Hi again, does any1 else tink hlebs thighs aree nice?

  109. Anonymous said

    Jeremie Aliadiere
    Arturo Lupoli
    Julio Baptista

    Mathieu Flamini
    Freddie Ljunberg
    Jose Antonio Reyes

    Ryan Babel
    Nicolas Bendtner

    Fabrice Muamba
    Franck Ribéry
    Alex Song

    Gareth Bale
    Kyle Bartley

    Lukasz Fabianski

  110. williams said

    Out: Senderos (if we get 7m from juve), Eboue, Song, Baptista, Alibarbar and the 40 Jeremies, Hleb, Freddie.

    In: Babel, Ribery, Boruc, Tevez

  111. Stuart said

    Out: Reyes, Gilbert, Flamini, Freddie (legend but too injury prone), Senderos, Aliadiere

    In: Babel, Ribery, should keep Bentdner, need an out and out goalscorer like Huntalaar and Scott Carson would be nice.

  112. Hello again,

    First of all was your article on Joey Barton inspired by me in regards the bapmista article…..just Kiddin.



    Lehhmann is past his best and as I have said before his performances where better last season as he was fighting for Germany No1, Ljunberg is a legend and should leave before he does a Seaman and stay to long and end up being remembered as an slow, injury prone, past it player rather than the pacey, goalscoring midfield dynamo we all remenber him for being (at the moment), Hleb and Senderos have not fufilled there potential and Dojorou seems a better prospecr than Senderos as the moment.



    Barton/Ribery/Gattuso/Morten Gamst Pedersen


    As good as Almunia is I just dont think he has a presence about him where as the above 4 keepers have played in Europe and International football, Someone like Barton ()which I have said a few times)/Gattuso would give us that gritt and kick them back mentality and finally we are short of wingers who get to the by-line and alot of people say Ribery who is very good but Morten Gamst Pedersen is a very good player who can score from midfield, get to the byeline and is good at set-pieces.

    Legs 11 baby

  113. jimmy grimble said

    out: poom,ljungberg, senderos,flamini,song, reyes,baptista,aliadiere

    in:gordon(but now prob fabianski),steven taylor/curtis davies, sidwell, babel, ribery, bendtner,muamba

  114. Adaminho said

    OUT: Ljungberg, Julio, Aliadiere, Senderos, Flamini n Adebayor

    IN: Robinho, Tevez, Anelka, Woodgate, Malouda

    If we had that squad we will challenge for the title and win the cahmpions league!!!

  115. Out: Reyes, Flamini

    In: Fabianski, Baptista (sort of), Ribery

    That’d be all, most likely. I’d like to see a central defender come into the mix and push Toure out on the right, pushing Eboue forward a little more as required.

  116. Tony said


    Big Sam,Kevin Davies,Nicky Hunt,Kevin Nolan,Ivan Campo,Michael Owen

  117. Si-lo said

    This is what I think will happen:

    Out: Flam (is going), Baptista (is going), Reyes (is going or going into hibernation), Aliadere (is going),Muamba (is going though I wish he wasn’t), Poum (will probably be going), Gilbert (will probably be going) Ljunberg (is probably going), Senderos (will probably be going – but not for 6million – pure paper nonsense)

    In: Fabianski, Bendtner, Song, Maybe Ribery if he decides we are worthy (see todays comments)

    Not coming: Bale, Tevez, Eto so maybe everybody get over it…!

    Not going: Song, Hleb… They’ll both get another season at least…

  118. Damian said

    U guys have got it wrong baptista is a great player in a side with real wingers and henry. how good would of DB looked with static wingers always coming inside crowding him to play with his back to goal.

  119. Damian said

    in Bill Gates or Paul Allen

  120. bill said


  121. bill said

    i h8 blacks

  122. muzz said

    we shoudl sell nobody but start playing traore and conolly main team
    i love penis

  123. muzz said

    hey muzz here again, whats up dudes arsenal are really cool. i love all the players they are hot, i think that we should have more youthful players in the squad because im a peadofile and i like to check them out as i watch the games, we should have an annual wet t shirt compettion held at the club in which all of the player can take part, in fact make it a wet shorts competition,
    many thanks muzz xxxxxxx

  124. I HATE HENKEE said


  125. t.murrey said

    the german way past his best for US, too many cards, unreliable
    almunium will never be class enough

    SENDEROS , not good enough, loan him if you’re emotionally attachd 2him

    FLAMINI(wants out), FREDDY(too old and cant cope),HLEB (inconsistent, and doesnt work well as a winger), GILBERTO (diaby is far much beta, esp goin 4wrd, plus DENILSON is cover up),MUAMBA (cant make the cut)

    BAPTISTA(dnt hv 2 say anything, he proved he’s not good enough)


    BUFFON (unrealistic buy, so maybe GORDON), FABIANSKI( bought to replace almunia)

    A TALL CENTRAL DEFENDER who can occasionally fill LB in case clichy gets injured,,, by the way he is grt in defence, shld work on crossing)

    DANIEL ALVES( winger, cover up for RB),RIBERY (his askn price may be too steep, regarding positions that need filling), FRAN MERIDA(so much appraisal, lets see him play), RENATO AUGUSTO(scoring brazilian midfielder with 2yr 1st team experience…no international caps so work permit a prob),SOME YOUTH PLAYERS like NACER BARAZITE, HENRI LANSBURY


    selling HENRY has many repercussions, he’s a gr8 goalscorer, sumn we’ve lacked at this season. Plus it will lead a lot of players out like Gallas and CESC, as to mention for certain.

  126. dily said

    out- flemini, bap, reyas, fre lumberg, aluminio, eboue, senderos, muamba and aliadiarie

    in- jeasus navas, silva, babel, kompany, alves or m richards, torres and gg

    other options- robiniho, riberry bent carson

  127. Scottygooner said

    Me thinks that there is alot of searching of Football manager for the PC for most of these comments:)

  128. Innocent voice said

    Senderos, Ljunberg(old), Flame, Reyes, Baptista, Lehmann,

    Ribery, Malouda, Kone, Fabiaski, Eto’o/Owen (if wenger will spend), torres. Infact Wenger should go to France and seria A and get good goals hungry guys and Gerard and Carloslike players.

  129. Innocent voice said

    I am not black, but i h8 Bill for that statement”i h8 blacks”. go fuck urself, GOAT FUCKER!

  130. Asterix said

    out: Baptista, Muamba, Ljunberg, Flamini, Aladaire,Senderos.

    In: Richards,Goalie from Poland, Motta, Tevez

  131. deng said

    hi this is deng i am a
    gunners fun i don’t henry, lehnman, reyes, van persie, toure,and gilberto to be sold

  132. Anonymous said


  133. gurps singh said

    OUT: Baptista, Reyes, Alliadiere, Ljungberg, Song, Gilbert, Senderos, Flamini.

    IN: Davis (West Brom, Thierry Henry, RVP, William Gallas, Bendtner,

    Team for next season:







  134. Asterix said

    IN: Ribery, Richards, Torres





    Henry the Master

  135. whiz said

    Out – Reyes, Baptista, Muamba, Lauren(already did), Flamini, Ljungberg, Song
    In – Fabianski, Bendtner, Ribery/Malouda, Anelka back? , babel?, or even eto’o if henry’s out to barca.(hopefully not)

  136. gooner said

    in: fabianski(gk),quaresma(am), eto,bendtner(fc),mexes(dc)
    out: adebayor+senderos+baptista+alidiere

  137. louis said


  138. the dude said

    get real. torres Tevez blah blah.
    Only Possibility is Etoo at the cost of henry.
    N yeah Ribery.

  139. Rajveer said



    Official team:Buffon,Eboue,Toure,Gallas,R.FerdinandClichy,Ribery,Fabregas,Rosicky,Babel,T.Henry


    *Clichy and C.Ronaldo are good in counter attack.

  140. Alex said

    Reyes, Baptista, Muamba, Flamini, Ljungberg, Song, Poom, Aliaidier, Gilbert

    Malouda, Rihards, Queresma, Sunu,Gouffran, Sanga, Fabinski(sp), Casillas, Bendtner

    SHOULD: Moutinho, Eto/Henry, Helguera, Gamst, Kone

  141. Alex said

    ^ Just to clarify: If Barcalona were to offer a mid to high teen’s amoun for Henry + Eto, I think, and I’m gooner through and through, it would be a step in the right direction, Henry’ not going to be top class for too much longer, and Eto has a good few more years on him to improve further. 🙂

  142. em bizle said

    OUT>>>>FUCkISTA,freddie,henshit,and lame-mannnn!!!!!

  143. george said

    just to clerify if arsena will buy obafemi martins and senna this season.



  146. for the next year aresnal should take at least one cup that is not to mean fa cup or carling cup.but preamerling or eruo shampion slig.Why wenger didn’t fell angery when manchster united take two cups.and why wenger chioces to be passive in buying best players to the next year.why wenger chioce best and heart catch game with out concerning to goal. please dear wenger try to aviod your money seeker behavior instead please try to be satisfayer of the supporter.

  147. Hello. I think you are eactly thinking like Sukrat. I really loved the post.

  148. Shannan said

    Hi, its pleasant paragraph concerning media print, we all be aware of media is
    a enormous source of facts.

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