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First signing – Fabianski, Second signing – ???

Posted by James Dall on 11, May 2007

A pretty grotty Friday weather-wise, where has the gorgeous sunshine gone? Tonight is our summer ball. Being in my final year this pretty much is our last official night out. Clearly everyone will end up awful but I feel emotions will be high. Baring this in mind tomorrow’s blog could well be a late one. On with the news then.

It is a pretty quiet day for news to be honest. Goodness knows how I am going to cope after Sunday. I will have to feed off transfer rumour scraps – great. There is a possibility that I might be doing some work experience for sky sports online so in theory that could well assist my transfer speculation gossip.

First I shall discuss Clichy. He has had a couple of things to say. He says that we need to improve defensively next season. I could not agree more. The fact of the matter is I am never too confident that we are going to keep a clean sheet. With our inability to put away chances this season, the issue that we are always in danger of conceding has not helped. If anything it is a lethal combination. Chelsea, when Terry and Cech are fit, are sound at the back and rarely concede. United may not be as strong as Chelsea defensively but they don’t half put their chances away. On the blog the other day a couple of people suggested that we should get Keown back in as a coach. Last season he was involved and many held him accountable for the awesome display by our make shift back four. Getting him back might well be the best signing we make all summer.

Secondly Gael has said the team are 100% focused on gaining the three points on Sunday, in an attempt to finish third. Liverpool, who are level on points with us, have a better goal difference by two and play relegated Charlton at home. Meanwhile our away game at Fratton Park is against a Portsmouth team who will are playing for UEFA Cup football. The only thing that might swing it for us is if Liverpool rest players for the Champions League final. I doubt Benitez will do that three matches in a row though. For us it will be a stern test. If we come through it I will be pretty surprised. I hope the players prove me wrong.

Cesc has urged the team to really have a go next season

I think we should be proud of our record this season [playing the top sides]. You win the title against the big teams but if you do not win against the other sides you will not win it. Arsenal cannot accept that. If you are ambitious and really want to win the title, you have to play with more aggressiveness and do your job properly. We have to really go for it.

A further frailty of our season has been the lack of replicating the big performances against the smaller teams. That certainly does need addressing. Fabregas also echoes Clichy’s comments in how much he want to finish third rather than fourth.

Robin van Persie has spoken of his pain while being out injured. I really cannot wait to see him get through a whole season without injury. It was a huge player for us up until his broken foot and would have easily finished on around 20 goals for us this season.

Last but not least it seems the Fabianski deal has been confirmed. His coach confirmed it yesterday and now on the official site Arsene said the following –

That will be done. He will be our new goalkeeper. He will join us next year, be in the squad and compete for a position. He is one for the future. We have identified him as having all the qualities to challenge here and be one of the future great goalkeepers for Arsenal Football Club.

Firstly it is a relief as earlier on this season Arsene was talking about how much Almunia had improved, which made me worry he might be seen as Jens’ replacement. It appears Fabianski will be on the bench at the beginning of next season. There will be plenty of pressure on Jens though. The fans will not tolerate his erratic mistakes.

Our first signing of ‘summer’ then. Here is hoping for a couple more. I am off to shower and then reminisce with friends before my night out. Enjoy your Friday.


37 Responses to “First signing – Fabianski, Second signing – ???”

  1. James said

    Take this how you will, but i’ve heard from a number of sources, some fairly reliable, that our scouting network is currently not too busy- apparently there are not currently any clear transfer targets beyond this keeper, and unless players unexpectedly leave, there will be no further signings. Not what we want, i know, but just sharing what i’ve heard from good sources

  2. mjc said

    Regarding Keown – he was on the second row of the bench for the Fulham game, so I reckon he will be working for us in the summer.

  3. James said

    That is, of course, if a deal hasn’t been wrapped up already, though we’ve not really been linked with anyone, and i’ve not heard any names that are particularly good…

  4. Steve Hogg said

    I hope that this is not the case. We need some signings as i don’t think the Arsenal faithful will suffer another season without a trophy. If i was Wenger i would do all i can to get Ribery to replace Freddie. I think we need a out and out striker, like Ian Wright. I would love to see Eto in the Red shirt, although i doubt it will happen. I am not looking forward to next season if we don’t make any signings.

  5. It was obvious throughout the season and esp in the game against Chelsea that the team lack balance. There were central midfielders playing in the wing positions such as Diaby, Denilson and even Fabregas to name a few. So a winger and a forward should be priority.

    With Wenger its first a matter of technical ability then physical characteristics then if the player fits these it’s his character. After all these the price.

    If the latter is not what he thinks is the real value then he may not go for it. He is just as happy to stay with what he has as he believes that he can improve players. And he can certainly do that.

    So he may end up not buying any quality players of note if they are priced out of the market!

    It may be a long summer.

  6. I am happy we have signed a decent young keeper, my mate lives in Poland and he said he is the dogs nuts.

    Hopefully we go in for someone like morten gamst pedersen who would sort out are winger problem and would be cheaper than the hunch back from Marseille and proven in the Premiership.

    Also we need someone to kick people back and although he is a hideous, nasty and vile little skuz-bucket I still think Joey Barton would be a good signing and he is a pretty decent footballer.

    Later fellow gooners

  7. michael Zem said

    To be honest we dont need many new faces, Arsene has found a potential solution to future goalkeeping issues. The only thing we really need to add to our mix of pretty passing youngsters is someone who can attack people with venom and isnt afraid to get kicked. I think this can be Carlos Tevez. He can play on the wing (where Hleb and freddie have become a little too soft)and up front and has proven that he relishes the challenge of the premiership. Arsene may not want to sign him because it shoves theo down the pecking order but it may benefit theo to go on loan and play regularly like Muamba and Bendtner have this season.

  8. theshelfattheclockend said

    Mjc, I reckon Keown is being groomed by Wenger as his long term replacement. Remember you saw it here first.

  9. Steve Hogg said

    I would not mind seeing Joey at arsenal although i think that we have to many midfielders already. I like the look of Denilson but i don’t think that he is going to oust Gilberto and Cesc.

    Not sure about Gamst. A very good player but not consistent enough, saying that neither is rosicky and Pleb.

  10. E&S said

    One down, one to go.

    Winger please, Arsene.

  11. potter said

    Well shelf, thats an interesting shout! He’s certainly got the brains and the tradition.

  12. Michael said

    If we don’t sign a winger in the summer I will be gutted!

    It is a must! Our attacks are getting slower and slower. Personally I want Ribery, but we’ll have to wait and see I guess…

  13. James said

    Well, only passing on what i’ve heard- though i hope it’s wrong. Fact is though, improvement in young players alone will not build a 20 point bridge- we’re obviously flawed, so i’m hoping we don’t do anything stupid. I don’t want ribery, but Tevez or Simao would be good, but highly unlikely. If wenger gets another summer wrong, i hope he leaves

  14. If Fabianski is the second signing who was the first? Saw some news that we are tracking Diarra from Lyons but that is the wrong Diarra. The one I fancy is Mamadou Diarra and was fabulous before joining Real Madrid. He became crap in the same way healthy children are made ill when put in the same bed with an ill one. He was the heart and the better midfielder when him and Essien terrorised teams in Europe.

    I would fancy having him more than Etto but I am sure this is crazy talk to many gooners. Laters

  15. Robbie Savage said

    I agree. One more rubbish summer from Wenger will prove conclusively that he’s more interested in his pet project than the good of the club. I don’t want any more of this youth club bull unless there’s no money- step up, or get out!

  16. Jermaine said

    We shouldn’t concentrate on Ribéry as he has done nothing to prove his price and to me he is to inconsistent, he isn’t the best with the ball at his feet and he certainly isn’t the quickest. For me we should go for either Ryan Babel or Ricardo Quaresma, two players who love to take players on, two players who are both alot quicker than Ribéry, two players with a good eye for goal aswell. Babel would be my main target ahead of Quaresma simply for the fact that he can play as a striker aswell as on the left wing, he could certainly be our new Robert Pires somebody who we have really missed this season. Eto’o I’m not so sure we need as he would ruin Robin’s chances in the team and he is way to egotistical aswell, we don’t need that at the club and we wouldn’t stand for it aswell.

  17. Anonymous said

    weve sold muamba 4 peanuts. Great!!!!

  18. mad dog lehmann said

    what sources James? the media hahaa
    like anyone knew about the gkeeper.
    if you really knew about “The Arsenal” you would know that transfers don’t get discussed they just happen.
    and to ArsenlAnalsis and everyone else who thought chelsea game we played with no width!!
    well until Denilson was hacked out of the game we had Chelsea under manners 10 or 11 men.
    it was only when we changed the system that they over ran us.
    if adedonkey etc took there chances they had in the 1st half.
    fot once i think wenger got it right with the tactics.
    just poor quality/off form strikers!

  19. cyber gunners said

    i believe ribery will be a wonderful signing not only for us..but for EPL as well..

    tevez anyone???

  20. Rosey said

    To the tubes who want Wenger sacked, grow up or go and support Chelscum, you want glory, but don’t like it when the team has a dip boo hoo. The only reason we didn’t challenge is because we missed our 2 best players for large parts of the season, the same would be said of ManUre if they did not have the pikey or Ronaldivo. I bet you tell people to sit down too!

  21. i don’t want a star player like eto to obstruct RvP’s progress. what we need would be another robert pires to play on the right. freddie’s age is catching up with him and hleb can’t shoot for nuts.

    erm why isn’t anybody talking about signing a defender? i don’t have much confidence in our backline, and if gallas leaves for real madrid we will be in deep trouble.

  22. Ven Perry said

    So lets say we get Eto’o. Great! But, what happens to Adebayor, Bendtner and even Walcott. RVP will prove him self amongst the top ten strikers in the World next season, he would have done it this year were it not for his injury. And Thierry will also return to that list. We do NOT need another forward.

    For me BABELis the perfect signing, he is a winger who can play up front also; two birds with one stone.

    Although id be well happy with Ribery.

  23. The Herd said

    Anyone who has seen Ribery more than just in a france shirt will know the fella has class plenty of balls and can play left or right wing and can cut inside or go outside the full back..! He is exactly what we need.. babel is far to soft for the premier league… very quick and skillful but will vanish when the neville sister kicks him in the air… we dont need another one of them…!!

  24. Si-lo said

    I’m sad to see Muamba go. I think his aggression might have been useful. There’s going to be alot of players leaving over the summer – Flamini, Baptista, Aliadere, Reyes and probably Senderos, Poum and Ljunberg – it seems unlikely that none of these will be replaced so I expect to see 3 or 4 signings. But who? Ribery or Eto don’t seem likely – Cost and their other options would mean I imagine they will end out somewhere else rather than the gunners. Maybe Babel?

  25. rico said

    mere girl me but…

    i dont want ribery, dont want eto, we have too many midfielders and the boss will get the best out of Hleb, Thomas, Theo and Dennilson nest season –

    you will all slap me down, but i want Baptista to stay, i truely believe he can become awesome – yes this year he has not lived up to his reputation but how many would after being treated like dirt at Madrid –

    Also, with all our injuries and suspensions up front, i believe too much pressure too soon for him – Arsene was desperate to sign him before so dont you think he sees something that many supports have yet to see – how many players has our boss signed who have just not done it until their second season – TH – couldnt hit a barn door, mighty Dennis took yonks to score his first goal, RVP – he was awful, Theo struggled, Manu the magician in midfield, Pires, dreadful, but then another great player
    … i could go on, just truely hope the boss keeps him –

    On the other hand, Reyes stormed into the side, and then just fell over every week….. and sulked!!
    At least Julio stands his ground, doesnt whinge, and already loves our club – he could be better than you all want to believe – money is on he stays….

    I do think the boss will sign two players – Baptista will be one, and the second will be a suprise – after all, we only found out about the keeper once he had signed, the eto, ribery etc etc, red herrings for me –

    Watch this space, he will be English, and he will shock us all!!!!

  26. Azza said

    I am quite suprised no one is saying anything about a young brazilian we got robbed of last season by Real Madrid! and no its not the Beast (or pussy cat) Robiniho at Real, he barely gets a game and some of the reports from south america say he will be the best in the world one day! and who best to teach him than wenger! others haven’t done too bad!! Henry, Vieira, Petit, Anelka, Cesc etc etc the list is endless. He plays on the wing in the middle (attacking any way) and as a striker. And he is the Dogs danglies!! And I think we should really go for tevez too because he has been the best player in the prem in the last 2 months!! I know thats a lot of attackers but thats where we are strong! We always use to out score everyone no matter how many they scored! now we just miss allot and concede a crap goal and draw or lose! Anyone remember arsenal 5 tottenham 4!! Go one wenger you know you want too!

  27. vince said

    Get KEOWN on board – priority to improve the defense.

  28. steel said

    who is the brazillian azza is talking about?

  29. clockendjim said

    If next season is another of our ‘transitional’ seasons, then look out Arsenal FC, you may not find it so easy to fill our lovely 60,000 seat stadium.
    I was at the Chelsea game and the frustration of the fans all around me was beginning to get frightening and very real. The weaknesses are there for us all to see; don’t think a fit Henry and Van Persie solves everything at a stroke.
    I hope Arsene Wenger and the Board realise what a dangerous game they are playing and make the two or three signings that will make us the best team in Europe.

  30. Bergs said

    Reyes will be back – and probably seeing a sports psychologist too. That’s our winger.

    I’d be happy to p*ss Gallas off, I was happy with our defending with Djourou & Senderos at the Bridge. In fact I’ve liked the look of them together more than either with King Kolo, or Gallas with anybody.

    Another no-name no experience low-dollar keeper, to add to the list of failures – Manninger’s, Shabaan’s, Almunia’s who’ve not been successes at all (Shabaan’s in 3rd div Sweden now, isn’t he?). Can we call Poom and Warmuz failures? Both at least had some pedigree but are obviously not anybody’s at Arsenal. Bob Wilson always said Stu-e should have been the main keeper, and bar Lehmann who arrived with pedigree, he’s not been fond of any other. Fabianski reminds me of Fabian Corini, the Uruaguayan keeper who did sign, but didn’t sign, and finally went on to….play in Serie B. Wenger’s got no idea about keepers. He shouldn’t sign them, even Lehmann struggled for a while here.


  31. […] First signing – Fabianski, Second signing – ??? A pretty grotty Friday weather-wise, where has the gorgeous sunshine gone? Tonight is our summer ball. Being in my […] […]

  32. Norwegian Gooner said

    Bergs,get your facts straight!

    Actually Shaaban is playing in the top division in Norway and was in a cup final last year and was also included in the world cup squad for Sweden in 2006! He would have been awesome for Arsenal if not for his horrible injury…

  33. Steve said

    I have heard from very strong sources that we are currently in talks with Eto’o, but i couldnt agree more RvP can learn to be better than Eto’o. I also would like to see Robert Pires come back to arsenal, for a season… i think we miss him.

  34. Matt W said

    Etoo was quoted to Man U at 40M euros…

    As if we are gonna pay that….

    If you think we are signing Etoo you are all in a dreamworld…

  35. will said

    Supported the Arse for 30 years, and personally I feel that we lack players of physical substance. I dont think people realise how valuable Gilberto is as a “holding” midfielder.

    A no nonsense destructive type, who isnt bothered about the physical side would be a godsend. For me a Gattuso would certainly fit the bill.

  36. Steve said

    I personally do not rate Gilberto i think his touch his rubbish, i am a admirer of Alex Hleb though i think he is a great ball carrier and when he is in the mood he will shoot.

    But i would like to say i am by far in the dreamworld i think Wenger is going to pull a big one, hes going to sign Eto’o for 2 reasons:
    1) Eto’o has always wanted to play alongside Thierry
    2) Eto’o is a big fan of Arsene
    I personally think the only way forward is to spend some money on quality, not kids that will be quality.

    And can i also say i do not think arsenal are lacking in mid-field, we play the best football in the world but we struggle with shooting and finishing, does it not frustrate you when you watch arsenal and you see a player does lots of hard work, gets in to the box and then passes it out… what are they doing you get in the box you have a go its like the law of football.

  37. Dusk&Prodigy said

    They should sign Eto’o then pair him up with Henry.

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