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Your player of the season? Ribery to make us smile?

Posted by James Dall on 9, May 2007

The main talking point today is the apparent medical Lukasz Fabianski has undergone at the club.

His agent said the following –

We are very close to a deal with Arsenal, an agreement is there between both clubs. We just have to arrange some details of his contract at Legia and with Arsenal. Lukasz had medical tests yesterday (Tuesday) and he has flown back to Poland to play for Legia on Wednesday. I expect him to return to London later this week to have more talks. Lukasz has had three offers, one from Germany and one from another team. Lukasz is in a good position and we are close to a deal with Arsenal.

Now we have all seen the video so much of our opinion’s on this player can only be based on that. It seems that everyone’s main concern is his aerial ability when dealing with crosses. There also appears to be various rumours about his height, whether he is 6ft 1 or 6ft 3. I am lead to believe he is the latter. I highly doubt Arsene would sign a GK on the small side. Until I see something on the official site I am not going to get carried away. If he does sign I will hardly be beside myself as he is not a well known world beater but I trust Arsene’s judgement and it is a signing nonetheless.

Speaking of Arsene, he talks about how we do not necessarily need to buy buy buy in order to compete for the title. He makes the extremely valid point that United only bought Carrick last season after they sold Ruud. He says that it is key that he does not purchase a player that might in turn get in the way of the development of one of our current youngsters. Before everyone begins to panic about his reluctance to buy, he says –

We need to find a better balance in our team in some positions then we will be ready.

Which says to me we are looking at a couple of additions. A long with the potential signing of Fabianski, it has emerged that Ribery looks set to leave Marseille’ and he is keen on a move to England. Arsenal are mentioned –

The clubs that make me dream? Manchester, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, Chelsea and Milan.

I would LOVE us to sign him. I would have a big fat grin on my face if we did. Just like when I scored a last minute winner against my mate on pro evo earlier. I think the arrival of Ribery would excited us all. Here is hoping Arsene is interested.

The whole Baptista Reyes situation still is no clearer. Athletico Madird have rejected any talk of Reyes heading there. Who knows eh?

Just a couple of other things. Steve Coppell is apparently lining up Muamba to replace Steve Sidwell. It seems clear the Arsene is willing to let the lad go. What about our other loanees though – Lupoli is off to Italy. Do song or Gilbert have a future at the club? I have always been a fan of Gilbert, it will be interesting to see if we comes back to us.

Last but not least you can vote for your player of the season here. I am undecided between Gilberto and Fabregas, plus Clichy has made a late push. Hmmm it is a tricky one.

Enjoy your evening. I am off out to the student union, it will be our second to last ever night there – emotional times.


36 Responses to “Your player of the season? Ribery to make us smile?”

  1. Jonno said

    I can think of nothing worse than signing Ribery – £20million on another winger who can’t score? Are you out of your mind?!?

  2. aj said

    I can think of nothing worse than signing Ribery – £20million on another winger who can’t score? Are you out of your mind?!?


    Also, Ribery would get in the way of us signing Ryan Babel, who is the guy I really want. A good, wide left player, who Marco Van Basten says will be as good as Thierry Henry. I think he could be right. I have been looking at the YouTube clips of him and there is one where you would easily believe it was TH14.

    Rafael Van Der Vaart would also be a great asset. A midfielder who can score great goals.

    No, not Ribery. The guy who dreams of Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Arsenal, Milan, Barnet, Tottenham. HaHa!! Only joking!

  3. Sam The Dog said

    Ribery CAN score goals, in fact he’s very good on one on ones with the keeper.
    He’s much better than Babel, he’s proved his value at the highest level, and would suit perfectly ton our style of play.
    And he’s a real winger, unlike Babel, who also likes (possibly prefers) to play as a striker.

  4. anandamide said

    player of the season is pretty easy. the only player who came close to cesc was gilberto (who finally silenced the last of his critics).

    given wenger’s aversion to big money buys, i’d say babel is more likely than ribery. plus, as mentioned by a previous commentator, we don’t need another non-scoring winger.

  5. Passenal said

    I wouldn’t get so excited about Ribery – remember how excited everyone was about Baptista? Ribery would also need time to get used to the premiership so he would hardly be in a position to help us hit the ground running next season.

  6. Jonno said

    Nonsense sam, ribery has a career littered with low scoring seasons- he was rubbish at scoring in the french second division, rubbish in turkey, and he’s rubbish now. He’s got a VERY weak finish, and misses plenty of adebayor-esque chances. Ribery doesn’t score goals, and never has- end of story. I can think of 20 wingers i’d prefer to him, all of whom costing much less.

  7. Sam The Dog said

    Jonno you clearly don’t follow the french leage.
    First of all, Ribery never played in the second division. Secondly, he doesn’t score 15 goals per season, I grant you that, but he’s very good in front of goal, that’s a fact. It’s just that he usually prefers to pass the ball to a real striker when he gets in a good position. But that doesn’t mean he’s no good in front of goal. Remember the goal he scored vs spain in the world cup? Or just take a look at the last two goals he scored in his last two games: one on one with the keeper.
    He’d give us what we clearly lack, penetrating power and width.
    I agree on the fact he’d be much more expensive than other good wingers, and we might find a better bargain than him, but you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to his scoring abilities.

  8. Jonno said

    What utter tripe. Ribery played in Ligue 2 for brest, and ales en provence i believe- fact. He barely scored for either club. Get your facts straight. What you’ve just described to me is a french hleb, and even if i hadn’t seen him, that’d be enough to put me off. Yes, i remember Ribery’s goal against spain- it’s convenient though, that everyone who brings it up seems to forget the fact that he was shite for the rest of the tournament. In fact, given your comments, i can only

  9. Jonno said

    Assume that beyond youtube highlights, it’s the only game you’ve actually seen him play. 1-Ribery’s career goal tally is embarrassing, and 2-remarkably few of those are scored 1 on 1. He’s ordinary, end of story, and cack in front of goal. He’s the last player we should sign to finish off the countless chances we currently waste.

  10. […] Your player of the season? Ribery to make us smile? The main talking point today is the apparent medical Lukasz Fabianski has undergone at the club. His agent said the […] […]

  11. The Portuguese Arsenal!

  12. Sam The Dog said

    Jonno, I LIVE in France. And that IS a fact.
    He played for brest and ales in national, which is the third division. And I see him play week in week out.
    Ribery hasn’t got anything to do with hleb, not the same style of play. I’m not even that keen on Ribery, I think he’d be a good signing, but that’s about it.
    I’m just annoyed by all the bullshit you’ve been saying about him, just because YOU don’t seem to know much about him, a part from what you’ve read there and about.
    And people like you seem to forget that pires and ljungberg didn’t score many goals before they came to arsenal.
    The arsenal style of play would suit ribery perfectly.
    Anyway, a part from showing you’re a twat who tries to talk about things he doesn’t know, this conversation isn’t very useful, as Ribery will probably be too expensive for us.

  13. Sam The Dog said

    And saying he’s shite in front of goal just about sums up how ignorant you are. Just have a look at the last two goals he scored in the league (vs sochaux and monaco).

  14. Jonno said

    See sam, that’s where you’ve lost me. Because if you’d lived in france for any length of time, you’d know that Pires used to score for fun for Metz. And if you know anything about Arsenal, you’d know that Freddie only had two high-scoring seasons here anyway. Seems it’s you talking out of your arse, not Me. Anyway, back to ribery- yes, i’ve seen his goal against sochaux. very nice it was too. But i’ve also seen adebayor’s goals against fulham and spurs. Nicely taken. Thing is, over the course of a season,

  15. Jonno said

    Those goals are about as rare as dragon poo. the comment about hleb was related to your comment about always passing in front of goal- i know he’s different to hleb, he plays much wider, and goes outside far more often. But his scoring record is thoroughly hleb-esque. If you’re serious about talking about Ribery, just look at his actual record- if you watched him ‘week in week out’, you’d know that week in week out, he can’t score. If you’d only followed him since his gala days, like i have, you’d know

  16. Jonno said

    That as a player he’ll score usually 2-3 a season, sometimes spectacularly, but not regularly enough to solve our current problems. He’s scored a few free-kicks, but wouldn’t take those at arsenal, he’s scored a few from long range, and he’s scored a few from in the box. Does he finish chances regularly? My arse he does.

  17. With Wenger its first a matter of technical ability then physical characteristics then if the player fits these it’s his character. After all these the price.

    If the latter is not what he thinks is the real value then he may not go for it. He is just as happy to stay with what he has as he believes that he can improve players. And he can certainly do that.

    Look at his record.

  18. Dave Mustaine said

    I think Fabulous should be Arsenal’s Player of the Season. He’s been the creative force in the midfield for them.

  19. SamTheDog said

    Jonno I’m not saying Ribery will score 20 goals per season, but he could easily get us 8 or 10.
    He’ll never score as many goals as Pires, I grant you that. The comparison with Adebayor doesn’t make any point at all: Ade is a striker, and gets 4 or 5 opportunities per game. Ribery is a winger, and gets 1 or 2.
    The point with Ribery is that at the moment, he’s about the only player I can think of who could just take the ball and run at the defense, like Ronaldo does at ManU or Robben used to do at his best for Chelsea. I don’t really care if he scores goals or not, he’d create much more opportunities than Hleb or Ljungberg, and I’m sorry to insist, but he’s better in front of goal than any of our so-called wingers.
    Anyway, you think you’re right, I know you’re wrong, end of story.
    The other player who could be interesting would be Malouda. He’s a good player, and left footed, but I’m not that keen on him, and he’d probably be just as expensive as Ribery.
    Just a word on the eto’o rumour: that is absolute bullshit. Where would we find the money? And even if we did, ManU or Chelsea would offer more money than us. The only possibility for him to come to Arsenal would be to swap him with Henry. But I can’t see that happening.
    Two players who would really give something extra to us would be Daniel Alves, the Sevilla righ back (but too expensive I reckon), and Lorick Cana, defensive midfielder from Marseille. He’s a fighter, a ball winner, excellent in the air, and a terrific tackler (and he’d be cheaper than any english player of the same type).

  20. frenchgooner said

    If you’re interested by potentially good signings from french Ligue 1 take a look at this which is a list of the five best players in each category (keeper, defender, midfielder, forward) according to newspaper L’Equipe.

    The best midfielder is Malouda from Lyon (he’s definitely class, and still young) while Ribéry is not on the list (but probably not far behind). The fact that Malouda has scored 8 from 33 games compared to Ribéry’s 5 from 23 games shows that scoring is not happening a lot anyway (the Ligue 1 has indeed repeatedly been attacked for its boring tactical 0-0 scorelines) and so one cannot really compare player stats between various leagues (i.e. Premiership vs Ligue 1), it only makes sense within a same league.

    A very good signing for us right now would be Nasri from Marseille, he has tremendous skill but even more importantly he has vision, always his head up. He can play as a number 10 or as a winger so that would give us many options, e.g. instead of Hleb, or as a support to a striker (Bergkamp-Zidane style).

    What we do lack is a tall and strong defender. I had thought about Luisao from Benfica who plays for the Brazil national team too and is 6’4, but in the champions league Benfica always let goals in against premiership sides, so I’m not so convinced anymore, at least I’d like to know how he was involded in those goals.

  21. Dario said

    Ribery is an enigma for me, i watched alot of highlights of French Ligue, and some full games this year. He sure can score goals, he has a very good first touch, and he is composed in front of goals. But at the same time, he abit reluctant to pop in the penalty box, he rather cut in once, then twice and play a cross. His last few games has been very good, lotsa assist and few goals.

    Will he be a good signing, i really don’t know. He could a be flop or he could be a massive hit, but one thing certain, he’s a very risky gamble especially for 20 mil pound. Another winger that impress me in Ligue 1 is Feindouno.

    And please, i beg you, spell ATLETICO correctly. Leave the friggin’ H out. This is the 100th i see across the net people misspelled the name of the club. Imagine spelling ARSENAL as ARSEANAL.

  22. Jonno said

    Sam, 6 points. 1- 8-10 goals for ribery? This is his best ever season, at any level, and he’s managed five! Admittedly though, he’s been injury hit this season, but still, have a look at his actual historic record – the chances of him doubling his best ever goal tally, even for arsenal, are absolutely zero. 2- Ade is entirely relevant. Why? Because it illustrates that if you only watch a few games for a player, you can get completely the wrong impression about them. Against monaco and sochaux, ribery scored

  23. Jonno said

    Good goals. But if you took his season, and his career as a whole, you’d know he’s always had a very mediocre strike rate, and part of that is down to a bad technique in front of goal at times. The facts are all on my side- you’re speculating if you think he’ll ever come close to 10. Like rosicky, he’ll score a few, but never enough to make the slightest difference to a season. 3- i’m not interested in creating more chances, though granted, ribery would improve this. We need players to finish off all the

  24. DrukGooner said

    Player of the Year? Gilberto. Would have loved to give it to Fab4 but he did not score enough.

  25. Jonno said

    Countless chances we currently waste- just creating more missed opportunities will do us little good. A better finishes than our current wingers? He’s prob better than hleb & fred, but that’s not much of a ringing endorsement. He’s fractionally worse than Tom. More re cana and malouda later

  26. Jono said

    Sorry, re: Malouda – you’re prob right, thuogh I think he might cost a bit less than Ribery, and as such for me would represent a better investment. He’s still hardly a worldbeater…

    Alves? Good player, but makes Eboue look honest – he dives EVERYWHERE!

    Cana? Again, good player, but would he really improve over Gilberto that much to make it worthwhile spending our limited funds on him./

  27. Chris Norfield said

    Don’t want to see ribery sign, if this new keeper is good enough to challenge lehman then i dont see a need for anyone else, apart from maybe a goalscoring midfielder

  28. Jonno said

    I’d say we need a new defensive coach, and a new goalscorer, preferably in midfield. That’s a minimum, but should put us in a strong position. I’d like simao, tevez, or someone like that…

  29. Sam The Dog said

    Simao or Tevez would definitely be good signings.
    But when you think about it, it’s actually quite hard to find a player that we can afford who would really improve our game.
    Going back to those who were speaking about players in the french league (which is probably the only big league in which we can afford to buy players, with germany), someone spoke about feindouno. Sorry, but feindouno at arsenal would be nonsense. He’s 25 now, and just isn’t good enough for a champions league club.
    And Nasri, well I rate him highly, but he wouldn’t be of any use to us. He’s a mixture between fabregas and rosicky basically. A real number ten, like zidane used to be, but in view of the players we already have, what would he add to the team?
    Thinking of players in the french league, I think Johan Elmander, a swedish international who plays for Toulouse (striker) would be a good signing, as cover for Henry and Van Persie. He’s 25, tall, powerful, fast, scores and creates goals.
    Arouna Koné would also be a good signing, and not to expensive.
    I also think we definitely need a left footed winger, that’s why Malouda could be a good option, even though I’m not entirely sure he’s worth the 15M euros we’d have to spend for him.
    Anyway, plenty of things to talk about, but hard to find THE players we really need.

  30. Jono said

    Now you’re talking Sam!

  31. gybolar said


  32. Sam The Dog said

    And by the way Jonno, I totally agree with you (yes yes!) about the defensive coach. That’s an absolute necessity. If we don’t improve defensively, we won’t do better than the last two seasons.
    Bring back Martin Keown. Or Tony Adams.

  33. little gooner said

    we definitely need a defensive coach..may be Keown or they know about the club better than others i guess

  34. Anonymous said

    i’d say gilberto gets player of the season.He’s taken the captaincy really well Leading the young side by example.And about the fabulous,agreed he’s creative,only 19,and a maturity world class.But he hasnt scored but peanuts,not good enough for a top top teams Central Attacking Midfielder(He himself has agreed so).Look at lampard,gerrard,big players for big teams,who score week in week out.When strikers arent firin big guns,its these players who do the job;our young fab still has to learn it…he has a long way to go to be one of the best like stevie g.

  35. alpha said

    what. if wenger has any intelligence he would buy no one but Tevez. he is the player that arsenal neds. he has adapted tremendously to the English style and he has proven that he is able to score. a team like arsenal would give him fantastic chances. we dont need a midfieldetr we need a striker. our midfield is good enough but our problem is we have uselesss human beings like adebayor and batista who simply cannot score adebayor has a lot of chances that he has simply messed up. sorry ade but i believe tevez can be the next maradona.

  36. whiz said

    Either Ribery or Malouda would be a great signing of Arsenal. Trust me, these people could help Arsenal. Had enough of youngsters and it will take a very long time to adapt them. 🙂

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